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List of top 3 operating system series used in smartphones

An Operating System (OS) is a system which when installed in any device manages other programs of the device. These programs are basically the applications which are used in the devices such as smartphones and computers. These applications are run with the help of operating systems. They make use of operating system with help of defines application program interface (API). With the use of user interface such as command line or graphical user interface the device users can easily interact with the operating system. The operating system performs various works in any system. It proves to be very beneficial when doing multitasks in the system as operating system manages effectively that which applications need to run in what order and how much time should be allowed for each application before giving another application time to run through internal memory of application is shared with help of this .

It can send messages to the application user if there IS any error or issue in the process. In smartphones too, operating system is of vital importance as the smart phone itself is a computer only. In smartphones too, hey have this basic function to run the applications? The mobile operating systems act like an engine for the other applications. It controls both hardware and software for an amazing user friendly interface. There are many operating systems available in the world which is used in smartphones, with the help of which various applications work in the phones. Thus, there is no wrong in calling the mobile operating systems the power engines of the mobile phones as they offer the software medium for users to interact with the beneath hardware of mobile phones to use it.

Some of them are listed below –

1. Android:

This operating system is very popular among user. The Android operating system has made the user interface attractive to another level. With a variety of over 70 languages available, a huge majority of people can easily use his operating system in their mother tongues. Today, applications are made in millions for the Android operating system. Android applications run in a very isolated area and due permissions are granted during its installations. Still, this cannot happen without the permission of the user. Android allows an enormous number of platforms in which we can count 32- and 64-bit: ARM architectures, x86, x86-64, MIPS and MIPS64. This makes the use of Android favorable not only in some limited mobile devices but in a vast range of smartphones. The RAM requirement for Android OS is generally low i.e. 512 MB. In today’s market every smartphone company has the one android in its production. It is continuously decreasing the gaps of software and hardware to bring forward a better interface between user and developer. It is an open source operating system which is sportive to developers. And also for users, it is very easy to use, operate and is very manageable too.

2. IOS:

IOS is an operating system created by Apple exclusive for its hardware’s. The operating system is use to operate the apple devices. The IOS offer multi-touch interface that means with the help of simple gestures we can easily perform functions over our iPhones or iPads like we can swipe our fingers across the screen to move to the next page and many other features like this. Today, there are around 2 million applications in the apple app store which can easily be run through the IOS. It differs from other operating systems because of the facts like they keep each app in their protective shells. This reduces the risk of viruses and malware. Although, IOS is much costlier than the Android operating system, but as compared to Android operating systems, it uses less ROM. It is very easy to use and is quite user friendly. It has a strong user interface and has applications which are almost 99% verified and are secured from viruses. But as it is not an open source operating system it cannot be used in devices other than that of Apple. IOS 12 is the latest IOS version which was released by Apple for iPhone 5s and higher models. There is no wrong in calling it the smoothest and most user friendly operating system.

3. Windows:

Windows is an operating system which was created by Microsoft. This operating system is quite easy to use and is understandable. They even provide you complete offline maps which are very useful. The phones operating on Windows provides us free access to Microsoft office tools. Also here, we can easily manage out data connections without feeling any need of some third party apps. Also it is quite safe from viruses. Inspire of various pros of windows, it didn’t work well as compared to IOS and Android. There were many reasons for this like limited number of apps in app stores etc.


It is expected that in future, there will be loads of operating systems available to choose. For now there won’t be any wrong in saying that Android operating system is by far the most popular, mostly used and most influential operating system in India. The IOS have it’s different status in today’s electronic market But due to its cost and the fact that it’s not an open source operating system, Android operating system leads in the market over the IOS. The function of operating system being to provide a foundation to create applications to run on it to perform tasks, such as email, phone , games, productivity, access information on the internet, and of course, take pictures and videos. Operating systems are of utmost importance in smartphones and also other devices as they play the roles of engine used to run the programs of the hardware. Thus we can say that without the use of operating systems, it is next to impossible to use the hardware devices.