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AngularJS Version 7.2 is here – What’s new in Angular v8?

Check about AngularJS Version 7.2, 7.1 & 7.0 along with Angular v8 updates. What’s New in Angular 8? Google’s popular JavaScript framework Angular has released the latest version 7.2 recently.

What is Angular?

Angular is an open source web application framework for building dynamic applications. It is a JAVA based front end management platform for web development. It is maintained by Google and many other companies and individuals for helping in the development of single page applications and complex web pages. It has a model view controller architecture. This architecture can develop the user interface that will divide any application into three interconnected parts, Model, View, and controller. This helps in decoupling major components making code reuse very easy parallel development of the web pages.

Developed basically for desktop graphical user interfaces, it is now being used for designing web applications and mobile application development. The angular framework works by first reading hypertext markup language code (HTML page), which contains all the embedded tags and attributes. Angular reads those attributes as rules on how to process the input or output parts of the page represented by Javascript variables.

Why Angular is considered as an Important tool by Web developers?

Angular is considered one of the most important front-end management tool by web developers. Angular uses two-way data binding to synchronize the model and view represented by the code. This helps in improving the performance and testability of the program. The ability to build applications across various devices like mobile, desktop, native mobile and native desktop is one major advantage of using Angular. Its code reusability and ability to develop apps for all platforms is also another major plus point. It is coupled with Cordova or PhoneGap for mobile app development. Being widely used, Google has been working on the up-gradation of Angular 6 for some time and the development community has eagerly awaited for its release.

Latest AngularJS Versions

Let us see the changes brought about in the major release and then see the updates to it in the minor releases.

Angular 7.0 ( major release)

The new features and updates brought about in Angular 7 made it faster, easier to use and also provided more functionalities. But the main aim of the upgraded version was the ivy project, the complete rewrite of the core compiler code and runtime code to make the program faster, smaller and better. The Ivy project is not on a full scale out, the rumors about the release of this new Angular was quite impactful in the developer community during its release. There were a lot of other upgrades in Angular 7 from its previous version. These updates are listed below

  1. CLI prompts
  2. Angular material and CDK
  3. Angular elements
  4. Angular compiler
  5. Improved performance and accessibility
  6. Dependency updates

The very notable changes in version 7 were virtual scrolling, allowed the loading of data as and when the user scrolls down the app or page that is it uses lazy loading rather than loading everything at once. The drag and drop feature is also a very important change that is very useful for developers. It allows the user to simply drag and drop items where ever required with the use of sorting within a list.

The removal of reflect metadata from the production part was another major change that made the platform perform better, by reducing the size of the app. The development of the user interface is also made easier and comfortable for the developer by allowing the use of CSS, SASS, SCSS, etc. Support for Typescript 3.1 and RxJs 6.3.3. was also added in this version, making debugging of the code easier for developers while also improving the performance of the developed apps.

Angular 7.1 ( minor release)

Being the first minor release it was mainly focused on bug fixes to the major release with a few additions in features. The update had about 20 bug fixes with around 10 new features added to the program.

  1. A few main changes observed are mentioned below. A main new feature was added in this minor release, ‘pathParamsChange mode for runGuardsAndResolvers’, this, when executed, prevents the guards and resolvers of the compiler to neglect changes in optional parameters like matrix parameters and queries.
  2. The compiler can also assign an Invokefunctionexpr as pure now.
  3. Typing has now been added to public API guard for service workers.
  4. Regressions in the router had been fixed.

Angular 7.2 ( minor release)

This version had 3 beta releases before the actual version and was released before Christmas. This version included several bug fixes and a few new features. Including the bug fixes in the beta versions, it had around 16 fixes and 5 new features. The addition of support for Typescript 3.2 is one major feature in this new version. It has a lot of new additions for improving router capabilities. The addition of Navigation type for navigation is yet another major feature. When navigating back to a page that is managed by the Angular router, the whole object is restored. The source map is now more fine-grained, instead of taking one Boolean value as TRUE or FALSE it now generates special source maps which provide an object that can be configured to use only what is required of the scripts source map, styles source map, hidden source map or vendor source map. Optimization also takes an object now instead of a Boolean value. The scripts and styles can be configured to true or false irrespective of the other with the help of the object. A flag override warning function was also added to warn the user when the same flag is repeated several times in the same command. A new verbose flag is added to display the details of what is exactly going on and thus helps in the debugging of potential issues.

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About AngularJS 8 – What’s new in Angular v8?

The version 8 of Angular is expected by March or April in 2019 and so Google is working on getting the much anticipated Ivy Project up and running before the release of Angular 8 its release. The developer community is waiting on news about the release of the next version of angular and waiting to see the new features and upgrades it is going to provide.