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What is Search Engine Marketing-PPC & How it works

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a marketing technique that is used to gain traffic and visibility from search engines. It is possible through both paid and unpaid ways. But or time, the companies look to the SEM technique to refer to the paid way only and focus on Audience Targeting strategies . It is used by both small and big companies. It is a boon to the start-ups as it makes them visible to their targeted audiences.

Search Engine Marketing is a paid advertising model in which different sites and search engines display ads on their pages and in return, are paid by the advertiser. Ads are displayed based on keywords, hints, and Location of the search and here you can find the full knowledge about PPC service.

Paid Marketing In Search Engine. 

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Pinterest, YouTube, and others offer paid marketing. Google offers paid marketing in the form of Google AdWords. You can display your ads on these search engines. The ad must be related to the products or services that you want to advertise. These ads are displayed on various websites which are known as the publishers of the ad. and pay per click advertising is why very useful in small business.

What  Is PPC?

Search Engine Marketing is paid to advertise, also called as PPC. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. This means that the advertiser who is putting up the ad pays to the publisher who publishes it. Payment is based on the click of the ad. It is based on the number of times that the ad gets clicked.If it is clicked once, the advertiser has to pay a fee that is already decided between the advertiser and the publisher

Which Search Engine Sem Works? 

But SEM mainly works on the two search engines, namely Google and Bing. In fact, they are the two most popular search engines around the globe. The usage of their search platforms can vary in different countries based on popularity. Some countries prefer Bing to Google and vice versa. The advertisers of different companies run search ads, get clicks and lands the user on their desired pages. These ads appear on the top of your search page.

It holds an advantage over other methods in the way that it places the ads in front of the targeted audiences directly. The fact that no other advertising medium can do that gives an edge to SEM over other competitors. It provides an amazing way to expand your business. It is an effective way to grow your business at a very rapid pace.

Benefits Of  Sem

There are several benefits of Search Engine Marketing technique. It grabs the attention of the audience as the ads appear on top of the search page. Also, it shows immediate results which means that the advertiser will quickly get to know how many people are actually clicking on the ads and the amount of money he has to pay to the publisher.

It is easy and very quick to implement. It doesn’t involve any kind of complications. It is a type of targeted advertising. In this advertising, the intended audience is directly targeted. These audiences are ready to purchase the goods or the services which the advertiser is offering. These ads can be analyzed using the Analytic Stool. It helps in knowing the no. of people who have the ad and the no. which have actually clicked on the ad. It also shows how many people came to the website and how many of them actually ended up buying a product.

Actually, you are paying for placement of your ads on the Search Engine Research Pages (SERPs). Popular Search Engine Marketing Channels include Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Pinterest Ads, Yahoo Gemini and YouTube Search Ads.

Nearly all the businesses are expected to maintain a website and most of them actually do.

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), even if your content is very good and you are regularly adding some good fresh content to it. And even if it is referred by the audiences in large numbers, you will have to wait for at least three to six months to reach on the top of the Google Page. While in SEM, it is straight forward. You pay a specific amount to Google and your ad is at the top. Case closed!

Pay-per-click Advertising, as the name itself suggests is a model of internet marketing in which the advertiser is required to pay a specific amount of money which is based on the number of times the user clicks an ad. It is a technique of marketing in which the advertiser pays an amount each time the user clicks on the ad.

In other words, it’s a method of buying the visits which in either case must be earned. It is the most unethical way to get visits to your site but sometimes the advertiser is not left with another option but to buy the visits. It may happen that he/she is not getting any visits which means that his targeted media is not interacting with the content and thus, his company will end up being in a worse crisis. To tackle this situation, he takes the help of the Pay-per-click technique.

Advertisers are charged an amount which is already fixed, each time the ads get clicked by the user. No click means no fee charged. So, this is fairly acceptable by both the sides and hence a win-win situation for both.

For a start-up who is thriving for some audience, Pay-per-click advertising technique can prove to be vital. It is an excellent way to establish your brand and/or to draw a significant amount of traffic towards your content. This is especially true for new sites which have not been around long enough to achieve solid organic search engine rankings. They can fight with the most prestigious of names in that field.

AdWords is a very popular SEM advertising model. As we all are aware of, Google is the biggest search engine used by more than 75% of active internet users. So, the AdWords marketing system may prove to be a boon for your company.

Thus, for a business that is in its initial phase, attracting the traffic is one of the major factors responsible for its success. Understanding of these topics is vital to an advertiser. More than 50,000 Google searches are initiated in each second and Google deals with nearly 30 GB of traffic at each second.

Suppose there is a festival of Christmas fast approaching and you want to sell your Christmas Tree to the customers. For this purpose, you cannot rely upon SEO to meet your needs because it takes a lot of time to reach that far. You just want to put your ad on the top so that the customer who searches for a Christmas Tree, gets to see your ad first and hence, increasing your chances of selling the product. SEM will prove to be handy in this situation and will place your ad on the top without much loss of time like SEO.