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How to Optimize Mobile Marketing for Brick and Mortar Businesses?

If you have a local business that is online as well as offline, you may think that mobile marketing and web design are the domains of e-commerce firm and you can also find the best digital marketing design for successful digital marketing.

After all, your 1st and foremost objective are to urge customers to purchase goods and services from your brick-and-mortar store.

But, even if you do not sell any goods or services online, then also local mobile marketing is important for your business, and you should still build a mobile marketing optimized website for reaching out to a huge no of people and make them your customers.


In the recent analysis, approximately seven in ten Americans currently have a smartphone, and the majority of these smartphone users have used their mobile devices to search out data regarding the local businesses.

You might have even done this yourself either using your phone to find a decent restaurant near your workplace or looking for bike repair shops after getting your tire punctured on the way.

As you can easily understand from your own mobile search experiences, those that search for local business data on their devices are usually intended to require any kind of follow-up action.

In fact, a study found that fifty-fifths of mobile-influenced retail conversions occur in an hour of the first search.

Your website is often a strong tool in getting clients through the door.

But, a poorly designed website will produce a nasty 1st impression, and if mobile users struggle to search out the data they are trying to find on your website, they will possibly go with your competitor website in which they can find their desired content easily.

By implementing mobile marketing tactics in your retail or hospitality business, you are able to ensure that your possible clients receive the correct 1st impression and become motivated to visit your brick and mortar store.

These are a number of tips to enhance your local mobile marketing for brick and mortar businesses.

1. Select the Mobile Platform on which you want to do marketing of your store: website or App

There are 2 ways in which customers can search out a business on their mobile: either by opening a web browser and then heading to a mobile website or by installing and opening an app.

In most cases, a mobile website is your best bet as it is easier to make, and most of the mobile phones users say they like obtaining local business data from a website instead of an app.

But, an app would possibly be more preferred if you can use it to give further advantages to your clients with it.

For instance, you may use an app to send push notifications to customers regarding the most recent discounts and specials that are there at your store.

2. Test the website that you have built for Responsive design

Responsive design may be a common option while optimizing a site for a mobile device as it permits web content to adjust in any screen size.

If you are using or planning to use responsive design for your website, perform your own customer experience test by going through the website on your mobile phone and ensuring all pages are absolutely responsive and straightforward to navigate.

And in case you have a restaurant or cafe, ensure that the mobile users are able to have a look at your menu without downloading a huge PDF. 

Because of comparatively massive file size, PDFs typically download in a very steady manner on mobile devices, which might be frustrating for mobile users.

So, they may not waste so much of time and mobile data in downloading the PDF’s.

The website should not crash when many people try to access it.

Mobile Marketing 

3. Make Key data distinguished

When customers go through your website, they are possibly searching for some essential data. 

In a mobile marketing survey, it was found that a physical address is the most typically searched piece of data regarding your business, followed by directions and the exact distance from their location, working hours, and your contact details. 

You need to ensure that this data is quickly accessible on your mobile site and your clients do not need to waste time in scrolling or navigating through several pages to search out what require.

Business name, address and contact no. must be there across all pages, with a consistent format (this is very essential for search engine indexing and also making it simple for individuals to search out key information).

4. Promote In-Store Deals

If you are competing with online retailers, use your mobile marketing to persuade internet users that visiting your physical location is really worthwhile. 

Conspicuously show special discounts or deals that buyers cannot get online, or highlight further advantages related to going to a brick-and-mortar location. 

As an instance, if you have a running attire store, write a website copy which will tell in detail how customers will check shoes by running on your treadmills that they wish to buy and get the right fit with the assistance of a running footwear expert.

Your proposed deals and offers should appeal to your customers and attract them to your store by showing them the additional benefits of the schemes going on.

You also need to make sure that your dealer should be different from the several other deals in the market and much more eye-catching which can grab the attention of the customer.

5. Pay Attention to local SEO

Along with optimizing your website such that it appears amazing on all screen sizes, you will additionally have to target technical and on-page SEO so that the local customers will be able to find your website once they enter relevant search terms on their mobile.

These are a number of ways to try:

  • Optimize the copy with location-based keywords.
  • Ensure that you have claimed and filled out your listing in online business directories.
  • Encourage your clients to share their feedback on review sites so that more people can see the popularity and benefits and can become your potential customer.
  • Create local content that’s relevant to your business, like a local guide or list of forthcoming local events.
  • Ensure that your landing pages are optimized with location data.

These strategies offer a high-level summary of what goes into a solid mobile marketing strategy for local retail and hospitality businesses. 

If you own a Brick and Mortar Businesses, these are the ways in which you can optimize Mobile Marketing for promoting it to earn huge profits along with ensuring customer satisfaction.