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Marketing Automation Campaigns


Okay, so I am here to describe on 6 Most Popular Marketing Automation Campaigns. But first let’s know what Marketing Automation Campaigns means. Well, Marketing Automation Campaigns techniques are the ones which are made or designed to aid various marketing departments and organizations. Such techniques help them to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automatically repeat those tasks which are similar. In other words, before these techniques were made, marketing organisations could complete their marketing tasks on one channel at a time. But with these ideas, they can do multi-tasking, i.e. tasks can be done more than one at a time in more than one channels online. These techniques have been helping these firms a lot.

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Humans are considered to be the wisest species, but they too make errors. And to eradicate these errors, they created machines. The same is applied to automation techniques. These eradicate the errors made by the employees. Marketing employees and departments prepare their own criteria and outcomes for various products and these are then analyzed and checked by the automation software or techniques which increases efficiency and reduces human error.

As we all know machines have the capability to work faster than men.And in marketing fields, the role of automation is to aid and streamline sales and marketing organizations. The time-taking, high-touch, repetitive manual processes are replaced with quicker automated solutions.

So now, I will come to the popular examples of Marketing Automation Campaigns techniques and also some Tips to design a strategy for successful digital marketing techniques

1. Blog Subscriber Welcome Automation

Many of us are bloggers, which means we do stuffs of writing which share our experiences, ideas, plans etc.We do it either for income proposes or as a hobby only.But blogging is successful only when we have reader to read and review our stuffs. And MATs (Marketing Automation Campaigns Tools) are much useful in such cases. We all know new ones are always warmly welcomed. Such is done here. New Blog subscribers should be greeted with a welcome Marketing Automation Campaigns .

Is always great because, one, the bloggers and the subscribed get to know each other more, next, it creates eagerness in new subscribers to read the old stuffs posted in the blogs and next, it takes the relation of the bloggers and the subscribers further. In the first email, the introduction of the creator and the company should be done.

A relevant question can be asked and a reply can be requested as well. It helps in engaging with the subscribers and their feedbacks can be useful in refining the future contents. Most of the new subscribers are acquainted with the new posts, so, sharing the best, older pieces in the welcome automation is a great way to showcase some of the older work to new subscribers. So, after you’ve introduced yourself and provided value, ask them to follow you on Twitter and Instagram, like your Facebook page and subscribe to your channel on YouTube.

2. Lead Magnet Follow-up Automation

Marketing Automation Campaigns often use various means for their sales and one of them is Lead Magnets. These are the incentives that the marketers offer to their potential buyers in exchange for their contact information, email addresses, etc. These lead magnets can be various digital and downloadable contents like pdf files, eBook, epub files, videos, etc. Lead magnets can be crucial for a long run in the marketing firm.

But if you collect the email address from a customer and then just send the download link etc., then you are not making the full use of lead magnets. Always create an automation sequence for your lead magnet. The first email in the sequence must contain the download link to the lead magnet along with a brief introduction to your brand. The following emails should contain basic details and information about your lead magnet that your subscriber downloaded. Always mention the actual pitch of your brand in the last email but don’t mention it directly.

3. Email Course

Today, emails are one of the the easiest ways of communication. And automated email course has become crucial part in successful Marketing Automation Campaigns. It has many clear benefits, which I am listing below-

  • It attracts the right and worthy traffic to your brand.
  • This is an easy to launch method.
  • Your subscribers eagerly wait for your emails.
  • It makes lead nurturing easy as well.

All you need to do is to choose a topic based on your industry. You can gather all your most popular posts and choose any one of them. In the next step, plan and prepare email copies for your course based on the content and audience.

4. Lead Nurturing Automation

Assume that you have done an awesome job in creating automation and follow-ups for your leads. And you have also applied all the above MATs (Marketing Automation Campaigns).Yet, some of the leads has not converted into customers. They want more options and more convincing to before going up with you. For such cases, you need to follow Lead-Nurturing Automation.

The name itself tells you what it is.It simply means nurturing your brand and content to the extent that your lead wants. The purpose of this automation is to further educate your lead about your brand, build awareness of your organisations and products and build trust in your lead. All this makes it more likely for your lead to buy products from you.

                                                               Marketing Automation Campaigns

5. User On-boarding Automation

Assume that all the above automation is working perfectly for you. The leads are signing up as costumers for your products. But after one or two successful buys, they don’t return. For successful marketing, you have to keep your customers motivated, so that they build faith in you and stick around and see how successful your products can be and for this, you need awesome User On-boarding email automation.

The first step is to have a great strategy with a goal. Find all the Aha! Moments of your product as set them as highlights, as goals. Discover the obstacles that are preventing your customer to reach your goals. The main concept of user on-boarding is to keep users motivated, or, on board. One of the best ways to do so is positive affirmation. Rewarding the customers for their actions is a great way. Conduct giveaways; congratulate them on completing the goals. This would keep the motivation up.

6. Cross- and Upselling Automation

Yes, your marketing is going on awesome.But, just because you have your customers and they have purchased your products doesn’t mean that you will stop communicating. Especially if you sell different products and/or services on a regular basis and that’s your future plan. Just as you need to keep your customers motivated, you also have to keep your customers stick around as well, so that they can checkout your new products. For this use Cross and up selling automation to upgrade, or, upsell your customer. And how to upsell a customer? Simple. Take a look at what they’ve purchased, and create your offers based on that, and use them whenever they visit your products next time.

There it ends. The various marketing automation campaign examples. Hope you like it.