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Ionic 4 Beta: What’s New and How it’s different from other Ionic versions?

Learn about IONIC 4 Beta, an app development framework for an Ionic developer. Ionic is the app platform to build amazing mobile, hybrid, web, and desktop apps for Web developers. Check What’s New & How Ionic 4 Beta 15 is different from other Ionic versions? Ionic 4 mainly depends on the performance or enhancement of SDK or UI based platforms for basic Application development.

Ionic Development, Technology & Services

Our world is totally dependent on the system of communication or telecommunication. For accessing this process of communication mobile phones are being used. In addition to the communication mobile also has many other facilities that are provided to the users. Facilities such as games, sports, travel, and many other options are being provided with the help of some applications or simply a mobile app. This app development framework is done by many processes or many sorts of frameworks such as using Ionic 4, Ionic Angular 4, Nodejs, Ionic framework, AngularJS, Ionic development, ReactJS, Ionic technology, React Native, Ionic services. In this content, we are going to discuss the new version of IONIC 4 and how it is different from another ionic version.

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IONIC 4 BETA – What’s New and How it is different from other IONIC Versions?

IONIC 4 – In 2012 when Mark Zuckerberg invented facebook he said that my biggest mistake is to make that betting on HTML 5 more than other native companies. He also decided to provide a better mobile experience. At that Jordan Walke was working and he found a way to establish a new IOS UI element that will fetch the details of the system from the JavaScript thread.

With the help of this React JS application native apps or the ionic app of the same prototype can be built with the version of the latest technology. After a few months when Facebook was successfully developed, Mark Zuckerberg released its first version with the association of React Js Conf 2015.

How does Ionic 4 Beta Technology work for Ionic app development?

Ionic 4 works on the principle of superposition of Dom concept which enhances the physical implementation of the program. It runs on a background process via serializable, asynchronous and batched Bridge. Ionic 4 mainly deals with the basic concept of C++ and JavaScript programming language. That makes the development of the app easier and more efficient. React uses the concept of HTML into JS since Java is less powerful than HTML. React requires the knowledge of JavaScript.

Due to the implementation of virtual DOM in React JS, it performs better than other systems or programming languages used in our day to day or in our daily passage of time. It has just started its community and so its level compared to others is quite low. It is simply also a user-friendly platform that provides the construction of high-performance UI.

What languages Ionic developer use while working on the Ionic 4 framework?

Ionic 4 has very good programming which makes the daily life of common people easier and more efficient. Thus due to this people are adopting this framework more than the other frameworks of app development. Ionic 4 is such a web development or app development framework that enhances the basic concept of C, CSS, and JavaScript and also implements the basic concept of HTML and C++.

Ionic 4 mainly depends on the performance or enhancement of SDK or UI based platforms for the development of applications. This Ionic 4 app development framework has covered 90% of the market of the technological world. Also, this is one of the major reasons why Ionic 4 is preferred more than the other app development frameworks.

Ionic 3 vs 4

3 uses Angular for providing the users with some certain features such as custom notification and various methods. It helps the communicators to communicate with each other in a more easier and more sensible manner. Also, Ionic 4 allows the user to get direct access to the memory of the programming language or device which gets enhanced to a great extent.

Ionic 4 Release date – What’s new in Ionic 4 Beta and How it’s different from other Ionic versions?

The release date of a new beta release of Ionic 4, Beta 15 is Nov 1, 2018. This release includes several new changes along with the latest Ionic technology and services, especially for the Ionic developers.

Now we are going to discuss features of the Ionic framework which makes it special and different from other hybrid app development frameworks which are as follows:-

  • All the components of the ionic 4 technologies should be a fully object-oriented programming language which helps in the development of building tests and writing test and this is one of the major features of IONIC 4.
  • Another major feature of IONIC 4 is Implementation of MVC support system network helps in creating layouts and PHP-based templates and network system and due to this reason also companies are adopting this framework more than the other frameworks.
  • Multiple databases could be included in the following programming languages which are as follows:- MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix Database source system and many other apps designing programs.
  • Composition of email and delivery
  • Caching property with flexible support of subsystems from various sorts of backends and frontends such as memory or file transfer in the main memory and also this helps in the storage property of the system.

After looking at all the features still, now we cannot predict what makes it different from other frameworks. So we are going to discuss the advantages of IONIC 4 which are as follows:-

  • The IONIC framework provides high customization i.e this allows the user to customize various types of objects
  • Model View- This Model view property of the IONIC framework helps the controller to have a well-formed design pattern.
  • It provides excellent types of system protocol lightweight management library component
  • It provides an excellent quality of speed and efficiency which are quite rare in today’s market.
  • It can be easily installed in any device without any sort of hindrance.
  • This system provides excellent community support for the users.

Hire Ionic Developer for perfect Ionic App Development

After discussing all the advantages of Ionic development and Ionic services over other Hybrid app frameworks, It’s so important for a company or, enterprises or, small businesses to use Ionic app development for increasing their sales, demand & market values. So, you can hire an Ionic app development company for Ionic development. The development can be of any type such as mobile app development with ionic 2, ionic mobile development, ionic framework development, ionic app development & so on by using the latest ionic development tools.


Thus we came to the final conclusion that the latest version of IONIC that is IONIC 4 is so good and excellent in performance and thus due to this reason, companies and many other industrial belts are also adopting this Ionic framework and thus they end up with the positive result of using this framework.