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Some best examples of Magento E-Commerce Websites

Magento is an online platform that is used by dealers for easy payment transactions. It also manages the supervision of content and designing and applications of online stores. It also provides high-level promotions, list administration devices and designing of websites. It is an exceptional web oriented business network that offers open source, to scale venture SaaS-based frameworks. Magento provides two distinct levels, Magento Commerce, and Magento open source. Magento offers a lot of advanced features like Managing websites and catalog, Search Engine Optimization, Payment Gateway, etc. It is one of the most known e-commerce CMC platforms. With the use of Magento, we can easily send email campaigns and control stock management.

It offers us with facilities like offering vouchers, discounts or recommendations. Magento’s sites are very user-friendly. Users can sort the products accordingly with various options available like size, color, price, category, etc. It deals with lots of solutions that are related to accounts, sales shipping, security, and payments, etc. Magento is an open source that uses PHP scripting language on Zend Framework. Magento provides posting and controlling user-friendly information as well as managing it with the desired need. Magento is actually an eCommerce software that has a number of plug-ins with the use of which an eCommerce website can be created very easily. A highly customized and user-friendly website can be made with the use of Magento which can attract a lot of online shoppers towards it at the instant only. There are many websites available that are built on Magento.

Some of them are given as follows –

1. Volcom :

Volcom is a clothing brand that designs and sells sports oriented clothes and other products. The company commonly provides sports-related clothes, accessories, footwear, and other related products. The product is for women and men. They design, manufacture, produce and sell innovative and exciting products. The Volcom website runs through Magento.

2. Candy.com :

Candy.com is a website that is basically an online candy store that provides the best quality of candies worldwide. Candy.com with the help of the Magento platform with an aspiration to become one of the biggest online candy shops in the world. It has shown huge progress in current years.

3. Harper’s Bazaar:

Harper’s Bazaar is America’s first fashion magazine. They have shown the world ideas of famous stylists, photographers, and editors for a long time and are continuing with their excellent work. Recently they have introduced online business for their work. They have used the Magneto framework for the online growth of their company. With their popular and trendy brand in the beauty firm, they can create a strong eCommerce brand providing enormous numbers of products.

4. Ford accessories:

Ford Motors is the most popular American International automakers. It has also chosen the Magento framework for selling its products and various accessories The products and accessories being related to automobiles which can be sold online.

5. Databazaar :

Databazaar is a website that sells office supplies including printers and other tools. They are growing rapidly and are getting used by people more and more in numbers day by day. Their website is made through Magento and has acquired all the features provided by it which makes the website more useful and also user-friendly.

6. Olympus:

Olympus is one of the most popular manufacturer companies of optics and reprography products. The company is Japan-based. Earlier it was famous for being a good microscope and thermometer industry. But today, it has successfully become one of the most successful brands which sell binoculars and best quality cameras around the world. Magento Enterprise was used to run its website. It lets the website grow worldwide famous and attracts more and the number of customers. It has eventually made it one of the most famous e-commerce brands in the world.

7. Jewelry.com:

As obvious by the name, this website sells jewelry online. By the use of the Magento enterprise platform, the website has successfully made it supply an excellent user view to show its jewelry, major collections, and designers to the customers looking for good looking jewelry online. Magento has proved to be very beneficial for the website.

8. Nike:

Nike is one of the biggest athletic brands in the world which sells millions of products especially shoes every day. The brand derives its name from Nike, who was the Greek goddess of victory. Nike uses Magento Enterprise to run its website effectively and fluently.

9. Alex and Ani :

Alex and Ani is a major brand which sells mainly women jewelry. It is counted among the world’s largest retailers of jewelry. It runs through Magento Enterprise. Also, it is considered to be one of the topmost Magento Enterprise websites all over the world. There are many other websites too which are made through Magento Enterprise and are facilitated by it in a profound way like Rite Aid, Warby Parker, Vizio, Everlast, Munchkin, Paul Smith, Harvey Norman, Signature Hardware, Birchbox, Joma shop, focus camera, Zumiez, Kswiss, riot games, made.com, Harvey Nichols, Fiji water, Rebecca Minkoff, Ghirardelli etc.


There are many other websites too which are working on using the Magento Enterprise for its development. Magento is used widely for online e-Commerce store growth and development. Magento is a popular eCommerce shopping cart nowadays. Magento Enterprise gives a professional look to the website and shows well-organized information with categories. The covering aspect of Magento helps to create an ideal store. Also, it provides detailed content and information with lots of website options available. Also, it supports an enormous range of credit-card processors and shipping facilities. It Uses an advanced database and can manage a large number of products altogether. So concluding with the lines that Magento Enterprise has emerged as a successful framework for the growth and development of the website and various applications in a very beneficial and productive way. In the future, it is expected that Magento Enterprise will attract more and more of the websites and influence them in a better and profound way.