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7 Best Hybrid App Frameworks for Mobile App Development in 2019

Find 7 Best Hybrid app frameworks for Hybrid mobile app Development in 2019. Developers use Hybrid app development platforms like IONIC, React native & Xamarin.

Best Hybrid App Frameworks for Development: The process of development of this various sorts of apps has been going on for years and nowadays developers or designers are developing apps (native, hybrid and mobile web apps) very easily with the help of different tools and software builders that are availably available in today’s market and also supports multiple platforms. Before going on to the detailed explanation of the different types of hybrid app development framework, let us first discuss hybrid apps, its development, features, and advantages. After that, we will discuss hybrid app frameworks and the latest technologies in 2019 & 2020.

Introduction of Hybrid App Development

What is Hybrid App – Hybrid app can be defined as those apps which when wrapped with an item like Cordova or PhoneGap acts or behaves like a native app. Hybrid apps are basically created or designed with the help of HTML(Hypertext Markup Language). They can also be included in the web application page of native browser in the android devices as well as iOS devices or, iOS hybrid app framework such as UI WebView in iOS and WebView in Android. Simply saying Hybrid apps are just like other apps available in the play store for playing games, watching movies, sports and chatting with friends through various means such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and many other online chatting apps.

Use of Hybrid Apps to build Mobile Application

Hybrid apps are usually designed with the simultaneous combination of various web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, and HTML (one of the basic things required to build Hybrid apps). Hybrid apps instead of targeting the mobile site browser target the review application which allows them to access all the capabilities of mobile devices. The recent hybrid app has been developed with the help of a famous company Apache Cordova. Apache Cordova originally started with the name of PhoneGap that includes various sorts of native tools and apps which are helpful for designing Hybrid apps.

History of Hybrid mobile app development

The hybrid app has been successfully developed by Apache Cordova in the year 2012. It was stable released in the year 2018. It has been developed with a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is based on a cross based platform which makes it more powerful. It has a size of about 144 KB at the time of its creation or development and had a size of 1.2 MB at the time of its release.

Hybrid apps have been designed or developed to provide the user with better connections of software and better support of user interface application or apps. Hybrid app uses HTML to extend the present dynamic content of the program and this process undergoes to help the users to get better access of the application that is present in the play store of Hybrid apps such as apps related to games (Pubg mobile, Clash of Clan, Pes 2019, FIFA 2019 and many more gaming apps), apps related to sports, entertainment, travel and many more.

Difference between Native and Hybrid App – Hybrid mobile app framework comparison

In Hybrid apps, a user has to apply less effort to write as compared to those of native apps. But the speed of Hybrid app is comparatively much less than those of native app speed if the speed of both the apps need to be tested on the basis of technical skills and technical knowledge.

Also, it is to be noted that development or designing a hybrid app is usually cheaper than the construction of a native app because in the development of a hybrid app a combination of only three things is required – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And, it has another advantage over some of the common native apps are since Hybrid apps are wrapped with Cordova or PhoneGap its capability of functioning is better than a normal native app present in the play store.

It should also be kept in mind that though this sort of comparison occurs still both the hybrid apps as well as the native app has to follow the same rules and regulation for getting published in Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Thus after comparing Native app vs Hybrid app, it can be said that native apps are those apps which run only on a particular platform or device such as Android, Blackberry, BlueBerry, iOS, etc

Hybrid apps are those apps that run on multiple platforms or devices. Cordova allows us to get directly accessed to hybrid apps.

Uses of Hybrid App Development Tools & Frameworks – Native vs Hybrid App Comparison

  • Device Access- Hybrid Apps allow users to get full access to the device.
  • Performance- As rated by the common users the performance rate of Hybrid apps is Good or Medium.
  • Development Cost- The development cost of Hybrid apps is quite reasonable or affordable
  • Development Time- The development time of a hybrid app is not so much like a native app. It takes much less time.
  • Speed- Hybrid apps provide good speed but as a native app.
  • User interface- Hybrid apps provide a good user interface.
  • Graphics- Hybrid apps provide many high graphics as compared to native apps.
  • Security- Hybrid apps provide low security than a native app.
  • Code portability- It provides high code portability.
  • User Experience- User experience in the case of hybrid apps is not so good as compared to native apps.
  • Portability- Hybrid apps are much easier to port to another system than a native app.
  • Internet Connection- Internet Connection is always required to work with Hybrid apps.
  • Gesture Support- Alike native apps Hybrid apps provide good gesture support to the user for his benefit.

Advantages of Hybrid App Development

Advantages of Hybrid app development are as follows:-

  1. Unified development- This is one of the main advantages of hybrid apps over any other apps because this app allows the developer to build only a single app that will work on various platforms. Thus it saves the time and amount of money of any company and hence they prefer to work with hybrid apps more than the other apps.
  2. Fastest development speed- Hybrid apps can be developed quickly and this app does not require the maintenance alike native apps and thus this app is much more flexible than other apps.
  3. Efficient scaling- Hybrid apps allow the user to reuse the codes without making any sort of changes in the program.

7 Best Hybrid App Framework 2019 – Hybrid App development frameworks

Now let us come back to the main topic of discussion of the best hybrid mobile app framework that will increase its development efficiency in 2019. Here is the list of the 7 hybrid app frameworks with its development, features, advantages, etc.


  • Xamarin– Xamarin is one of the best hybrid app development frameworks used by the developers and it provides good access to any mobile platforms and thus it provides good experience and performance just like a native app solution. It uses C language to write in Android, iOS, Windows phone, and many other mobile based applications.

Advantages of using Xamarin for best hybrid app development are as follows:-

  • Since Xamarin uses C as its basic coding language so it provides good reusable features for the app development in Android, iOS, and kinds of mobile platforms that are available in our markets.
  • The app built with a Xamarin provides the same level of efficiency and the same level of performance as that of a native app performance or efficiency.
  • Xamarin allows the developers to develop apps in a very short time and also at a very low cost which makes it suitable for developing hybrid apps.
  • Xamarin allows the users to get access to all kinds of tools that are required for the development of hybrid apps such as- Visual Studio, Xamarin’s SDKs, Xamarin Test Cloud, etc and many more.


  • PhoneGap– It is an open source mobile application development framework that allows the developers to develop hybrid apps using a combination of languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for multiple platforms with a single codebase.

Advantages of using PhoneGap for hybrid app development are as follows:-

  • Anyone who is new in the development of apps and does not know the concept of HTML, CSS, etc can easily adapt PhoneGap without any sort of disturbance or hindrance.
  • Apps developed with the help of Phone Gaps are easily accessible to any mobile devices such as Android or iOS or Windows 7 etc.
  • The app development process of PhoneGap is very less as compared to other frameworks so it is quickly available in the marketplace and thus it is highly adopted by the common developers.
  • Phone Gap provides a provision of easy access to the device hardware system processor protocol or prototypes such as mobile camera, geolocation and many other features of the mobile application that makes it usage more among the common developers.


  • NativeScript– NativeScript is built using JavaScript or any other languages that can be converted to JavaScript. It is an open-source framework independent platform which allows the developers for building application which can run in iOS and Android mobile devices. It can run in or support both the Angular and Vue frameworks through a chain of the community networks.

Advantages of using NativeScript for development of hybrid apps are as follows:-

  • Native Script allows the users to share codes between native apps and mobile web applications.
  • Native Script allows the developers to write the codes for the development of hybrid apps only in one language and thus it takes much less time for the developer to choose which language to be preferred for writing the codes.
  • The development time and also the development cost of Native Script are not so huge and so it is also another reason for adopting this language as the best language.

Titanium (Appcelerator)

  • Titanium (Appcelerator)– It is an open source SDK that allows the creation of hybrid apps using platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It was developed by Appcelerator Inc and it supports macOS, UWP, Linux and many other mobile platforms used by the common individuals.

Advantages of using Titanium for hybrid apps development are as follows:-

  • Titanium SDK provides rapid prototyping of the application which enables the mobile app hybrid developer to develop the app quickly or rapidly.
  • Titanium provides a web-oriented system which helps the user to access through all sides of the world and thus due to this reason the JSON has been developed.
  • Uses JavaScript languages which helps the developers to get access to the various sorts of web technologies that are available in today’s market.
  • It is usually across the based platforms so the user can get this facility easily without any problem in any device or in any platform.

Onsen UI

  • Onsen UI– It is an open source framework for developing hybrid apps. It is usually dependent on PhoneGap or Cordova and uses web technologies such as CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. It has been developed by Monaca Inc or Asian Corporation in the year 2013.

Advantages of using Onsen UI are as follows:-

  • It provides powerful CLI.
  • Good desktop app
  • It provides easy and simple usage to the user.
  • It gives good and brilliant documentation to the users.
  • It provides optimized support to the user.
  • It can be used with AngularJS, React JS, etc.


  • IONIC– If you are looking for Best Hybrid app framework 2019 then, IONIC is one of the popular Hybrid app development frameworks of the current time. Ionic is an npm module and requires the support of Node Js. Compared to hybrid applications, mixing ionic code with native mobile app code in PhoneGap now called Apache Cordova allows for higher performance of the resulting product utilizing AngularJS rather than jQuery allows ionic to rely on native hardware acceleration rather than excessive DOM manipulation. If we do hybrid app framework comparison b/w IONIC app and React native development, then React native app development is on Top.

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Advantages of using IONIC for best hybrid mobile app development frameworks are as follows:-

  • One source for all the supported platforms mainly Android and OSX
  • The main development in HTML, CSS, and js which almost all web developers know especially, Ionic App developers.
  • And being able to use great frameworks like angular which is embedded in ionic by default.
  • Ionic framework is completely free and is considered one of the best open source SDKs for developing hybrid mobile apps with ease
  • Serves as a single source for all the supported platforms. Develops it once and then deploy it across the multiple platforms. This compatibility with multiple platforms is possible because of the Angular.js integration which improves the code structure making it manageable and cost-effective.

React Native

  • React Native– React Native can be best defined as an open source development framework independent cross based platform for writing a real application or natively rendering mobile application source for iOS and Android. It’s one of the best Hybrid app frameworks in 2019. It also comes within the top 5 hybrid mobile app framework. It exposes a user interface platform of API packages like a mobile camera phone or simply the user’s location. React Native does not develop an HTML5 app, hybrid apps but builts app using the languages C or Java. It uses the same fundamental concept of building blocks of UI of iOS and for Android mobile devices applications or apps. It is simply a real mobile app development framework or, best hybrid app framework of the current time.

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Advantages of using React Native for developing hybrid mobile app frameworks are as follows:-

  • A react native app allows the hybrid mobile app developer to work with the technologies of the web browser. Therefore if a React native developer is skilled in making apps using web technologies then he or she will not take too much time to build a react native app.
  • The React Native apps also are known as hybrid mobile web app framework is not totally dependent on cross-platform and thus the maintenance cost of the app is much cheaper since the hybrid app developer does not have to build another app and thus it saves much valuable time and valuable money.


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