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A beginner’s guide to front end web development and the progressive web apps

To get hold of the interactions and all the visuals of the web, the front end development is being used which is basically a mix up of the layout structure and the programming language. For a better understanding, let us take the example of a house. House is the website and the front end development is the great and supreme exterior which is being given to it.

The most intimidating task which can be the least is the way in which the front end web is being developed and the way in which the ecosystem of the Javascript with all its terms and frameworks which are flashy is being maintained.

Restful APIS:

Coming to the concept of the Restful APIs, in order to keep in contact or in order to communicate with the architecture of the background this rest or restful APIs are being used which also do not provide any sort of mess to the architecture or its background. Representational State Transfer is the actual long term of the rest or the restful APIs.

APIs have got points which are known as the endpoints and which are needed by front end developers for the core purpose of interaction. To get the clear part of the whole documentation, the APIs need to be very well designed so that all operations can be done without the proper coding in PHP. There are a huge number of shapes and types and kinds of APIs. The APIs that do return objects are the JSON objects. Such kinds of object are basically on the side of the client. Out of the Model View Controller, the parts which are being accessed by the front-end developers are the view parts and the controller parts.


Coming to AJAX now which stands for asynchronous javascript and XML, is one technique which has been used by all developers in one or the other way. The one way by which it has been used is the one called the JQUERY. In order to attain a huge number of resources, we can use Ajax as it asks for it not from one place but from various places as per the request. In order to attain full flexibility, full maintenance, and full portability AJAX can be used with Restful APIs in the applications of a web.

The web provides the content:

One can go for getting content with the help of the Restful APIs by taking the help of the calls of AJAX. An API of high and great quality is the first and the foremost thing which is needed. Following are the names of some resources which are used to make web application samples.

The first one is the placeholder of the JSON: The text of the placeholder which is being outputted in the format of JSON is one of the easy ways in order to get started with. The second one is all about the UN splashing it. UN splash it is the correct place where the entire images one can get without which the content of the placeholder is incomplete. The third one is the random user generator. The main function of this generator is to generate user profiles as per the needs and the requirements.

 The CSS Framework and the Presentation:

The next task after getting the main content from the API is to view the content to the users. The CSS framework is much complicated as compared to the bootstrap. Basically, the bootstrap is much more nicely documented as compared to the CSS framework.

Coming to the Libraries of JavaScript, a process known as the diffing is being done here. The technique diffing is basically a technique which is used to make the pages faster using the thing which is known as the virtual DOM.

                                                   Front End Development

Web App Manifest:

This is all about dealing with the front end development. Jason. This respective file consists of the name of the application, the short name of the application, the icons of the respective application and also a various range of features. All these properties are used to give information about the web application to the respective browser of the client.

Service Workers:

A service worker is created at the last step in the making of the front end development. In order to handle the web application’s work offline, one can use this service worker as it acts as the core need of the progressive web app. Beforehand, the documentation of the service workers used to be very tough in a technical way and way too complicated., but recently this is not the same, it has started to evolve. We will deal with the following core events which are being described below in brief.

Front end development at the very beginning, we will be dealing with an install, which basically helps in setting up the early stages of the service worker. It is mostly done on the first load. The very first thing which is supposed to be done at the time of installation is that to start creating a cache for the required web application. Any kind of content which is static just like various icons, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and various as such can also be stored in it. . Coming to the second one which is activated, it is brought into practice after the setting up and the installation of the service worker has been completed successfully. The last but not the least is the fetch, which helps in serving the resources of the cache.

Bundling for the purpose of Production:

When the web application is being hosted on the local host, all seems perfect until the application is run after which a bundle of bugs is being detected. In order to get through this, a line just needs to be added to the main package which is named as the package Jason. By giving the property names as the homepage property just like this a show:

Homepage: “.” Is the way one needs to write it for the rectification of the errors?

Final Steps include:

Before finalizing the web application, it needs to be evaluated to check the quality of the web application and front end development with the help of the tool the lighthouse.