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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing and Personal Branding Daily Tips

Facebook is for all of us- the ultimate social media, or put it this way: the king of the kings! And no doubt about this, as most of us start our mornings by checking our facebook notifications- who tagged whom, all the spiced up news, the most trending topics, “it” gadgets to own- you name it, and you can find it here on facebook Marketing. And I would not be wrong if I said that for most of us, facebook has even replaced our morning newspapers, all you could ever imagine, is simply accessible via your phone, and that too in a fun way and facebook is the one of the best marke for social media optimization strategy

 Everyone knows that Facebook advertising and to be honest a lot has changed since facebook first entered the marketing scene. Now, it can not only help you post wide angled videos and pictures, but also provide a way to sell a product in a chat box! Yes, that has been the evolution of this social media site. With 1.18 billion users every day, you can imagine the amount of influence this social media has in our lives. The constant rat- race of being better than others, of developing the best products or offering the best Facebook Marketing services has made companies competent on social media sites too, and the best benefit is received by customers in the form of more choices available than ever before.


Below I’ve mentioned few of the top techniques even you can venture into this social media site, and let it work wonders for your business-

  1. Set up a facebook business page– facebook now provides not only the traditional personal accounts, but also the new and very efficient “business “pages for your products and Facebook Marketing services. So go ahead and create one for your business. The major advantage of a business page is that people will get to know about the business, and not the person operating it. So there is full professionalism maintained. Pages look just like the personal account view, but only show information applicable to the business. People can like the page, and even follow it. These users can become followers and help boost your page. This helps you create more audience for the good or service. There are options like- business, local, company, organization, artist, entertainment, cause/ community, etc to choose from. You can add a profile picture or a cover picture. Add an attractive user name and a short description to best describe your company or business. Customize the notifications, and ask your employees or your friends to start following the page right away. An even better option would be to ask people to share your page from their respective accounts, this would be an instant attention provider, and work wonders for your business.


  1. Other technicalities– a few important steps include- choosing page tabs, adding a CTA button, and verification. Page tabs refer to the various options available where the user who is visiting the company’s profile can choose what content he or she wants to see. So you could choose from pictures, posts, videos, and so on. CTA refers to call- to- action button, which can be added on top of your facebook page which will basically redirect the user to a particular home page, or a landing page. Verification is the tiny grey or blue button beside the name of the business. If your business is a local business, or organization, you are eligible for a verification badge. It’s a must that the page has a profile photo or a cover photo.  Go to settings where you would find a verification button. Click on that and soon a Facebook Marketing representative would call you for the verification purpose.
  2. Page promotion– asks your employees and friends to share the posts and the page with their respective friends. Do not fall into the trap of buying fake followers; as such activity will only lead to distrust and sudden collapse of business. Hold contests- I’ll elaborate on this in the next point. Make sure your posts are as interactive and attractive as possible. A refined image brings more efficiency.

                                                                             Facebook Marketing

  1. Contests– hold a variety of Facebook contests, sweepstakes, and give away products to people as a token of appreciation. These boost participation over the company’s page. Remember that you cannot hold the contests over Facebook itself- in the sense that a contest cannot be judged on the basis of a number of likes or comments. You can always use a third party site, link the website to that particular post, and then encourage users to participate. And it is always a good idea to reward them with the company’s products or services.
  2. Promoted postsFacebook Marketing increase the viewership of a particular post in exchange for a certain amount. This way, for a small amount, you get to advertise a given post more than before, and it reaches a wide array of public too.
  3. Open graph– facebook open graph lets customers label users’ actions and analyze the data on their application tool.

Now let us focus on the topic of personal branding.  Personal branding refers to all those activities which are kept in mind to promote you. So every post, every check in, every activity, no matter how small or irrelevant it seems, is done with the aim to popularize the self. It might sound harsh, but it is also true that many times in life we do judge a book by its cover. So consider social media as one such platform. Many a times, people are not interested to know what kind of a person you are, or how cool your personality is. They are only interested in the outside- your appearance, the glam world you live in, and stuff like that.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing tips to rocks your self- image on social media sites like facebook are listed below-

  • Define yourself and your brand. It is not compulsory to follow the herd. In fact the more unique the better.
  • Don’t send friend requests to any one, or accept requests from simply any random stranger. Choose your circle carefully; else it may pose to be a problem.
  • Change your privacy settings.
  • Fill in the professional details and make sure to switch off the tagging option, so that no random person can tag you in random posts or pictures.


Start with these steps, and don’t rush into the use of Facebook Marketing .It is important to promote but at the same time one must also contain and retain the sense of originality, as that is what impresses the real people.