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Effectively Generating and Managing Leads With Email Marketing

As the growth of electronic communications grew, so did the marketing campaigns through Email Marketing started. If you look at the marketing history you can make out that before the social media boom, the top platform for marketing was the emails. Even with all the new communications outlets available to markets, email marketing remains the most effective way and it is referred as content marketing It allows you to target a greater amount of audience through a reliable medium. The popularity has grown tremendously through campaigns that resulted in personal email inboxes overflowing with the latest and greatest offers. Customers could easily pick their own choice of companies.

Email marketing has been the most trusted trial and error method for generating leads. Even though there are a lot of social media marketing campaigns but the marketers won’t let go of this method. Leads! Leads! Leads! Everybody wants them and once you have some of them you become greedy for more. How to generate new leads for your business through email marketing? How do you attract more leads and manage them at the same time?

The one thing that remains common is that you have to strategic with the content. One of the pros of email marketing is you can count on the number of potential customers that they will show interest in your presentation and actually sign up for it. Email marketing plays the most important role in the broad world of Digital Marketing and E-mail marketing tips 

Effective email content to get desired results:

The first and foremost thing to do is make the headline catchy. The customer should get an idea about the article, newsletter, etc just by reading the headline. Headlines grab the attention of the customer and compel them to read more about the services that you have to offer. The customer is going to judge you and eventually develop trust. Make sure that every word you put out there is genuine and not deceiving. The main body should be relevant and sensible rather than just a blabbermouth.

There is a concept in journalism called the concept of the inverted pyramid. It teaches us basically to put the most relevant information first then go accordingly based on the level of decreasing importance. The additional details and further contacts should come later on. Keep them simple and concise. They should be written in a layman’s language rather than ornamental. Keep it crisp and it should mean business as it gives away the vibe of professionalism. This is a great impression to create on the customers. It enhances the base for trust. The text should be structured and not haywire. The purpose of the email marketing should be made clear to the T. This is what will encourage the customers to join your company on various other social media platforms or through other means.

Ways to generate more leads and maximize the conversions

There are several tactics that are needed to be inculcated in order to generate more leads and in managing them. Some of the following effective ways are:

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters should deliver consistent and relevant content for the customers to get them to subscribe to the newsletter. Quality is the key and not quantity. This will help increase the conversion rates. Provide incentives and good deals too once they sign up for your newsletter. These newsletters will help you understand the needs and wants of the customers better. Thus, you can provide them with better-personalized services and a stronger relationship.

2. Gated Content

Offering gated content can help boost the lead generation. As you need the customer’s contact information you offer gated content in its exchange. The reason for doing this is to divert the traffic to the main website. The content needs to be appealing to the masses so that they are willing to hand out their contact details. It should ask only the necessary information. It can easily be limited to asking for their name and email address.

Email marketing

3. Triggered emails

Triggered emails are ruled by a specific action taken by the customer. Like for example downloading a white paper, filling out a form or leaving a shopping cart without placing an order or when they place an order. When these kinds of events occur, your email marketing system immediately sends out a series of emails. They work on autopilot setting.

4. Blogs for the leads

Blogging has become one of the effective ways to generate leads. Sharing your information on various blogging platforms and also creating your own blog can be helpful in luring the customers. A call-to-action feature should be added that basically means that it gives the customer chooses to contact you or not. This satisfies the mantra that “ask nicely, don’t beg!”

5. Test and analyze the campaign results

One of the common tests is A/B testing. It allows you to see the metal bounce rates and a statistical data of conversion of visitors to customers.

6. Make the emails sharable

Give the customers the option of sharing the emails with their colleagues, friends, and family. It is benefitting you and your email marketing campaign. Just ask them to forward the email in your copy. Add a button that automatically formats an email for them. Add a signup link so people who get the forwarded emails can sign up easily. Add social sharing buttons so people can share your email on their social media accounts.


Many marketers make the mistake of replacing the old ways with completely new ways. This might blow up on their face as people are little weary to the change. They can include them in some ways or the other with the old techniques rather than totally eradicating them. Old techniques have a full proof success rate that they are going to generate leads and create a greater number of customer bases. Email marketing is the most powerful way to reach your target audience. Use the above-mentioned tips as it will resonate with your customers and are bound to maximize your conversion rates.