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Effective Facebook Ads

Simple Steps to Write Effective Facebook Ads that Attract Your Market

Facebook has become our world. This might sound absolutely hilarious to you, but it is also true. From every place you visit to every selfie you click, Facebook has become a platform to seek validation. So why not use this platform to promote your brand in such a way that it becomes the new “it” thing that everyone keeps talking about?

Even after testing n number of combinations and demographics, most people fail to hit the right notes when it comes to composing unbeatable advertisements.  Almost 65% of social media ads are channelized via Facebook and its intermediary- Instagram. In order to be famous on Effective Facebook Ads, you will need more than just good content for Social media optimization. Distribution is as important as content, if not more. A few tips and tricks mentioned below will hopefully do wonders and help you attract that ready audience for your business and facebook also helps and provide extensions to brands and politicians to target user by Facebook Targeting


  1. Re-think your offer- Effective Facebook Ads offer that you propose has the ability to make or break the deal. Might sound dramatic, but that’s the reality. It is very important that you critically construct and re- construct your offer. A mere offer of, say, a 20% discount may not attract as much attention, as something which says – every sale feeds one poor man. The offer should appeal to the emotions of the people. Make them sympathize and empathize with the Effective Facebook Ads – this is the foremost important step. To boost your e-commerce business, it is very important to find the ideal concept for the ad.
  2. What to track- merely tracking your metric data will only give you more data, with the added burden of analyzing such data? Instead, track your sales record, and act according to such analysis. Your Effective Facebook Ads might be getting thousands of clicks, but if the clicks are not materializing into actual sales. Then all hard work turns futile. Post engagement is also important, but everything comes down to one thing- is your product ultimately selling? If not, then work out ways to create Effective Facebook Ads that will actually motivate people to go for your products, appeal to their emotions- as mentioned in the previous point, and try again.
  3. Target the correct audience- it is very important to know your actual target audience. For example, a chocolate brand should focus more on kids and teens, not the elderly- obviously. Analyze the demographic conditions of your target audience- the language they speak, their location, age, gender, and so on. Then construct an ad which addresses not only the product and offer but also appeals and goes with the demographic conditions. Keep the ad fun but at the same time professional too- you don’t want to come across as an easy- going company. Use facebook’s audience insights to help you construct a better ad by going through your audience from the outside.

Effective Facebook Ads

  1. Story! Story! – A great story always appeals to the public. No matter what the target audience is, or what your product or service is- a good story will always work its magic. Use sequenced ads, as almost 55% people prefer it. Also, try to use real life stories, examples of eminent personalities, and so on, and incorporate them into your ads. Create a narrative; tell stories to build a better connection with people. This way, the ads will even add a personalized touch and help you garner more customers.
  2. Long- term matters- simply increasing sales in the short run, or simply selling and offering anything for the sake of profits will eventually lead your business downhill. So avoid any false claims while constructing your Effective Facebook Ads. Think long- term, and for the benefit of the company. Try to use real and ethical content so that the goodwill of the company is maintained.
  3. Expand your reach- increase the engagement of your Effective Facebook Ads by making sure that more people click on the link or comment and like the post. Engagement will make sure that you can overcome facebook’s algorithm where only a minor part of your followers are exposed to the organic content you post.
  4. Video ads- videos are new “it” thing and everyone seems to be doing it. And you should do. After all, it is said that motions and movements are likely to impact our brains more as compared to mere still images. So go ahead and construct a great video message to showcase your offer and your product. This will help create a lasting impression on your Effective Facebook Ads.
  5. Sponsor ads- sponsor your Effective Facebook Ads and specify the time limit for a small amount of money to increase the engagement and viewership of the ad.
  6. Facebook lead ads- facebook lead ads are a mobile-only thing, created so that advertisers could tap into the emerging mobile market were less and fewer people seem to be using social media sites via their computers. Lead ads are cheap and more effective and can be used to remarket to the audiences.
  7. Budget- doesn’t get worried if you do not have a big budget. A successful ad campaign is less about the budget and more about the content and distribution. Fully optimize the available options to create a kick-ass advertisement.  
  8. Sizing – ads are available in various sizes, and this aspect should be paid attention to as its better to prepare in advance than too see that half of your design didn’t even make it the way as you imagined it to be.
  9. Build rather than create- a successful ad does not only require thoughtful creation, but you have to build it. By this I mean is just like constructing a building, you need to put more thought on the scratch and the basic idea. Then build upon that idea to support your campaign. Once you have all the elements ready, only then should you progress with the designing and set up.


Keep these steps and tricks in mind, and you can be sure that not only will you be able to combat the weird algorithm which has reduced the reach of ads and posts across facebook and instagram, but even build  reputation for your company.