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Benefits of Wordpress


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free platform which allows coders and developers to share their code online. Thus, making coding all the most ready. Here we will discuss about the benefits of WordPress. Starting with the definition of WordPress.

WordPress is free open source software which was initially developed for blogging purposes of the owners of small scale business owners. But gradually with time, it gained a lot of popularity making it the preferred choice for many of the big names in the market. With much updated and lit of plugins, it was possible to design a website which was not meant only for blogging purposes. It meant the whole requirements of the owner of a business. This is very friendly even to a non-tech guy. It doesn’t require tons and tons of information beforehand. You can start working on it with a minimal amount of it on WordPress. Slowly and slowly, you will get used to its functionality. Like much other software’s in this field, it doesn’t require much amount, of course, to learn before coding on it.


It is a powerful platform which facilitates the Content Management System of large scale websites. This is also known as the CMS popularly. It serves the purpose of meeting the content related requirements of a business owner. You can quite easily find a number of content writers and freelancers who are looking to offer services to write content on your website. You can hire them to write blogs on your websites.

WordPress offers many services to make your website and to expand it in the best way possible. The benefits of WordPress are listed as under:


                                            Benefits of WordPress

1.   WordPress is open source software: the key benefits of WordPress to develop your site are that it is open source. This means that all the codes available on this program are made online. So, developers who are looking to develop your site will take help of it. Thus, saving time and money in the process. Many coders just upload their codes online which you can easily use in your site without paying even a penny. This is a key advantage that WordPress holds over’s its competitors.

2.   Convenient to use: WordPress is software that is very easy to use. It’s simple software which is very friendly for even the beginners and amateurs on your site. It is a very simple system to use. Coding in WordPress is very easy and you don’t need to be a professional in the subjects concerned. It is friendly software for even the non-professional and non-tech guys. You can even design your website without knowing a thing about coding. Just use the already available information on WordPress to design your site. You can do this while also continue to learn coding in the meanwhile.


3.   Fast construction: Another benefit of WordPress lies in the fact that it is very easy to install the software on the host server. You can easily set up your site and start coding. It is very easy to construct. Web developers can easily and quickly start with no time. This, saving on a lot of time.

4.   Pricing: the most important Benefits of wordpress which one looks for while developing his or her site is the amount of money that is required to be spent in making the site. Everyone loves to save on the money and use it in other areas. WordPress provides you with this convenience also. It requires the least amount of money when compared to other options. In fact, you can start your simple blogging website free of cost. Also, there are hundreds and thousands of freelancers who are always there to help you make the site and also, update blogs on it regularly.


5.   Plugins: if the core purpose of your business website is just not blogging and you want a complete website facilitating every feature that should be there in an ideal website. All you have to do is install plugins into your site. Like if you want to add media in the form of video, Audio, and images. Plugins will make you do that easily. If you want to have an option of live chat on your website. Plugins will surely help you do that. If you want to attach a calendar on site. What will you use? Of course, plugins. If you want to have a map on your website so that your address can easily be understood by the user. Always use plugins.

6.   Published with ease: WordPress will provide you with an excellent platform where you can create and review posts and blogs easily. You can also add new pages to your website without getting into any complications. WordPress makes the publishing part look fairly easy. You can easily publish the blogs on your site. You can also edit them after publishing it. Thus, WordPress makes publishing a post pretty much easy.

                                        Benefits of WordPress

7.   User management: this is the primary Benefits of wordpress why many owners of small and big businesses prefer to work on WordPress. It makes the management of content very easy. Perhaps, that’s why it is known to provide an excellent platform for Content Management System (CMS). There is a variety of contributors to the site. Administrator administrates the content on the site. Without his permission, nothing can be done on the site. Authors deal with the contents on the website. Writers and freelancers write the content. They are hired by the owner of the site for an already fixed stipend. Visitors have limited access on the site. They can only view the site or can comment on the posts. In this way, the users on the site are managed.


8.   Built-in comments: one very prominent Benefits of wordpress less in the fact that it facilitates the user or the visitor to comment on the posts. And hence, providing a way to engage with your content. You can also provide a separate section on your site known as the “forum of discussion”. In this section you can easily get the user’s review and what does him or she requires on your site. So that you can work to meet the needs of the user.

9.   SEO friendly: everyone loves to see their website at the top of the search pages. So that your website stands out among the competitors and have an advantage of inviting the maximum traffic towards the website. And yes, you have guessed it well, WordPress provides you with a variety of SEO plugins which can help your business to reach out at the top of search pages on the most powerful search engine companies like Google and Bing.


This article provided you with the benefits of WordPress. So, if you haven’t learnt WordPress yet, it’s high that you should.