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Top 10 career opportunities of web developer Introduction to web development

The process of web development includes making of simple pages to the complex web based applications. Web development comprises of Common web development programming languages, software, security configuration, client side and server side scripting, e-commerce website, web designing etc. In today’s highly digitized world, there is a huge demand of web developers. Today web development skills are of utmost importance. Web development has classified in two parts basically which are – front and development and back end development which can also be called client- side development and server- development respectively. Under the front side development there comes the process of developing the code that is executed in the web browser which determines what your customers are going to see when they open your website. The languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, JQuery, Microsoft Silver light etc are used.

Whereas the back end of the website is created using the server side scripting. This is known as back end development. It involves creating a framework that includes the features to allow the database on the web server to communicate with the web browser of the end user’s computer. For the back end development, the languages like ASP.NET, C, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby etc are used popularly. Web developer : Someone who creates and programs various applications and programs for world wide web is known as a web developer. Web developers create the websites which look attractive and work quickly and efficiently. There are numerous amount of career opportunities for a web developer. Their job is to maintain web-based applications, portals, and websites. They need to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation. They have regular exposure to business stakeholders and executive management, as well as the authority. Some of them are listed below –

1. Web designer :

Web designers are people who creates and also modified the websites which are not only attractive to look at but are also simple and efficiently useful and works as per the requirements. Their task is to create websites which are capable of accomplishing all the objectives of the business or organization willing to create the website.

2. Visual designer :

Visual designer or a user interface (UI) designer refers to a person who aims more on the aesthetics of a website. Rather than development of website, their job is more about designing the website. These designers need to have a better knowledge of typography, grids, layouts, color theory and are required to be proficient in the software like Adobe Xd, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Sketch etc.

3. UX designer :

A user experience designer or commonly known as UX designer has the work to make user’s experience very friendly, smooth and efficient. Their one of the major jobs is to get a knowledge of user’s behavior and the way they interact with your and other’s product and this work is done by performing user research which helps them identify, inform, refine and validate the team’s design choices.

4. App developer :

An app developer need to have knowledge of programming languages like- C, C++ and Core Java. For Android app development, they need to learn basics of Core Java, for iPhone app development, they need to have knowledge of Objective C language and for windows app development, they need to learn C++, C# and Visual Basic.

5. Web content manager :

A web content management system is created to support the management of the content of any web page. The web content basically includes text and several graphics, photos, video, audio, maps that displays content or interacts with the user. A content management application is the front-end user interface that lets a user do basic operations like adding, modifying and removing the information from a website without the interference of a web developer.

6. Interaction designer :

An interaction designer basically aims on having the knowledge of how the user interact with the elements of a website such as buttons, navigation, animations, etc. An interaction designing is nothing but an advanced version of a visual designing.

7. Multimedia programmer :

In order to be a multimedia programmer, a person need to have a knowledge of web development. He should be well aware of macro media flash, Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and languages like HTML,CSS, JavaScript, bootstrap, WordPress etc. There is a very huge scope in successful career of a multimedia programmer.

8. Block chain Developer :

A web developer along with the knowledge of Data Structures including Stack, Queues, Linked List, Tree, and Hedera HashMaps, can easily flourish his career in block chain development. A person should also understand the time and resource complexity of querying a data structure and should also have an understanding of centralized and distributed network.

9. Game Designing :

People are day by day showing a growing interest in the field of game development as there is a huge demand of new and advanced video games among kids as well as teenagers and adults. A game developer is paid a fair salary. To become a game developer, you need to develop high-level math skills and strong technical and IT skills, particularly in programming and coding in order to be successful.

10. Database developer :

The Database developer works only with the databases. Data base development strictly uses techniques which require a great knowledge of data architecture, redundant systems, and administrative functions and syntax of the specific database. A database developer would work mainly on a kind of reporting job. Today, web developers are in high demand not only in Software Companies, but also there are so many other business areas such as online marketing and responsive applications which are always looking for a good web developer who can solve their problems.


There’s certainly a demand for web developers and a much larger one for affordable ones who can be productive from day one. It’s a somewhat creative job where you can build things to help people and feel a sense of accomplishment. Concluding with the fact that Web development is the great career opportunity for today’s generation and web developers are high in demand as obvious as it is.