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Benefits of Wordpress


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free platform which allows coders and developers to share their code online. Thus, making coding all the most ready. Here we will discuss about the benefits of WordPress. Starting with the definition of WordPress.

WordPress is free open source software which was initially developed for blogging purposes of the owners of small scale business owners. But gradually with time, it gained a lot of popularity making it the preferred choice for many of the big names in the market. With much updated and lit of plugins, it was possible to design a website which was not meant only for blogging purposes. It meant the whole requirements of the owner of a business. This is very friendly even to a non-tech guy. It doesn’t require tons and tons of information beforehand. You can start working on it with a minimal amount of it on WordPress. Slowly and slowly, you will get used to its functionality. Like much other software’s in this field, it doesn’t require much amount, of course, to learn before coding on it.


It is a powerful platform which facilitates the Content Management System of large scale websites. This is also known as the CMS popularly. It serves the purpose of meeting the content related requirements of a business owner. You can quite easily find a number of content writers and freelancers who are looking to offer services to write content on your website. You can hire them to write blogs on your websites.

WordPress offers many services to make your website and to expand it in the best way possible. The benefits of WordPress are listed as under:


                                            Benefits of WordPress

1.   WordPress is open source software: the key benefits of WordPress to develop your site are that it is open source. This means that all the codes available on this program are made online. So, developers who are looking to develop your site will take help of it. Thus, saving time and money in the process. Many coders just upload their codes online which you can easily use in your site without paying even a penny. This is a key advantage that WordPress holds over’s its competitors.

2.   Convenient to use: WordPress is software that is very easy to use. It’s simple software which is very friendly for even the beginners and amateurs on your site. It is a very simple system to use. Coding in WordPress is very easy and you don’t need to be a professional in the subjects concerned. It is friendly software for even the non-professional and non-tech guys. You can even design your website without knowing a thing about coding. Just use the already available information on WordPress to design your site. You can do this while also continue to learn coding in the meanwhile.


3.   Fast construction: Another benefit of WordPress lies in the fact that it is very easy to install the software on the host server. You can easily set up your site and start coding. It is very easy to construct. Web developers can easily and quickly start with no time. This, saving on a lot of time.

4.   Pricing: the most important Benefits of wordpress which one looks for while developing his or her site is the amount of money that is required to be spent in making the site. Everyone loves to save on the money and use it in other areas. WordPress provides you with this convenience also. It requires the least amount of money when compared to other options. In fact, you can start your simple blogging website free of cost. Also, there are hundreds and thousands of freelancers who are always there to help you make the site and also, update blogs on it regularly.


5.   Plugins: if the core purpose of your business website is just not blogging and you want a complete website facilitating every feature that should be there in an ideal website. All you have to do is install plugins into your site. Like if you want to add media in the form of video, Audio, and images. Plugins will make you do that easily. If you want to have an option of live chat on your website. Plugins will surely help you do that. If you want to attach a calendar on site. What will you use? Of course, plugins. If you want to have a map on your website so that your address can easily be understood by the user. Always use plugins.

6.   Published with ease: WordPress will provide you with an excellent platform where you can create and review posts and blogs easily. You can also add new pages to your website without getting into any complications. WordPress makes the publishing part look fairly easy. You can easily publish the blogs on your site. You can also edit them after publishing it. Thus, WordPress makes publishing a post pretty much easy.

                                        Benefits of WordPress

7.   User management: this is the primary Benefits of wordpress why many owners of small and big businesses prefer to work on WordPress. It makes the management of content very easy. Perhaps, that’s why it is known to provide an excellent platform for Content Management System (CMS). There is a variety of contributors to the site. Administrator administrates the content on the site. Without his permission, nothing can be done on the site. Authors deal with the contents on the website. Writers and freelancers write the content. They are hired by the owner of the site for an already fixed stipend. Visitors have limited access on the site. They can only view the site or can comment on the posts. In this way, the users on the site are managed.


8.   Built-in comments: one very prominent Benefits of wordpress less in the fact that it facilitates the user or the visitor to comment on the posts. And hence, providing a way to engage with your content. You can also provide a separate section on your site known as the “forum of discussion”. In this section you can easily get the user’s review and what does him or she requires on your site. So that you can work to meet the needs of the user.

9.   SEO friendly: everyone loves to see their website at the top of the search pages. So that your website stands out among the competitors and have an advantage of inviting the maximum traffic towards the website. And yes, you have guessed it well, WordPress provides you with a variety of SEO plugins which can help your business to reach out at the top of search pages on the most powerful search engine companies like Google and Bing.


This article provided you with the benefits of WordPress. So, if you haven’t learnt WordPress yet, it’s high that you should.


Benefits of having a website


If you are an owner of a business company? Or are in need of a serious platform for blogging purposes? You require a website straightaway. Nothing beats the joy you feel after developing your first website. The amount of satisfaction just surpasses everything else.

Suppose if you have a business model and you want to spread it to more and more audiences. You should own a website. Gone are the days when having a website was like a luxury. It has now become a necessity. You don’t want to lack behind in this race. Be a big player among your peers.

According to a recent study covering the whole country, it has been estimated that 45 percent of all the small business owners are still not having a website. Enough has been told about the functionality and usability of the websites. Now it’s time to tell you about the benefits of owning a website and how it can help you to expand your small-scale business. So here are some of the major benefits of having a website and how it will make you stand apart from the crowd.

1.    Global reach: more than 2.5 million people around the globe have an active internet connection. The Congress out to be nearly 40% of the total population. These numbers are mentioned just to give you an idea of how big a number we are mentioning here. And to what scale of the audience can be targeted if you own a website. On an everywhere, it has been found that a user is surfacing on his mobile for more than 24 hours a week. If you are able to advertise your website in the right way, you can gain a lot of traffic. You can use it as a medium to sell your products, services, skills, and ideas. You can even sell your talent.

2.    Cost effective: Benefits of having a website is a very simple yet cost-effective method to help expand your business in the best possible way. You don’t need to spend those big bucks in finding actors and models that will be the face of your advertising team. And still, you can target a greater amount of audience through your site. This will not hinder your energy as well as your pocket. You don’t need to roam from door to door to sell your products and services. This, saving on both the time and money aspects.

3.    All in one platform: the websites are a very powerful source where anyone can start advertising their business, whatever may be the scale of your business is. The internet does not belong to a single organisation and it doesn’t give any preference to one over another. You can be sure that your small-scale business model is not crushed by the power of big business tycoons. If your content is more informative and is able to attract the imagination of the user, your business will surely are benefits of having a website.

It’s a platform which is meant for everyone. It will display all your products along with a short blog explaining every single entity. It will also provide a platform to engage the users with the help of live chat option and a forum for discussion. So, the website will be a platform to answer all your questions in a single place.

                                               Benefits of Having a Website

4.    Easy to access: the major Benefits of having a website holds over every other form of business advertisement are that it can be easily accessible from everywhere around the globe. Your business can be advertised even to the person sitting on the coldest continent of Antarctica. It is accessible to one and all. Everyone wants the convenience that your products should reach straight at the user’s address. This actually means your products are accessible to everyone who is in need of it. E-commerce giants have made this accessibility fairly easy in this world.

5.    Opportunities with big players: putting your website on the internet will put you in the league of some big names in the field. If you are successful in advertising your website on the internet, you can gain a lot of traffic on your site. Thus, increasing the sales of your product. You can also put forward your business model to the big players and you have more chances to approach big investors and companies. You must impress them with your idea. If they feel that your business model is worth it, you can earn big capitals from them.

6.    Increase your credibility: suppose you are in a market to purchase some goods. Suppose you want to buy a pair of jeans. There are two options for you. The banner above the first shop includes the name, address and contact no. Of the shop and the shop owner. That above the second one includes the website, social media links and an appropriate logo other than the name, address and contact numbers of the shop and so owner. Which one would you choose? Probably the second one right! A business benefits of having a website seems more reliable to a user just because its details can be found easily on the internet. Install a well-designed logo on the website, it makes your business way too credible than before.

7.    Edit information: other key benefits of having a website holds over any other form of advertisement is in the way that it can be edited. Any information that has once been inputted into your website can be changed at anytime from anywhere. Your most embarrassing mistakes can be corrected even before the mistake is noticed by many. If there is a slight change in the details of your product, it can be changed quite easily. It makes correction of your mistakes fairly easy.

8.    Provides a new dimension to your business: suppose you have a small scale business that is working quite well in the offline mode, but you can’t advertise your products to the online customers. This can be successful only through websites. These websites can prove to be a boon to your business. Suppose you are residing in Delhi. A customer from Mumbai saw your product and found it quite interesting. He ordered a pair of them. You can easily pack and send them through courier. Thus, a website is sure to add a new dimension to your business.

The world never sleeps thanks to the distinct time zones in different regions of the globe. So, your website will help your business to run 24*7.

Redesign your website


Suppose you are an owner of a small business. The most primary thing that you will look for after opening a business is a suitable website. Suppose you have done that. What’s next? What if you are not happy with the website? What if you find some loopholes which come to your sight after some time? Simple, you will want it to be redesigned. In this article, we will go through the reasons why WordPress is the place you should use to get it done. So, take a backseat and enjoy the journey.

Why you should redesign your website in wordpress?

The parameters for a good website are different to different people. This is just because they use it for different purposes. So, it’s very hard to judge what a good website looks like. But we must always keep the basics right. Your website after the redesign your website should look appealing to the eyes of the user. For an old client who has been using your site for quite some time, the loopholes that you have tackled must be clearly visible to him the site should load quickly. There has been many a cases where after an update, a website takes a while lot of time to load.

                                                  Redesign your website

Also, the new website should be mobile-friendly. Actually, on this world where everyone is on their mobile phones, no one has got that much of free time to access your site on the desktop. There is no place in the market for a site that is irritating for a mobile user. So, while redesign your website, these things must be followed in order to please the masses.

Small business owners think that they have less resource to fight with the big ones in the market. But fortunately, that’s not the case now. You can take the use of WordPress.

Why you should use wordpress?

WordPress is a big platform which is used by the majority of the business owners to develop their site. It helps to create and organize web pages and redesign your website. This is a free platform which enables developers to create a site. It is a widely used method. It is used as a content management system for many websites.

There are several reasons why you should use WordPress if you are thinking to launch a website. We will take a look at seven of them. So, the seven reasons why you should redesign your website in WordPress are:

  1. Use it as a blog: if your previous website didn’t have any place for a blog and you are maintaining a different sir just for the blogging purposes or in case you don’t have a blog at all, you can develop a site that supports blogs. Blogging is a key concept which must be there in your site because it will help you to expand your business model and help it reach out to different set of audiences. Maintaining a well written and informative blog can prove to be a great asset in your business. Every successful business company maintains it in the best possible way they can. And you must blog regularly for your start-up.
  2. Your content is secured: WordPress as a company is very active when it comes to the security purposes of your business model. So, WordPress regularly updates its contents and keep it up to date to tackle any mischievous act of the hackers. You can be sure of the safety and security of your website while looking to improve the site. There have also been some cases when hackers have been successful in finding loopholes in the site. But WordPress have obviously tackled the position well and ensured safe as before. These types of cases had been encountered once in a long while. In general, WordPress is the company you can rely upon to be sure of your content.
  3. WordPress is open source software: three key advantages of WordPress being open source software are that the person developing your website can take use of the code that already exists on WordPress and he doesn’t have to write the whole code again. Many coders share their codes online and your developer can simply pick it from there and inculcate it in your site. His work pressure will surely decrease. WordPress being open source software also helps in improving your website without costing you a penny. While no money is drawn from your pocket, your website is updated to meet the latest requirements by redesign your website.
  4. WordPress is SEO friendly: in this world which is going nuts on the Search Engine Optimization technique, does not be the odd one out. SEO will help your website to reach at the top of the search engine pages. This can have a drastic effect in increasing the traffic on your website. It’s very common that the result which comes first on the page will have the most definite cut chances of getting clicked. And the most traffic you can bring to your site, the most successful your business will be.
  5. WordPress uses plug-in: suppose you need to put a video on your website. What will you do? You can use a plugin to do it. You want to have a live chat option on your website. How will you do that? You will of course use a plugin. Suppose you want a Maps option available on your site so that it becomes easy for the user to access your location. What will you do? Use a plugin. If you want to attach a shopping cart on your e-mail commerce website, how will you do that? What else than plugin. Plugins will help you to attach different facilities on your site which can be impossible otherwise.
  6. WordPress is not a newbie in this market: through many years of successful performance, WordPress has become quite a reliable source for everyone and it is not a newbie to anyone so you can redesign your website. It is one of the most reliable software’s around the globe. Reason being the believe that everyone shows on it. This is feature that several people look for and if not find, not many will try it.
  7. Puts you in a good company: any small business owner will love to redesign your website at a place where many of the most famous names does it. Be it New York Times, Mashable, TechCrunch, or Inc., everyone uses it. This main it very much reliable in the process. It is a very convenient method also. It process to be very friendly to the non tech guy as well. So, developing your website here is one of the best choices in your life.

Wrapping up:

WordPress is a free platform which is used my most developers to launch a website quickly. It is widely supported by many systems, nearly all. It is very easy to use. Suppose you want to develop a site without any type of coding. No problem, you can do that too. You just need to take the help of codes that are already available on WordPress. Some coders just simply share their code online. You can use them. Also, new features will automatically be updated to your site, making the amount of manual work to be minimal. This article will surely provide you with the reasons why your small businesses redesign your website in WordPress.