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Top 5 Coding Skills to surely Improve your Programming Career

Programming is nothing but a way of providing instructions to the computer system to perform variously. As we know that computers cannot understand human language, thus we use binary and other languages to give instructions to the computer. This process of commanding or instructing the computer system with the help of such languages is called programming. Programming aims at finding a series of instructions that can automate performing a specific work or solving a given problem. When we do programming on a computer to solve a problem, it always requires to define data to represent the things in your problem which is called modeling. It also needs to explain unambiguously what process to follow in order to solve the problem. Majorly, there are three types of programming- imperative, functional and logical. In imperative programming, we instruct the computer for what to do to the data. In functional programming, the computer is instructed to building output data from input data. In logic programming, we specify a set of constraints, which are nothing but some rules that say how things are related and then ask a question. In today’s world, in the world of digitization, there are many career opportunities available in the field of programming.

Programming or software development is an interesting skill which is provided with the right domain knowledge, you can always be employed in any industry and in any country. There are a number of jobs available in the field of coding and programming like full stack web developer, back end system, UX/UI developer, Database developers, database administrator, desktop developers, embedded engineers, mobile developers, statistical modelers, healthcare information, etc. The four major areas where these jobs are distributed are Software Analysis, Software Architect, Software Coder, and Software Tester. Computer programming is obviously an interesting and creative job. Computer programming can be done from anywhere in the world, sitting anywhere doing almost anything, so companies sometimes look for programmers in countries where wages are lower. In order to compete with the crowd of many intelligent programmers, you need to learn some skills that will make you stand alone in the crowd of many and will definitely drive your programming career.

Following are the top five skills which will surely improve your programming career –

1. Proper knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms:

Doing a formal course in data structures and algorithms is an utmost necessary thing if you are pursuing programming as your career. A proper course lets you know the basics of the data structures and algorithms and makes you understand how things work. You should have a practical understanding of the Algorithms and data structures as they are must be learned while learning programming and coding. We need to learn all the basic data structures like an array, list, tree, graph, trie, dictionary/map, set, etc.

2. Write more and more codes :

As we all know that practice makes a man perfect. The quote stands perfectly true for programming and coding. To gain proficiency at coding and programming a person needs to keep coming at regular levels. The more you code, the more you get better at it with time. Efficient practice is what needed for being a good coder and programmer. Writing more and more codes regularly will also help you in correcting your mistakes, also knowing about them firsthand. As Mistakes, bugs and unknown problems can always happen when you start to code. Mistakes are one of the best ways to learn how things work. Therefore, we need to appreciate it and try to fix it by ourselves.

3. Grasp knowledge online:

It is always told that a person can never be completely talented or intelligent with respect to any particular subject. So, a person always needs to keep learning about coding and programming and the internet is a vast ocean of knowledge. Watching videos and tutorials can help a person in a profound way and can also help in the development of a student’s career. These things can teach you things which you are not aware of. There are many websites available that can help a person have a better knowledge of programming like Codechef, HackerRank, HackerEarth, Sphere online judge, Codeeval, Code Jam, etc.

4. Programming languages:

For having a better career at programming, a person is must learn about lots and lots of programming languages. A person is needed to keep learning multiple languages. A person can start learning the languages gradually with a time span of one every year. We need to aim at the paradigm of the language and try to understand its weaknesses and strengths which will surely boost up our career in programming.

5. System understanding:

For having a good and smooth going career in programming, a person needs to have a proper system understanding. You need to understand the nature of your target operating system. Understanding the program segments like data, text, stack, heap, etc can prove to be very beneficial in order to have a better understanding of working through programming and coding. There are many other skills too which when implemented can prove to be very beneficial for the career growth of a programmer. Web programming will always continue to be a good career choice as there is always the availability of jobs in the sector of coding and programming.

web development

Top 10 career opportunities of web developer Introduction to web development

The process of web development includes making of simple pages to the complex web based applications. Web development comprises of Common web development programming languages, software, security configuration, client side and server side scripting, e-commerce website, web designing etc. In today’s highly digitized world, there is a huge demand of web developers. Today web development skills are of utmost importance. Web development has classified in two parts basically which are – front and development and back end development which can also be called client- side development and server- development respectively. Under the front side development there comes the process of developing the code that is executed in the web browser which determines what your customers are going to see when they open your website. The languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, JQuery, Microsoft Silver light etc are used.

Whereas the back end of the website is created using the server side scripting. This is known as back end development. It involves creating a framework that includes the features to allow the database on the web server to communicate with the web browser of the end user’s computer. For the back end development, the languages like ASP.NET, C, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby etc are used popularly. Web developer : Someone who creates and programs various applications and programs for world wide web is known as a web developer. Web developers create the websites which look attractive and work quickly and efficiently. There are numerous amount of career opportunities for a web developer. Their job is to maintain web-based applications, portals, and websites. They need to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation. They have regular exposure to business stakeholders and executive management, as well as the authority. Some of them are listed below –

1. Web designer :

Web designers are people who creates and also modified the websites which are not only attractive to look at but are also simple and efficiently useful and works as per the requirements. Their task is to create websites which are capable of accomplishing all the objectives of the business or organization willing to create the website.

2. Visual designer :

Visual designer or a user interface (UI) designer refers to a person who aims more on the aesthetics of a website. Rather than development of website, their job is more about designing the website. These designers need to have a better knowledge of typography, grids, layouts, color theory and are required to be proficient in the software like Adobe Xd, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Sketch etc.

3. UX designer :

A user experience designer or commonly known as UX designer has the work to make user’s experience very friendly, smooth and efficient. Their one of the major jobs is to get a knowledge of user’s behavior and the way they interact with your and other’s product and this work is done by performing user research which helps them identify, inform, refine and validate the team’s design choices.

4. App developer :

An app developer need to have knowledge of programming languages like- C, C++ and Core Java. For Android app development, they need to learn basics of Core Java, for iPhone app development, they need to have knowledge of Objective C language and for windows app development, they need to learn C++, C# and Visual Basic.

5. Web content manager :

A web content management system is created to support the management of the content of any web page. The web content basically includes text and several graphics, photos, video, audio, maps that displays content or interacts with the user. A content management application is the front-end user interface that lets a user do basic operations like adding, modifying and removing the information from a website without the interference of a web developer.

6. Interaction designer :

An interaction designer basically aims on having the knowledge of how the user interact with the elements of a website such as buttons, navigation, animations, etc. An interaction designing is nothing but an advanced version of a visual designing.

7. Multimedia programmer :

In order to be a multimedia programmer, a person need to have a knowledge of web development. He should be well aware of macro media flash, Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and languages like HTML,CSS, JavaScript, bootstrap, WordPress etc. There is a very huge scope in successful career of a multimedia programmer.

8. Block chain Developer :

A web developer along with the knowledge of Data Structures including Stack, Queues, Linked List, Tree, and Hedera HashMaps, can easily flourish his career in block chain development. A person should also understand the time and resource complexity of querying a data structure and should also have an understanding of centralized and distributed network.

9. Game Designing :

People are day by day showing a growing interest in the field of game development as there is a huge demand of new and advanced video games among kids as well as teenagers and adults. A game developer is paid a fair salary. To become a game developer, you need to develop high-level math skills and strong technical and IT skills, particularly in programming and coding in order to be successful.

10. Database developer :

The Database developer works only with the databases. Data base development strictly uses techniques which require a great knowledge of data architecture, redundant systems, and administrative functions and syntax of the specific database. A database developer would work mainly on a kind of reporting job. Today, web developers are in high demand not only in Software Companies, but also there are so many other business areas such as online marketing and responsive applications which are always looking for a good web developer who can solve their problems.


There’s certainly a demand for web developers and a much larger one for affordable ones who can be productive from day one. It’s a somewhat creative job where you can build things to help people and feel a sense of accomplishment. Concluding with the fact that Web development is the great career opportunity for today’s generation and web developers are high in demand as obvious as it is.

artificial intelligence

Top 10 importance of AI in web development companies & Introduction

By intelligence we mean ability to implement and gain knowledge. Using computer and understanding human brain both are similar things. The time is not so far away when a programmed artificial intelligence will be more smart, advanced and with abilities to have a thought process like a human being. The aim of artificial intelligence is to create computer programs which will solve problems and help in achieving desired goals in the future. Artificial intelligence is basically a way to train the computers and machines to behave like human beings. They aim at making the machinery perform the works similar to those of human being which will help with reduce in workload of human beings. The machines and computers are programmed in such a manner so that they can identify human speeches and translate them to machine commands and help them giving back the output.

A lot of research has been going on recently. The next generation smart toys and robots are also created using artificial intelligence. With the help of AI they can act as a bot to and responds to the what the people speak to them. It offers awesome features like image recognition too. In web development companies too, the use of artificial intelligence is rapidly growing day by day.

The importance of artificial intelligence in web development companies is given in the following pares –

1. By offering best user interface:

To take the user interface on an advanced and modern level the artificial intelligence chatbot can prove to be very effective. It can learn from the user interactions in each conversation with the user and acquire and learn the responses and actions accordingly. They can be very beneficial in improving visitor’s participation by the use of query responses on regular basis, blog post comments, and offers like real time assistance and customization. AI powered chatbots are created using context sensitivity, personality traits, conversational abilities, knowledge presentation etc. These chatbots can easily respond to customers queries anytime.

2. Programming the client data collection :

By the use of artificial intelligence powered chatbots, you can easily computerize the process of collecting your customer’s requirements and fulfill them without any human interventions and errors. Web development agencies can use AI to effectively analyse data related to the online experience of their users. It can help them test their websites’ architecture and make the required amendments.

3. By the use of self-learning algorithms :

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, web programming has become a lot easier than before. The artificial intelligence systematize a number of tasks such as updating the records to database, estimating that which bits of code are most expected to be used for solving the problem and utilizing those estimations to help web developers in finding the right solution to their worries. Also, AI algorithms are also used to create self modified codes with the use of scratch without any use of human involvement. It benefits the developers by creating smarter and more advanced applications and bots at much faster speed. Self-learning algorithms of AI can automate some basic functions which are very necessary in web development companies.

4. By making the quality tests easier :

The web development companies are rapidly using the artificial intelligence technology in order to perform quality testing tasks which were at a time very time consuming and repetitive. But now with the help of artificial intelligence technology the time spent has been reduced to make than half of the time spent earlier. Not only they provide speed but they also assure accuracy while processing huge amount of data. Now the repairing and identifying the errors are not that difficult to do.

5. The use of AI virtual assistance :

When it comes to designing and making new templates and graphics for the company on a regular basis, it becomes a tedious task to do. To perform these tasks with ease, the artificial intelligence tools are used. Tools such as AI virtual assistance are very beneficial in this area. After they get the correct and required data, the AI virtual assistants can easily make customized content with the necessary combination of brand, design, layout, and content required by that end user.

6. For Predictive Search engine optimization :

Predictive SEOs which are created with the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies can introduce ideas that can let developers know about the errors in the website and also mark the bad content which affects SEO. It also offers better solutions for connecting with the target audience.

7. Growing customized user experience:

It helps in giving Customized User Experience on basis of customer choices, browsing history, location , browser etc. The Chat bots help with common queries and can reply to customer’s queries automatically for most of the common stuff without involving any human caused problems. It also helps in providing better and customized user experience.

8. Dynamic Website Content:

The artificial intelligence technology provides dynamic web content which helps in he growth of web development companies in a very profitable way. The companies must use artificial intelligence for this as it results in a high success rate of the companies.

9. Chatbots:

It is a software computerized engine which is use to communicate with the visitor in the language in which they are comfortable like it can perform English very easily. They can prove to be beneficial to the companies A.I very promising way.

10. The use of machine learning:

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. It is an advance technology which helps to machine to recognize things from its user. Experience of user can be improve by the result of smart application.


AI is transforming the field of web development and making the process of web development simpler. Many experts in the field of web development and designing suggest using artificial intelligence in web development. This is because the use of artificial intelligence will make the user interface a lot faster and it will even make the web development easier and thus will lead the companies towards success and vast business growth.

create navigation menu

A Guide To Create Navigation Menu In Responsive Design

Indubitably, a responsive design ensures a surefire presence over all devices, however, this can’t be denied that designing responsive mobile solutions is not an easy meat. And, especially the navigation menu design is the one that demands greater precision and painstaking efforts.

For the folks who want to design an effective and impressive navigation for their enticing mobile presence, this article will offer you a list of resourceful tips and design aspects for your consideration.

Designing the navigation menu for both small screens and large screens at the same time is a bit cumbersome task. To accomplish it efficiently, one must plan out things and create a strategy that is best suitable to target different kind of devices.

Ultimate Solutions to work through the navigation issues in Responsive design:

In order to keep your product (app/site) navigation clutter-free and product intact, here are a few tips to resolve the issue of navigation for small-screen devices. Let’s distill them.

1. Representing as Blocks

Representing the menu items in larger blocks while consuming the entire home page for the menu will offer a captivating solution. If your product possesses certain prominent sections or has a few numbers of pages, this solution will be a great choice.

2. Compressing in successive line

By implementing the relative style label in the menu items when they are displayed on a smaller screen (with reduced resolution), you can compress the menu items in successive lines. This simple and effective strategy is absolutely great for the menu with only a few items.

3. Menu Icon for an advanced solution

You can integrate a menu icon that can offer a list of navigation options to your users. When a user clicks or hovers over the Menu icon, all the available options can be displayed. This is a space-effective solution that helps beautifully showcase the menu without compromising with the visual appearance of the product.

4. Navigation within a dropdown menu

It is another solution to showcase the menu list in a precise and uncluttered fashion. You can create a great look and feel with a superimposed dropdown menu. It will focus more on the rest of the page content since the dropdown menu approach will offer an ample amount of free space.

A Complete Guide to implement Mobile Navigation with jQuery 

jQuery is an ultimate framework that helps create amazing mobile solutions with a simple approach. It is backed with numerous resourceful tools that can augment the development process and help attain an invaluable and impressive mobile presence.

You can implement jQuery for creating an intuitive and engaging navigation menu with a responsive mobile solution. It can help contemplate the menu icon and streamline the navigation.

Let’s have a glimpse into its several coding sections.

a.) HTML section

<nav id=”main-navigation”>


                        <li><a href=”#”>Menu 1</a></li>

                        <li><a href=”#”>Menu 2</a></li>

                        <li><a href=”#”>Menu 3</a></li>

                        <li><a href=”#”>Menu 4</a></li>



b.) jQuery Code section

To implement jQuery, you must include the jQuery and the function (as comprehended below) after the head tag. This function will scrutinize the functionalities and represent the menu items, when a user will click on the #menu-icon element.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

<script type=”text/javascript”>


            /* prepend menu icon */

            $(‘#main-navigation’).prepend(‘<div id=”menu-icon”>Menu</div>’);

            /* toggle nav */

            $(“#menu-icon”).on(“click”, function(){





To observe how it will work, the below mentioned code snippet has to be executed.

Code Snippet:

<nav id=”main-navigation”>

            <div id=”menu-icon”>Menu</div>

            <ul id=”nav”>

                        <li><a href=”#”>Menu 1</a></li>

                        <li><a href=”#”>Menu 2</a></li>

                        <li><a href=”#”>Menu 3</a></li>

                        <li><a href=”#”>Menu 4</a></li>



c.) CSS Section

@media screen and (max-width: 768px) {

            #menu-icon {

                        color: #000;

                        width: 32px;

                        height: 32px;

                        background: url(images/menu-icon.png) no-repeat 5px center;

                        padding-left: 4px 10px 4px 42px;

                        cursor: pointer;

                        border: solid 1px #666;

                        display: block;


            #main-navigation {

                        position: absolute;

                        top: 32px;

                        left: 0;


                        z-index: 99;

                        padding: 5px 0;

                        background: #333;

                        display: none;



Here, the #menu-icon has been set to display: block, however, it was initially set to none. This block will be displayed only if the width of the viewport will be less than 768 pixels.

In the media query, the navigation of “#main-navigation ul” has been to display:none, so it will not be visible on mobile. However, as soon as the #menu-icon will be clicked, it will become visible to the users (and it will embrace the aforementioned attributes).

You may choose any solution that best suits your product goals and requirements. And, by using the guide, you can efficiently create an intuitive and intriguing navigation menu for responsive mobile solutions.





front end developers

A beginner’s guide to front end web development and the progressive web apps

To get hold of the interactions and all the visuals of the web, the front end development is being used which is basically a mix up of the layout structure and the programming language. For a better understanding, let us take the example of a house. House is the website and the front end development is the great and supreme exterior which is being given to it.

The most intimidating task which can be the least is the way in which the front end web is being developed and the way in which the ecosystem of the Javascript with all its terms and frameworks which are flashy is being maintained.

Restful APIS:

Coming to the concept of the Restful APIs, in order to keep in contact or in order to communicate with the architecture of the background this rest or restful APIs are being used which also do not provide any sort of mess to the architecture or its background. Representational State Transfer is the actual long term of the rest or the restful APIs.

APIs have got points which are known as the endpoints and which are needed by front end developers for the core purpose of interaction. To get the clear part of the whole documentation, the APIs need to be very well designed so that all operations can be done without the proper coding in PHP. There are a huge number of shapes and types and kinds of APIs. The APIs that do return objects are the JSON objects. Such kinds of object are basically on the side of the client. Out of the Model View Controller, the parts which are being accessed by the front-end developers are the view parts and the controller parts.


Coming to AJAX now which stands for asynchronous javascript and XML, is one technique which has been used by all developers in one or the other way. The one way by which it has been used is the one called the JQUERY. In order to attain a huge number of resources, we can use Ajax as it asks for it not from one place but from various places as per the request. In order to attain full flexibility, full maintenance, and full portability AJAX can be used with Restful APIs in the applications of a web.

The web provides the content:

One can go for getting content with the help of the Restful APIs by taking the help of the calls of AJAX. An API of high and great quality is the first and the foremost thing which is needed. Following are the names of some resources which are used to make web application samples.

The first one is the placeholder of the JSON: The text of the placeholder which is being outputted in the format of JSON is one of the easy ways in order to get started with. The second one is all about the UN splashing it. UN splash it is the correct place where the entire images one can get without which the content of the placeholder is incomplete. The third one is the random user generator. The main function of this generator is to generate user profiles as per the needs and the requirements.

 The CSS Framework and the Presentation:

The next task after getting the main content from the API is to view the content to the users. The CSS framework is much complicated as compared to the bootstrap. Basically, the bootstrap is much more nicely documented as compared to the CSS framework.

Coming to the Libraries of JavaScript, a process known as the diffing is being done here. The technique diffing is basically a technique which is used to make the pages faster using the thing which is known as the virtual DOM.

                                                   Front End Development

Web App Manifest:

This is all about dealing with the front end development. Jason. This respective file consists of the name of the application, the short name of the application, the icons of the respective application and also a various range of features. All these properties are used to give information about the web application to the respective browser of the client.

Service Workers:

A service worker is created at the last step in the making of the front end development. In order to handle the web application’s work offline, one can use this service worker as it acts as the core need of the progressive web app. Beforehand, the documentation of the service workers used to be very tough in a technical way and way too complicated., but recently this is not the same, it has started to evolve. We will deal with the following core events which are being described below in brief.

Front end development at the very beginning, we will be dealing with an install, which basically helps in setting up the early stages of the service worker. It is mostly done on the first load. The very first thing which is supposed to be done at the time of installation is that to start creating a cache for the required web application. Any kind of content which is static just like various icons, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and various as such can also be stored in it. . Coming to the second one which is activated, it is brought into practice after the setting up and the installation of the service worker has been completed successfully. The last but not the least is the fetch, which helps in serving the resources of the cache.

Bundling for the purpose of Production:

When the web application is being hosted on the local host, all seems perfect until the application is run after which a bundle of bugs is being detected. In order to get through this, a line just needs to be added to the main package which is named as the package Jason. By giving the property names as the homepage property just like this a show:

Homepage: “.” Is the way one needs to write it for the rectification of the errors?

Final Steps include:

Before finalizing the web application, it needs to be evaluated to check the quality of the web application and front end development with the help of the tool the lighthouse.