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Visual Marketing

How Visuals Are Dominating the World of Marketing

For decades now, visual marketing has slowly started to evolve and adopt different styles and forms. From billboards to television advertisements, we’ve certainly come a long way from the early days of advertising. With the rise of digital visual marketing, visual content has been rising to the top. And these days most of the biggest companies are trying to woo their audiences with flashy posters on websites and short video advertisements and how to apply these marketing strategies.

There are many reasons for why visual marketing content has become such a huge phenomenon in the world of visual marketing. However, it most probably has to do with the fact that the average human attention span is calculated at eight seconds. Marketers have to fight tooth and nail just to be able to grab people’s attention and they have to keep coming up with unique and interesting content to extend those eight precious seconds for as long as they can. and here are the video marketing startup tips.

This is why visual marketing content is so successful, the flashy and colorful nature mixed with alliterative and punchy catchphrases helps to grab the attention of your audience effectively and can resonate with your audience for longer than a long, drawn-out blog or social media post. However, many marketers are still on the fence of whether they should jump on the process of visual marketing, it definitely has its own issues, use of visuals can be expensive and much more difficult to make as compared to other forms of marketing. However, make sure to stick around as we’ll tell you the truth as to why visuals have been dominating the world of visual marketing and hopefully we can change your mind in case you were skeptical on the whole ordeal.

Visual content ranks higher on search engines

Wouldn’t you just love it if a consumer searched for a product and your website or advertisement was the top result? Well with visual content, that dream can now become a reality. Visual marketing content such as videos allows you to increase the time spent by visitors on your site, thus resulting in longer exposure which builds trust and signals search engines that your site has good content. In fact, statistics from Google show that you are fifty-three times more likely to show up as the top result on Google simply by having a short video embedded on your website.

Furthermore, statistics show that people are naturally more attracted to images than they are links or text. Facebook posts with an image receive, on average, more than twice as many comments and likes as those without. It’s absolutely absurd how simply attaching an image or a short clip to your website or social media page can almost double the amount of traffic you receive, but this also shows just how effective visuals are and it truly speaks volumes as to what the average consumer is more likely to be interested in.

Visual content has become easier to produce

Making visual marketing content is definitely not as expensive as it used to be during the days when televisions and technology was coming up. Nowadays, you can film and edit an entire video or create a billboard advertisement image on a modern smart phone for free. You don’t even need to hire a video editor or digital artist as there are countless of guides and tutorials on the latest editing and designing software so even if you’re a complete beginner you can very easily produce top-notch visual marketing content all by yourself.

Now, obviously, if you are planning to use visual content in your marketing tactics, we do recommend hiring a few professionals to ensure the visual marketing content you produce is high quality and effective. However, the point still stands as there is no reason to be afraid of visual content anymore. The resources to make visual content is readily available so it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional business or a start-up company, you can still use visual content in your marketing and you will be raking in much more traffic and overall brand recognition in no time.

                                                               Visual Marketing

Visuals show your products without telling people about them.

Ever heard of the popular phrase, “believe it when I see it”? That’s the mindset most consumers in the modern age have when they are looking for the latest products. You can spend countless hours typing thousands of words on a blog or social media page talking about the stand out features of your product and yet most consumers would shy away or even avoid it until they see the physical product. This is the advantage that visuals have over written content, consumers become much more trustworthy of your product when they realize that it’s an existing, fully functional product that they can view and analyze.

With the rise of digital marketing, advertising has become a game of being able to show, not tell. You should be able to get your audience excited through your visually appealing content and not spam your fans with written posts about how great your product is. Everybody can brag about the features of a product and the advantages that it has, but businesses with the most successful products are always willing to show their audience just how great their product is and they let the product speak for itself.

Helps Brand Recognition

Believe it or not, a lot of consumers are able to point out different brands from their logos and advertisements alone. As we mentioned before, humans inherently have a short attention span and visuals directly feed into that attention span. If a consumer sees a bright, flashy logo pop up on their television or phone screen, it is much more likely to resonate with them and it is also more likely that the next time they see your product or your company logo, they’ll remember and it will stick with them for longer. It’s no hidden secret as to why the big companies are coming up with these visually appealing and colorful pictures and video advertisements, they’re simply trying to exploit our short attention spans and get us hyped up about their products.


Visual Content

Reasons why we give importance to Visual Content

Humans are visual creatures. We rely heavily on our sights to guide us. Even though we have the capability to touch and feel things, we are comfortable just by looking at them from a distance.

The Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. now prefer visual content more than the text ones. The visual content is more sharable and also readable by users. Thus, it holds an advantage over the conventional style of contents in the form of texts.

The Social media giant Facebook has seen the increase of 75% in the no. of videos being shared and uploaded in the last few years. Of over 35,000 Facebook brand pages available on Facebook, 10% of the posts with the most engagement were visuals.

What is Visual Content?

Visual Contents include Charts, Maps, Graphs, pictures, videos, symbols, etc. It has become the most powerful of marketing. Nearly every famous brand is using it to the best of their advantage. The use of visual contents in the coming times is expected to increase only as more and more people are now getting aware of it.

                                                      Visual Content

If you are running a company and you want to expand it. Post GIFs, memes, pictures, videos, etc. on your website to promote the company. Always look for behind the scenes videos that are taken in your company’s office because nowadays users are liking it more than the normal videos.

Twitter is one of the top social media platforms. It is observed that tweets with photos and videos are more engaging and gets 18 % more retweets than the normal ones.

In a study to find the top 5 most effective business to business (B2B) marketing tactics, it was found that visual content was a part in the entire famous marketer’s plan. This just gives you a hint of the importance that visual media holds in our day to day life.

86% of the users on the internet who are looking to buy some commodity, express some level of desire for interactive visuals. People do connect with visual content more quickly than they do with the text. Reason being simple that no one has got so much of time to go through an entire paragraph of text. They simply watch the video or see the picture and move forward.

The one thing that you must always keep in mind is that always to keep the video short. Nobody has that much of time to read the whole blog. Why to read the entire text when you get the same information in a two or three-minute video? Why to waste those fifteen minutes in reading the text? Everyone will love to have that extra twelve minutes in their life. But, don’t stretch the video to more than five minutes.

Of all the information that is transmitted to the brain, more than 90% of it is in the form of visual content. Brain quickly processes the visual figures and remember it for a longer duration of time than the text content. The text seems plain to the brain. Visuals are more memorable to the brain by 65% than simple text content.

According to a recent survey held to check whether it actually attracts new customers to a company or not. Nine out of ten people think that it is true that is attracts new customers to the company if the company has a good quality of visual graphics.

Infographs can raise the traffic to a particular website by more than twelve percent. Yes, the visual graphic designing will cost you a lot more than the text ones but due to such advantages, the money spent is worthwhile.

The brain interprets the visual information sixty thousand times faster than plain text information. If your gaze turns around to a page full of text and images, the brain always processes the visual first. You must have experienced this when you flick open a newspaper and the first thing that you see is the advertisements that are printed on it.

Nearly, 40% of the people understand visual content information better than the text ones. Also, as earlier stated, it takes a less amount of time to go through them.

What Research Says

According to a research, 46% of people look at the website’s design to judge its credibility. So, apart from a good business idea, one should also inculcate a good visual design to compete in this modern market.

More than seven hundred YouTube videos are posted on Twitter every minute. This shows the widespread popularity of the visual content information. It is observed that the Facebook posts which include photos and videos gather more likes, comments, and shares than those having plain text or links. In short, the posts including visual content gather more audiences than other posts.

It must be advised here that you must not go with the flow and start posting unrelated posts on your websites. This irritates the users and may have a very deep harm on your business model. So, while making visual content, always be on the point and keep it short. Users like it!

Results shows that each day, we are bombarded with more than 3,000 to 20,000 visual messages. Such is the impact that the visual content has on the market. One doesn’t want to feel left behind in this race.

Users on the webpage read only 20% of the content. So, all your work of writing the other 80% is wasted. But you can display all your content to the user by the help of visuals. Prepare your visuals in the way that it shows all the main points that you wanted to display about your model.

Suppose that your ad gets clicked and the user is directed to the landing page. The page becomes 40% more sharable if it has some visual content in it. And more sharing means more audiences are targeted. Web visitors who visit your site and stay longer than two minutes on your content are 60% more likely to end up purchasing your product. So, try to make your content as engaging as you can.

Quite simply, having visual content on your site can increase the no. of people visiting your site by 200% to 300%.

Pinterest is a famous social media platform which is used especially to share photos more prominently. The users on this application are more prolific buyers than any other social media site. They spend more on buying things online than any other social networking site. The reason can be drawn upon by the fact that it involves sharing of visual content.

You must have heard the phrase, “A picture is worth more than a thousand words”. I don’t know whether the person was actually referring to marketing but it seems 100% accurate at this precise moment of time.