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Why social media marketing became most popular in business

 Introduction to social media: Social media is a medium to connect people which is used to share or exchange information as well as ideas all over the world. It is basically the convergence of communications and publishing. Earlier it was a platform used just for communication. But today it provides a number of facilities. Its sole purpose is to allow people to socialize via text and images. Here Conversations can occur in threads, direct messages, live stream chat, and forums. Today, social media has proved to be helpful in various fields such as marketing, connection, life information, etc.

It is extensively used by business houses to promote their brands and is popularly being used by companies to improve their social engagement with customers and also increase followers. The best part of social media is that we can calculate our results with the help of the analysis tool. We can also post videos and further content to engage with our customers. One of the major advantages of social media is that we can update ourselves from the latest happenings around in the world. It also helps in improving the business, sales, and reputation of a person. There are a number of reasons why social media has become so much popular in the business world.

Some of them are listed below –

1. Online engagement with people:

Social media lets a businessperson or any organization connect with people throughout the world, even if they are not aware of their products. Having communication with customers online makes people watching think that the owner truly cares about their business and more importantly, their customers. It helps you in reaching out to your customers right where they are with the use of their social media accounts.

2. For improving the level of brand recognition:

With the help of social media, businessmen are provided with the opportunities to modify their content and also improve them. This helps them in increasing their visibility. These social media platforms help businessmen access new customers, and make existing customers better acquainted with their brand. Displaying the brand on different social media platforms will make the brand recognized by the viewer’s very easily. Thus, for the recognition of the brand, businessmen today prefer the use of social media platforms as compared to any other way.

3. Staying informed about the world:

Today, people using social media share almost everything which related their own lives and their surroundings. This makes viewers aware of the daily happenings, current affairs, and news worldwide. This can benefit the businessmen by providing them the knowledge of the growing or decreasing demand of their brand and also makes them aware of the amount of competition they are facing worldwide with the people pursuing similar business interests. This will eventually make them care about taking measures to improve the quality of their brand and also adapting further changes in order to increase their sales.

4. By taking good benefits of the user data:

Today, it has become a popular trend to always keep your online presence updated and not necessarily be present physically at miner places. In such a world people are very conscious about their social media profiles and how the world sees them through their data. Data such as name, email, birthday, location, job, likes, dislikes, etc. are shared by people almost all over the world. This data can help the businessmen effectively. As all businessmen would never want to waste their advertisement budget on non-target markets and people who would never be able to benefit from their brand. By using the basic profile information’s of the social media users, the businessmen can easily reach out to their target audience or the people for whom the brand would be beneficial in a proper way. Social media helps in providing businessmen with their required target audiences.

5. For increased conversion rates:

The use of social media brings improved conversion rates with the use of its various features. With facilities like interactions and valuable conversations with the customers, the brands are made more organized and humanized. Humanizing the brand is highly important as people using prefer doing business with other people and not with other companies. There are studies that show that social media has a higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. This helps in improving the trust and credibility in the brand of the companies as it represents social proof.

6. Reduced marketing costs:

When we look through all the aspects practically, we find that marketing via social media is almost free of cost. If a businessperson prefers online marketing over traditional marketing tactics, he can save almost all his money which would have been invested in the Marketing of the brand. When talked about paid advertisements, their prices are also lower than offline advertising. It makes marketing inexpensive and it also attracts more crowds as compared to traditional marketing. Thus, making marketing much economical, social media platforms have made their own popularity in the business world.


There are many other reasons because of which social media platforms have proved to be beneficial for businessmen and their businesses. Such as you can provide responsive service on social media in no time. You can spread brand awareness by delivering brand strategy content. You can easily get true feedback of your brands by the customers who have used it and thus you can improve your brand according to the requirements of the customers. Thus there is no wrong in saying that social media has proved to be very beneficial to the business world and no doubt why the social media platforms have become very popular among businessmen.

Social Media Optimization Tips

Top 10 Social Media Optimization Tips to Boost YOUR Website Ranking

Social Media has the biggest reach today especially when it’s about visibility to a larger audience. And when you create a website, you want that ample number of people around go through your work and utilize it for whatever purpose it has been developed.

Two factors social media optimization tips are really essential in this regard i.e. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (social media optimization tips). While you achieve SEO to an extent, there is still room for your website to get an even better ranking and that is possible through the latter. And this is where social media has its part to play Social media marketing ideas has many areas of marketing and optimization tips of websites or for apps for mobile.

Now people may know on how to go about it but there are certain ways that can help you make the most of it and enhance your search rankings as well. social media marketing business for best strategy business 

So, here are top 10 Social Media Optimization Tips that can improve your website ranking:                                              

  1. Include Social Sharing

 Best Social media optimization tips that you include all known social sharing links to your website. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, enjoy a considerably high web authority on the internet. You can have them in your website in the form of sharing buttons. This will directly link your website with your social profile. Also, have direct links on your social media channels and pages as well so that people could reach out to your website through them and vice-versa.

Apart from this, you can also have social logins on your website. This will give them a better user experience with increased registrations as an advantage.

  1. Try To Have External Links

Another advantage Social media optimization tips you can make of social media is to encourage more external sites to link to your website. This will help you increase your leverage on Google. But again, this would only be possible if you consistently post high quality and engrossing content on all of your social channels. Also, when you start posting content, you also need to promote it in all possible ways through the existing threads and discussion forums. This will take time but you are required to constantly put-in efforts.

  1. Keyword Is The Key

Keywords play a very important role when it comes to making a large scale influence. If you want your content to be seen substantially, you need to incorporate certain words of the content of your website into the posts that you share on your social profiles. You need to smartly align your keywords and social media. You have to target keywords on your pages and profiles in such a way that it makes visibility of the links of your content stronger on Google searches and also, within the social media search for that matter. Not just promotional posts but you can also include relatable key phrases in your page’s or company’s info or in your bio.

  1. Be Active On Social Media

Social media optimization tips would surely approve of your work, provided, you should constantly be active on the social platform through frequently posting engaging material on your respective social channel or page. You should also be open to queries on various discussion forums concerning your website. The search engine do get impacted how well people are responding to your contents at various platforms in relevance to your website and on the website as well.

  1. Increase Your Posts’ Utility For The Searches

In order to extend the outreach of your posts, it’s needed that you optimize your posts for the searches. You need a strong promotional factor for your post to increase its engagement. It can be a well-created graphic visual representation, a video or an article.

No matter what the content is, make sure that the title is short, catchy and descriptive enough. Also it’s important that the title is optimal for a particular type of search. For example, “Best tips to lead a simple life” can be reframed as “How to lead a simple life?” or “Ever wondered what it’s like to lead a simple life?” anew, you can also add some frequently used keywords in the title to make it more visible to the Google searches.

  1. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a broad topic. But in short, we can say that it is a task of adding or posting website links to social websites. All these links are public and helps you enhance your presence socially and interaction on various social platforms where you can have discussions concerning your content. You must be wondering that you already do it on infamous online spaces like Facebook, Twitter etc. but there are various other places online where that can add more value and actually help you meet the target audience responding to your blog again and again. Some of them include Reddit, Slashdot and Quora .

                                            Social media optimization tips

  1. Quality In Your Content

Nothing will seem to be worth-approaching if there is no quality. People are quite intellectual today and they won’t spare even a single minute if the content lacks substance. So, take opinions of your friends and family members when you create something new and when it’s about posting relevant articles socially. Support shall follow back if you maintain the standard.

  1. Connection Amongst The Social Profiles

You should be able to manage contents on all of your social profiles. It becomes tiring when you need to do it simultaneously. To make it easy, you can connect all of the social networks where similar content is to be shared. You can also use services by which you can schedule your posts at the same time.

  1. Micro-Blogging

Micro-Blogging refers to post concerning a group of a particular niche. They are short pieces of information shared on social networks like Twitter, tumblr, Posterous, Blogpost and many more. You can share crisp notifications here regarding your website.

  1. Regularity On Time

Lastly and most essentially, you need to be regularly updating contents to keep up with the consistent awareness. Especially as a beginner, this aspect is really important.








complete Instagram master class 2018

Instagram Masterclass 2019 | Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass

Instagram came in 2010 and started off as a platform that was used for sharing photos and videos only and that too just for the sake of fun. But it has come a long way since then. Because now it is among the most popular and powerful social media networking mediums. That can be brought to use for increasing the reach of a business irrespective of the magnitude of its size.  So, it became imperative that the power of Instagram was well understood and acquainted with for it needed to be harnessed properly as a marketing tool that could be employed by any particular business for increasing its user base and also, to convert them from followers to loyal customers and here is the full  Instagram Marketing Guide

So what exactly is there that Instagram can’t do for marketing your business! but here is some best ideas to find out all of doubts in Instagram marketing ideas

There is plenty in the coffers of this social media application that came into offing as just a photo sharing app and became rather more famous with its users because of the differences is provided in comparison to other social media platforms. But what really?

Let’s take a look:

  • An amazing content driven page can be created that can allure the prospective customers.
  • The number of followers can be transmuted into customers who would buy the products or services.
  • A fine marketing plan can be created that will be able to increase the consumer base of the business irrespective of the segment the business might have started off from.
  • The knowledge of best type of content can be gained which will be able to attract the intended audience for the page.
  • It provides analytics that can be effectually used to measure whether the business is making any head way with the consumer or not, where it is lacking etcetera. Thus, an entire picture can be drawn that will elucidate upon where the loopholes are and what are the potential areas that can be targeted to become even better.
  • Instagram contests are another way of increasing the traffic to the page or the official website of the business.

Now let’s get familiar with Instagram on a deeper level so that it can be used to build a presence despite the type of business you might be dealing with (e-commerce, education, media, apparel, white goods etcetera). Here are a few things that you must be thorough with if you are planning to make yourself visible on Instagram with substantial traffic.

  • Instagram marketing behind a thriving e-commerce business: The trend today is that of online shopping even though it gained prominence through its business model because of which consumers were able to enjoy massive discounts. But with the trendsetting itself, many new businesses came into the picture and thus the competition has only intensified with due time. So here Instagram can play a very supportive role being a very good marketer that it can be owing to itself being high on the visual format. Since the products of any e-commerce business are sold through not by gaining the touch and the feel of the products but by the photos and the videos that are being put up by the respective businesses, this property of these businesses can be easily complemented by Instagram through its visual contents and a recent addition of Instagram stories.

Moreover, the user engagement on Instagram has been found the highest in comparison to both Twitter and Facebook. To boot, the majority of the users of Instagram are also the online shoppers and thus are most probably liable to make a purchase decision after they sight something on Instagram that might come under the rubric of clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. So, Instagram becomes a very potent tool for e-commerce businesses because of this behavior of the users.

  • Goals and objectives setting: The very first thing that must be done is the identification of the reason underpinning the creation of an Instagram account in the very first place. Now, this can range from increasing the brand awareness or developing a clear brand perception or using the Instagram as a medium to reach out to its intended customers or to display the products and services or to accentuate the loyalty of the customer towards the brand.

After this we arrive at setting the goals for which we will need particular metrics to measure the success. To illustrate, consider the goal to build a larger audience with more engagement than the parameters/ metrics employed to measure whether any furtherance in the goal has been achieved or not would be the number of the likes, shares, and comments. The more the number the better the business was in achieving its intended goal.

Simply put, consider the following generic questions to demarcate your goals –

  1. Why have you employed Instagram, as in what is the particular reason behind using it?
  2. How can Instagram help you in achieving your goals?
  3. The budget that can be committed to the platform?
  4. The time that can be specifically allotted to it?
  5. How does Instagram differ in comparison to other social media platforms?
  • Who after the why: We have already discussed the importance of the why behind establishing an account on Instagram. The next step is to take into the consideration of who.

Now, this encompasses the type of audience a business might be targeting since businesses usually cater to the needs of a particular segment only through a set of products. So, it becomes imperative that the ideal consumer base is identified with, therein and out is well familiarized with.

After this identification, a part has been achieved the next thing to deal with is the extrapolation of the target customer to the Instagram profile. This comprises the kind of content this particular segment deals with, the hashtags employed by them, the communities they might belong and some more on such lines.

Though another path to reaching the same destination is to make due research on the competitors by visiting their profile and vetting their follower base.

  • Analyze yourself: After the two most important criteria (who and the why) have been identified with clarity, common sense entails that the next step is to make an audit of whether the identification will prove to be constructive and take the business in the intended direction of reaching its goal. This will be achieved by taking a critical look at everything with one question in the mind whether the needs are being met or not.

So, examine whether each element of the Instagram profile is dedicated to the achieving those needs or not ie. see if the elements are intentional or not which will encapsulate the profile photo, the bio, captions, hashtags, stories etcetera.

When you have been done with the vetting, you must have answers to the following questions –

  1. Did you have defined goals and objectives?
  2. Is the branding lucid enough?
  3. The engagement strategy good enough?
  4. Is the content aesthetic?






Facebook Algorithm

The New Facebook Algorithm: Everything Marketers Have to Know

It was on January 11th 2018 that Facebook announced a major change in its News Feed Algorithm. In a major blow to marketers who highly rely on Facebook for its business, this move meant a major change in their strategy. The New Facebook algorithm prioritizes ‘meaningful and conversational’ content from friends and family over that from brands/businesses. This means, targeted content from businesses is deprioritized. This change comes due to Facebook’s decision to stay true to their core values i.e. connecting people. Facebook’s chief mission to connect people has been emphasized over and over.

So, what does this new development have in store for brands and businesses? To what extent will businesses suffer on the hands of the Facebook Algorithm?

How are online marketers supposed to catch up and retain user traffic?

Let’s dive deep into this. First things first, let’s review how Facebook is using features to prioritize content in users’ news feed algorithm:

  • The most noticeable change is that Facebook has changed its measure of looking at user engagement. Earlier, popularity of Facebook was solely determined by the amount of time users spent on Facebook. That time could be used up in hovering randomly over one’s news feed. With the new Facebook Algorithm instead of time spent online, Facebook has taken into account the users’ activity. Whether the user is just reading/hovering over posts or actually engaging with his/her friends and groups. This is the new measure Facebook is using to determine its meaningfulness and popularity.
  • Likes and shares: Facebook used to focus on well-liked and highly shared content, which it does now also but in a different way. Now, the reaction emoticons and the discussion on shared posts are given importance over simply liking, hovering and sharing.

                                               Facebook Algorithm

  • The logic behind this is that if a user takes time to give a ‘love’ reaction as opposed to simply ‘like’, then that post holds high importance. In a similar way, anyone can share posts. But what matters is which shared post gets more people talking. So, the shared post that has more comments will obviously be visible first.
  • Other than sharing, Facebook has recognized that the content which people share with their friends on Messenger is very important. If the user is taking time out to send a post in messenger, then that content must mean something to them.
  • Facebook Algorithm has noted and acknowledged the influence of ‘Facebook Groups’. Many people use Facebook in a very productive way by staying active on groups which they are a part of. Facebook Groups are very popular in communities as they encourage dialogue and lead to discussions. This keeps people hooked onto the site.
  • Another important criteria are how informative is the post. If pages post creative and engaging content then it is considered more meaningful. It’s about how organic and informative your content is.
  • Another thing that Facebook Algorithm strictly warns against is using posts as ‘engagement baits’. You have to create authentic content; and not sensational posts that lead to false participation. Opting for baiting the users to validate activity is highly discouraged.
  • Facebook reported that live videos lead to 6 times more interaction than regular videos. This makes live streams very engaging and if used at peak time can lead to higher ranking of your content.


So, what tips should businesses and online marketers keep in mind while operating ads and content on Facebook? Here we list down some few essentials that will come in handy post The New Facebook Algorithm:

  • For a brand, the completeness of profile matters a lot. It adds to the page’s legitimacy. More people are going to see your activity and engage in it if you seem legitimate.
  • The time at which a brand posts something also affects popularity. If you post something at a time when users are most likely to be online then it sure could trigger higher interaction.
  • Invest more in advertising. Facebook Targeted ads will become necessary in connecting with potential customers. Since people will now get to see less of businesses’ activities you have to know the right way to target your ad to people.
  • Connect with social media influencers. Thanks to their high following, they can help you popularize your brand. Your content could reach millions of people if you work with the right influencer who is appropriate for your brand.
  • Increase your interaction with followers. Engage with them on every comment. This will lead to more discussion. Additionally, reinforce your followers to opt for ‘See First’ choice. This way, your content will be visible to them first thing in their feed.
  •  Another way to increase discussion is narrowing down your audience on each post. You can post something that is more relevant to a particular group. This way, people may find the most relatable and subsequently comment.
  • Shift towards Facebook groups. Start groups and invite your followers to discuss what they feel about your product. Send invitation links to people and try to form a community. Post engaging content and keep the group active.
  • Create interesting hashtags and use them effectively.
  • Create Facebook engaging and informative content that triggers discussion.
  • Start audience poll contests. Not only does this lead to active discussion, but it may also get a lot of shares. Entertaining posts like these catch people’s attention easily.
  • Incorporate videos in your activity. Videos are known to enjoy good viewership and shares.
  • Make the best use of your employee base. Your Facebook page’s reach can grow multifold if all employees share your activity. Since the new Facebook Algorithm prioritizes friends’ and family’s posts, you can reach out to more people if all your employees actively share.
  • Use graphics in your posts.’ Facebook’s Best Practices’ show that visual content makes for 89% more engagement than text.
  • Businesses should make sure of the quality and creativity of the content. Post unique content that unleashes a fresh angle.
  • Embrace paid reach. Use ads aggressively to reach out to your audience, be it ramping up existing campaigns or starting new ones.
Effective Facebook Ads

Simple Steps to Write Effective Facebook Ads that Attract Your Market

Facebook has become our world. This might sound absolutely hilarious to you, but it is also true. From every place you visit to every selfie you click, Facebook has become a platform to seek validation. So why not use this platform to promote your brand in such a way that it becomes the new “it” thing that everyone keeps talking about?

Even after testing n number of combinations and demographics, most people fail to hit the right notes when it comes to composing unbeatable advertisements.  Almost 65% of social media ads are channelized via Facebook and its intermediary- Instagram. In order to be famous on Effective Facebook Ads, you will need more than just good content for Social media optimization. Distribution is as important as content, if not more. A few tips and tricks mentioned below will hopefully do wonders and help you attract that ready audience for your business and facebook also helps and provide extensions to brands and politicians to target user by Facebook Targeting


  1. Re-think your offer- Effective Facebook Ads offer that you propose has the ability to make or break the deal. Might sound dramatic, but that’s the reality. It is very important that you critically construct and re- construct your offer. A mere offer of, say, a 20% discount may not attract as much attention, as something which says – every sale feeds one poor man. The offer should appeal to the emotions of the people. Make them sympathize and empathize with the Effective Facebook Ads – this is the foremost important step. To boost your e-commerce business, it is very important to find the ideal concept for the ad.
  2. What to track- merely tracking your metric data will only give you more data, with the added burden of analyzing such data? Instead, track your sales record, and act according to such analysis. Your Effective Facebook Ads might be getting thousands of clicks, but if the clicks are not materializing into actual sales. Then all hard work turns futile. Post engagement is also important, but everything comes down to one thing- is your product ultimately selling? If not, then work out ways to create Effective Facebook Ads that will actually motivate people to go for your products, appeal to their emotions- as mentioned in the previous point, and try again.
  3. Target the correct audience- it is very important to know your actual target audience. For example, a chocolate brand should focus more on kids and teens, not the elderly- obviously. Analyze the demographic conditions of your target audience- the language they speak, their location, age, gender, and so on. Then construct an ad which addresses not only the product and offer but also appeals and goes with the demographic conditions. Keep the ad fun but at the same time professional too- you don’t want to come across as an easy- going company. Use facebook’s audience insights to help you construct a better ad by going through your audience from the outside.

Effective Facebook Ads

  1. Story! Story! – A great story always appeals to the public. No matter what the target audience is, or what your product or service is- a good story will always work its magic. Use sequenced ads, as almost 55% people prefer it. Also, try to use real life stories, examples of eminent personalities, and so on, and incorporate them into your ads. Create a narrative; tell stories to build a better connection with people. This way, the ads will even add a personalized touch and help you garner more customers.
  2. Long- term matters- simply increasing sales in the short run, or simply selling and offering anything for the sake of profits will eventually lead your business downhill. So avoid any false claims while constructing your Effective Facebook Ads. Think long- term, and for the benefit of the company. Try to use real and ethical content so that the goodwill of the company is maintained.
  3. Expand your reach- increase the engagement of your Effective Facebook Ads by making sure that more people click on the link or comment and like the post. Engagement will make sure that you can overcome facebook’s algorithm where only a minor part of your followers are exposed to the organic content you post.
  4. Video ads- videos are new “it” thing and everyone seems to be doing it. And you should do. After all, it is said that motions and movements are likely to impact our brains more as compared to mere still images. So go ahead and construct a great video message to showcase your offer and your product. This will help create a lasting impression on your Effective Facebook Ads.
  5. Sponsor ads- sponsor your Effective Facebook Ads and specify the time limit for a small amount of money to increase the engagement and viewership of the ad.
  6. Facebook lead ads- facebook lead ads are a mobile-only thing, created so that advertisers could tap into the emerging mobile market were less and fewer people seem to be using social media sites via their computers. Lead ads are cheap and more effective and can be used to remarket to the audiences.
  7. Budget- doesn’t get worried if you do not have a big budget. A successful ad campaign is less about the budget and more about the content and distribution. Fully optimize the available options to create a kick-ass advertisement.  
  8. Sizing – ads are available in various sizes, and this aspect should be paid attention to as its better to prepare in advance than too see that half of your design didn’t even make it the way as you imagined it to be.
  9. Build rather than create- a successful ad does not only require thoughtful creation, but you have to build it. By this I mean is just like constructing a building, you need to put more thought on the scratch and the basic idea. Then build upon that idea to support your campaign. Once you have all the elements ready, only then should you progress with the designing and set up.


Keep these steps and tricks in mind, and you can be sure that not only will you be able to combat the weird algorithm which has reduced the reach of ads and posts across facebook and instagram, but even build  reputation for your company.