SEO Technique

Search Engine Optimization and Its Types

What is Seo?

Search engine optimizations refer to that SEO Technique which affects the “visibility” of a phrase or name on the internet. It is basically the response you receive when you search for a web page on any non-paid internet platform. This type of result is often referred to as “natural” and “earned”. The system works in this way: the number of people views a particular website. Higher are the chances that such kind of people will be converted into the customer base for that website. And this is even more fruitful for a business based platform.

SEO Technique

SEO Technique not only relates to mere web links, but also shows results for images, videos, news, industry-specific research, and so on. Mostly computer programmed algorithms help various companies figure out the marketing strategies of SEO Technique. It helps them to analyze what people enter as keywords or phrases. And whether the name of the business pops up as results, and if it does, then by how many numbers. The search engine is then used to target potential customers based on these searches and the analysis. A lot of effort goes into optimizing a website, with tasks such as editing the content, adding or removing content, doing HTML, and using the process of coding to index the activities of search engines.

A web resource also is known as backlinks and inbound links are both SEO Technique which helps promote the site. Recent research showed that these days mobile searches have overpowered computer searches by a very large amount. So SEO Technique now focuses on increasing the efficiency of mobile-based searches. Even Google is harboring ways through SEO to improve mobile searches. This is all in sync with the fact that companies are constantly evolving to stay at par with the future of marketing strategies.

The next part of the article now focuses on why SEO is famously known as a Black Hat technique these days. an also read about the difference between SEO and content optimization

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO refers to a set of practices which are used to increase the sites or particular keywords in search engine which violate the search engine’s terms of services. The term originates from western movies were in order to distinguish the villains from the “good guys”, they wore “black hats”. Recently, however, it refers to computer viruses and unethical computer actions. Black hat SEO Technique, since they are against the norms and regulations. They can even lead to banning of that particular site from the search engine and the affiliated sites.

One can refer to Google’s webmaster guidelines– to see if the techniques that they use fall under any kind of violation or not. If the work done by the concerned employee leads to absolutely no value addition but helps increase the response, then the task performed might actually be black hat. Obviously, this black hat technique is commonly used by those firms looking for financial returns in a jiffy; why else would anyone violate the rules and risk getting banned. This method of violation is also commonly referred to as “spamdexing”.

Black Hat Techniques

Some of the most famous and most used black hat SEO Technique is explained below:

  • Website over optimization- this includes performing tasks such as thin content, or keyword stuffing.
  • Over optimized description- using keyword stuffing in description images.
  • Irrelevant keyword- use of abusive keywords just to increase the rankings.
  • Hiding texts- hiding links or texts, or even writing them in a tiny font, just to build better rank and links.
  • Content abuse- copying content from other sources, or using automated ways to generate your content.
  • Bait and switch- the use of bait and switch technique so frequently that it confuses and tricks Google itself.
  • Rings- generating web links to adopt traffic from related web pages.
  • Advertisements- posting useless ads which guarantee a free product or service just to increase the viewership.
  • Cyber squatting or domain squatting.
  • Social network- using social media platforms to send lists of useless and unrelated links to increase traffic.
  • Negative SEO Technique – false accusations and reporting of competitors so that they get penalized, and you get all the positive attention.
  • Article spinning- a way of re- crafting content, i.e., redirecting the way of copied content so that no one can accuse you of plagiarism.
  • Cloaking- dishonesty is using two pieces of varied content, to show the viewers that your content, is in fact- original.
  • Guest post scheme- commenting on blogger’s pages, and convincing them to write articles for you on a particular link, leads them to click the link, however what one finds most of the times is just a follow – link.
  • Link farm- it is basically a group of links, and whenever one clicks on any one of them, it results in decreasing the trustworthiness of the link profile, redirecting to various other inbound links. Footer links- this is a common site while watching movies online, or playing games online. Often there is a link at the bottom of the page asking you to click on it for, say, a list of characters, etc. this is most often a black hat technique as clicking the link would again reduce or hamper the link profile.
  • Buying or selling links- selling links can cut your traffic in half, and even de-index the particular website. This is because selling links is prohibited as per Google guidelines. Buying links has a similar repercussion. Often sites from where you would buy such malicious links would claim to be genuine, however that is not the case, hence do not be fooled by such petty tactics.
  • Directory listing- buying or selling placements from directories is anything but a good practice. If you do want to post via directories, then one of the genuine options could be using Yahoo’s.


Black hat techniques should be avoided at any cost because of the above mentioned disadvantages. Along with them, it is important to understand that even though such schemes will result in short term financial booms, the long term effects will be disastrous on the traffic.







Search Engine Optimization

What really matters in Search Engine Optimization CONTENT? 

Search engine optimization is popularly known as SEO, in short, is a technique that affects the “visibility” of a phrase or name on the internet. It is the response you receive when you search for a web page on any non-paid internet platform

. It is the number of times the name of your or maybe the name of a particular website or business pops up while an individual is searching for certain keywords or phrases online. SEO is a very important tool as it helps to gather more traffic towards a particular content. Which can even lead to the conversion of mere viewers to potential customers. It is however prohibited as per Google guidelines, to use any abusive content, malicious link, or banned. Search Engine Optimization techniques which do not add any kind of value to the purpose or the actual aim but still somehow help to gather more traffic

High quality of content, something that is well composed can help one gather more traffic. Even without the use of those banned shortcuts. A standard formula one could follow is as follows-

Keyword research + good writing + on-page SEO = high-quality content- you can also need to know about SEO TYPES

it’s very crucial that the piece that is being uploaded on the net is well written, with easy to understand the usage of words, and not at all copied or plagiarized, as this might lead to copyright issues eventually. Once you are sure that the piece is well composed, and then you can head over to another important step. So ensuring good content is not enough to fetch you more traffic from the Search Engine Optimization Website, and getting the response as per your wish. To achieve that level of exposure, you will have to combine a well-written write up with what is essentially known as the keyword search. Research on those particular used keywords thoroughly, probably even before getting started with your content

That will help you improve the efficiency of the responses. The keywords should be easy, popularly used and obvious. Many companies might prefer getting content Marketing. But it is also important that the list of such keywords that help increase smoothness while searching is given to the person before the task.  Search Engine Optimization is a technique that will help you identify if that concerned person understood the importance of using such keywords in the piece, and whether they have used the phrases in abundance or not.

However important keywords may be, there is more to improving the viewership of particular content. Always remember that the most unique aspect of setting up your business online is that it helps you to communicate with your customers who are out there belonging to different parts of the world. Along with this also comes the responsibility of attracting a new customer base, so the behavior should be according to it. So if you think that using a foolproof grammar combined with high English will help you attract “more”, you are wrong. Use popular phrases and links and then only with viewers get converted to potential and actual customers. and also the Best checklists of  SEO


Now a few other factors are beyond the “content” box but are equally if not more, important to boost your online business. The list is as follows:



  • Efficient organizing skills– you should not just type out the next idea that comes to your mind. But, develop it; give it a proper structure, research on the idea, and only then should you pop it on your website. Also, a conversational tone seems to vibe better with the readers, so keep it in mind. Organizing the content into parts and subparts, maybe even adding a few related pictures or videos, and ensuring an interesting build up will keep your readers on the edge of the seat for your next post.
  • BrandingSearch Engine Optimization and good content need to be combined with a splendid SEO marketing strategy. Branding is talked about by very few people, but it is one of the most important parts of building traffic. Ensure that the content is focused on the brand, and stay loyal to the bigger picture: the main aim of the business or the company. This establishes a sense of goodwill among readers. Building dependency on the brand from the customer’s point of view is all that matters!
  • Authenticity is the key– your content should be out of the box, and 100% authentic, else why would even the readers go ahead and trust your company in the first place? Integrity is probably the only factor that can influence your customers. No amount of links or hidden content will convince a person to buy your product.
  • Target the correct audience– does not develop content as per the product, but focuses on creating content according to the needs of your potential customers. Engage with the readers; don’t merely throw up random stuff. Make them believe that the product is perfect for their needs, just the thing they need. Use language that highlights the main features and advantages of the product, and try to keep the write up as fresh as possible.
  • Don’t bore me, please– planning to write a long Search Engine Optimization Content with everything you know about the product? Yes, a very bad idea. Try different things, keep the matter engaging. Uses short and crisp write-ups that assess the topic to- the- point. Even if there is no way you can cut it out short, divide them into sub-points, and add attractive and quirky headings.
  • Analyze– analyze the quality of your content as compared to that of your competitors. ; let the emerging cut-throat competition get the best out of you. A fresh and stylishly written matter will never fail to impress its audience. Also, notice the time interval within each post. Adding regularly to your website will encourage more and more people to follow your site.
  • Role of data– do not ignore the Search Engine Optimization data. The data will present to you a realistic picture as to whether people are even appreciating the posts and write-ups. If they are not, then harness ways to change it into a positive outcome. Try everything and anything, but do not let those customers getaway to the competitors.






What is Search Engine Marketing-PPC & How it works

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a marketing technique that is used to gain traffic and visibility from search engines. It is possible through both paid and unpaid ways. But or time, the companies look to the SEM technique to refer to the paid way only and focus on Audience Targeting strategies . It is used by both small and big companies. It is a boon to the start-ups as it makes them visible to their targeted audiences.

Search Engine Marketing is a paid advertising model in which different sites and search engines display ads on their pages and in return, are paid by the advertiser. Ads are displayed based on keywords, hints, and Location of the search and here you can find the full knowledge about PPC service.

Paid Marketing In Search Engine. 

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Pinterest, YouTube, and others offer paid marketing. Google offers paid marketing in the form of Google AdWords. You can display your ads on these search engines. The ad must be related to the products or services that you want to advertise. These ads are displayed on various websites which are known as the publishers of the ad. and pay per click advertising is why very useful in small business.

What  Is PPC?

Search Engine Marketing is paid to advertise, also called as PPC. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. This means that the advertiser who is putting up the ad pays to the publisher who publishes it. Payment is based on the click of the ad. It is based on the number of times that the ad gets clicked.If it is clicked once, the advertiser has to pay a fee that is already decided between the advertiser and the publisher

Which Search Engine Sem Works? 

But SEM mainly works on the two search engines, namely Google and Bing. In fact, they are the two most popular search engines around the globe. The usage of their search platforms can vary in different countries based on popularity. Some countries prefer Bing to Google and vice versa. The advertisers of different companies run search ads, get clicks and lands the user on their desired pages. These ads appear on the top of your search page.

It holds an advantage over other methods in the way that it places the ads in front of the targeted audiences directly. The fact that no other advertising medium can do that gives an edge to SEM over other competitors. It provides an amazing way to expand your business. It is an effective way to grow your business at a very rapid pace.

Benefits Of  Sem

There are several benefits of Search Engine Marketing technique. It grabs the attention of the audience as the ads appear on top of the search page. Also, it shows immediate results which means that the advertiser will quickly get to know how many people are actually clicking on the ads and the amount of money he has to pay to the publisher.

It is easy and very quick to implement. It doesn’t involve any kind of complications. It is a type of targeted advertising. In this advertising, the intended audience is directly targeted. These audiences are ready to purchase the goods or the services which the advertiser is offering. These ads can be analyzed using the Analytic Stool. It helps in knowing the no. of people who have the ad and the no. which have actually clicked on the ad. It also shows how many people came to the website and how many of them actually ended up buying a product.

Actually, you are paying for placement of your ads on the Search Engine Research Pages (SERPs). Popular Search Engine Marketing Channels include Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Pinterest Ads, Yahoo Gemini and YouTube Search Ads.

Nearly all the businesses are expected to maintain a website and most of them actually do.

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), even if your content is very good and you are regularly adding some good fresh content to it. And even if it is referred by the audiences in large numbers, you will have to wait for at least three to six months to reach on the top of the Google Page. While in SEM, it is straight forward. You pay a specific amount to Google and your ad is at the top. Case closed!

Pay-per-click Advertising, as the name itself suggests is a model of internet marketing in which the advertiser is required to pay a specific amount of money which is based on the number of times the user clicks an ad. It is a technique of marketing in which the advertiser pays an amount each time the user clicks on the ad.

In other words, it’s a method of buying the visits which in either case must be earned. It is the most unethical way to get visits to your site but sometimes the advertiser is not left with another option but to buy the visits. It may happen that he/she is not getting any visits which means that his targeted media is not interacting with the content and thus, his company will end up being in a worse crisis. To tackle this situation, he takes the help of the Pay-per-click technique.

Advertisers are charged an amount which is already fixed, each time the ads get clicked by the user. No click means no fee charged. So, this is fairly acceptable by both the sides and hence a win-win situation for both.

For a start-up who is thriving for some audience, Pay-per-click advertising technique can prove to be vital. It is an excellent way to establish your brand and/or to draw a significant amount of traffic towards your content. This is especially true for new sites which have not been around long enough to achieve solid organic search engine rankings. They can fight with the most prestigious of names in that field.

AdWords is a very popular SEM advertising model. As we all are aware of, Google is the biggest search engine used by more than 75% of active internet users. So, the AdWords marketing system may prove to be a boon for your company.

Thus, for a business that is in its initial phase, attracting the traffic is one of the major factors responsible for its success. Understanding of these topics is vital to an advertiser. More than 50,000 Google searches are initiated in each second and Google deals with nearly 30 GB of traffic at each second.

Suppose there is a festival of Christmas fast approaching and you want to sell your Christmas Tree to the customers. For this purpose, you cannot rely upon SEO to meet your needs because it takes a lot of time to reach that far. You just want to put your ad on the top so that the customer who searches for a Christmas Tree, gets to see your ad first and hence, increasing your chances of selling the product. SEM will prove to be handy in this situation and will place your ad on the top without much loss of time like SEO.



Search Engine Optimization

Top 5 ways of Search engine optimization to boost content and link-building

Top 5 ways of Search engine optimization to boost content and link-building

SEO, i.e., search engine optimization is probably the most important search engine optimization technique that will help your business to be located by potential customers. The organic traffic which refers to all the natural attention and visits you get without advertising is the best way to become popular. But what’s even better is using the help of search engine optimization to grow this traffic to a never- imaginable count so that you can convert the reach multiple times more.

After all, changing times demand not merely hard work, but smart work too! But using malicious links or paid ways to boost traffic can lead to some major repercussions. Google guidelines ban the use of any abusive or copied content or even hidden links. Also one should be extremely careful as to outsourcing, because what is the point of paying money to get a job done, if the work eventually turns out to be malicious, and actually maligns the company’s reputation.

A few ways to enhance the efficiency of SEO are listed below, use them see wonders happening:

  • Google’s featured snippet- snippets occur more frequently in question based keyword searches, like “how to make a pancake?” the first page that opens up upon entering the search option is of utmost importance. In fact the featured snippets are the ones which get shown on the very first page. If you can convert your content into that of a featured snippet, the viewership of the content could improve by 114%.


  1. Focus should be on increasing HTML response and efficiency and more HTML headers in your content.
  2.  Along with it, try to use headers which include the target keyword, and answer the particular question to the point.
  3. For topics which are fewer questions oriented, target content marketing to increase the response.
  4. Try to write the content in the form of – step 1, step 2, and s on. This way Google can simply highlight a part of the answer, and the reader can click on the link for the entire content.
  5. Use key phrases such as “start by”, “the first step is”, “most important tool is” and so on.

                                          search engine optimization

  • Post regularly for a particular target audience– write often and research thoroughly before uploading your content. This way you can convert your website into one of those “active” players in the market, someone who is always ready to help out the customer with whatever they need. Also important factor is to specify and write content only for your target audience. This may sound limiting, but writing to the point content attracts more responses as compared to those which are written for a “wider” audience. Blogging and posting more than 15-20 times a month get almost five times the response they were getting earlier! This is not only for the big established search engine optimization companies, but even more effective for the small ones where there are 5-10 employees. Use a conversational tone and research on the key phrases most preferred. Incorporate these phrases and words into your write and see magic happen.
  • Also it’s very important to keep track of your target audience. For example, if your product is a tailoring machine, then the target audience would mostly be women. So pieces should be written in such a way that they target women from across the globe and motivate them to purchase your product. The writing should be such that the women would be convinced that this tailoring machine would forever change the face of their business. Also write as long and as engaging articles as possible, but also keep in mind that the length of the article should not bore your readers.
  • TAGRET YOUR INTENT– if your sole intent is to convince buyers to buy your product then composes your content in such a way that the article focuses only on discussing the pros and cons of the product or service concerned. If however your website also acts as a general blog, then also include conversational write- ups where you discuss with your readers on whether to buy a product or not at the first place. This will show that the company is not merely focused on marketing the product but is also concerned about its reader’s choices.
  • Community hijacking- hijacking the particular community is a wonderful trick to build up link and increase traffic. For example, if your brand is a fashion related enterprise, then in addition to maintaining your website also get down to Instagram and pinterest and other social media sites like facebook, to build up contacts and promote your products. Even link up your actual website to boost sales. Use an e- commerce platform so that followers from your instagram community can directly purchase a product from site. This will help you to cater to multiple needs at a single time with fool- proof efficiency.
  • Competitors– don’t merely keep a track of the needs that your customers or readers demand, but also pay equal attention to your

Competitor analysis- Search Engine Optimization

. After all your own business can only bloom once your competitor is also under performing. So keep a track of his website, and analyze the numbers in relation to your own website. In case it is your business which is not performing up to the mark, then go ahead and launch a new product, or adopt a new search engine optimization marketing strategy. You could even offer discounts, or write about the social activities that you recently under too has part of your social corporate responsibility. After all, there is nothing like a good deed performed which also helps boost sales.

Keeping the above points in mind and implementing the with accuracy is sure to get your business to the heights you have always imagined. These are the five most important steps, but obviously there is no limit to the various techniques and schemes that can be used to improve the track record f your content. So go ahead and explore more, it always pays to be a student in the long run!