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Best Opencart ecommerce Development Services Company

What is open cart?

Well, it’s an online store management company. It is based on PHP- hypertext pre-processor, a server like scripting language designed for web development. However, this particular PHP is also used as a normal programming language. Opencart Development also uses “MySQL” which is essentially a relational database management stem (RDBMS) which is also open sourced. MySQL is a vital part of any web application software such as Joomla, WordPress, etc. it is also used by sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter. Etc. This open cart was started in the year 1998 by Christopher G Mann. It was developed in Perl which is a high level and dynamic programming language and is supposed to make report processing easier.

2014 saw OpenCart Development being ranked as the most trusted source in China. Most famous and globally establishes e-commerce firms such as OSCommerce, ZenCart, and Shopify ranked below OpenCart in the cumulative rankings based on revenue generation and volume of business.

Advantage of OpenCart

OpenCart offers a multitude of advantages in the form of a built in SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimization. This helps in easy and efficient management of orders customers, offer codes, etc. it has a variety of themes and extensions to chose from, which helps in expanding functionality and selection of modules. Its offers trust, along with free community and commercial support.

So the question is, why should you opt for Opencart Development for our new venture, right? Have a look at these points to help you find out:

  • The ease of it: this system has a Model View Controller (MVC) pattern, so that means it’s easy to develop, creating new extensions can be done with a click.
  • : it has a friendly user interface, complete with a dashboard. OpenCart 2 even gives you user- friendly system for the mobile.
  • Make changes easily: want to make continuous changes to boost your e-commerce platform? Opencart Development is the perfect option for you then!
  • A lot of everything: from documentation to forums, OpenCart offers a multitude of information in the form of posts and active members. It has a lot of well-discussed tools that you can use and a search option where you can find access to the answers to whichever question you have.
  • Modules and extensions: thousands of modification options, features, templates, and marketing tools.
  • Virtual world: OpenCart has adopted a version of vQmod, developed by Google which helps you edit the core CMS, without n changes.
  • : you don’t need to spend money on developing individual or unique store designs, as OpenCart collaborates with and to provide with you cool, ready-made templates.
  • OpenCart can be translated to literally any language in the world. This is of course due to CMS and UTF-8. Translation files are .php files.
  • Multiples stores: you can manage a number of different stores at the same time despite their different designs, languages or customers.


Despite the various advantages this platform offers, you might still end up thinking- why Opencart Development, why not the other platforms? You should go for OpenCart, especially if your concerned business is a startup. This is because it requires a much lower investment and is also way easier to set up as compared to other platforms, say Magento. It is easy to download, light, and one can operate it with simple administration. There are also many tutorials available on the internet, with the help of which you can have an enthralling experience using this e-commerce platform. A plethora of information and an easy to operate panel also supports the decision to go with OpenCart.

Let’s get into some more specifics offered by OpenCart. The platform offers you different kinds of plugins, and the new edition even offers 1500 absolutely free ones too. These plugins help you to customize and hence the changing needs of your customers. It is by default fast, even without CDN integration. Way easier than its counterparts, it helps you to learn and grasp the system in a short span. It has a number of shipping and payment options.

The Opencart Development platform has a substantial community who are always on the edge to provide technical assistance. There are skilled programmers too. Who will give you advice in a second. Even the minutest of problems and you can report it on the website. Even the script which is MVC, there are millions of people out there who are excellent in using it, so you could always ask them for assistance in case you need to figure out something. And the best part? This script is XHTML complaint.

                             Opencart Development

The system is not at all strenuous since the number of features it has maybe somewhat less as compared to its competitors, but these are the features which are the most used and the most valued. The dashboard is particularly easy to understand for the rookies. It is a very reliable system and all you have to do is install the application, click on that perfect template, and boom! You are all set to establish your idea into a full functioning business.

We might be interested in knowing if this system has any disadvantages. Just like a coin, even this platform has two sides to the story. Even though its advantages weigh out the disadvantages, however, a few of them which most users think gives it a lower chance of applicability as compared to other systems like Magento can be described as:

  • You might be left out in the darkness in terms of the updates. The new updates might surprise you, or shock you. So basically, you don’t know what to expect out of such updates.
  • The updates are often complex. In contrast to the user interface which is very easy and friendly, these updates will make it harder to keep the system absolutely up to date.
  • The integration with various payment gateways is, paid. So that could be a major downside depending on the scale of your business.
  • Opencart Development is mostly suitable for startups, and if the scale of your business is too large, then shift to another platform, as the load could get more.


So make an informed decision of whether your business would be able to sustain itself on this platform. However, there is no doubt about the fact that OpenCart is no of the leading e-commerce system in the world right now, with loaded advantages that could transform your business into the next new thing.

feature of OpenCart

Best Features of OpenCart e-Commerce Development

Opencart is an online based shopping cart retail service provider which essentially deals with e-commerce. It is built on the PHP/ MySQL program. It is distributed across the net absolutely free. This is not just extremely cost-effective. But also user-friendly with an interactive user interface and well- designed and higher selection of extensions under Online reputation management Along with these benefits and here are the best ways to increase Instagram marketing and e-commerce sales with e-commerce business ideas

Opencart Development

OpenCart provides lifetime free membership, and an orderly management system, with timely. And continuous updates to make the system even better than before. It has a number of payment gateways, so making payment via an e-store is no more a hassle for the customers and to read in detailed about all that to visit here online reputation management strategy

Let’s analyze each and every feature of OpenCart in detail now-

Features of Opencart

  • The multi-storefeature of OpenCart lets you handle multiple stores at the same time. Even if the stores are related to different products or services. This is a major boon as you as a businessperson can, therefore, get more done, and present a multitude of options to the customers at the same time.
  • Tax rates- now every country has a different corresponding tax rate. So if you aim to expand your business on a global level. Then OpenCart is perfect for you as it lets you handle the platform. The best feature of OpenCart in such a way that it efficiently corresponds the tax rate. And the country from which the order is being placed.
  • Payment gateways- a feature of OpenCart provides with 20+ payment options so that business can be conducted with absolute ease. Few of the gateways include- 2Checkout, LiqPay, WorldPay, Authorize.Net, Money bookers, Cheques / Money Orders, PayPal.etc.
  • Shipping methods- just like the payment gateways. Is another feature of OpenCart also provides its customers with various kinds of shipping facilities? Some of these are: city links, flat rate, free shipping, per item, and so on.
  • Search engine optimization- OpenCart is said to have an excellent SEO inbuilt feature of OpenCart something that ensures the effectiveness of searches and ensures more views whenever a potential customer searches a particular keyword on the net.
  • Administration- OpenCart comes with a fully effective administrative platform UI
  • Sales- OpenCart provides three different kinds of feature of OpenCart of sales report for the clients, which are stated as-


  1. Sales report- calculating total sales and the corresponding ratios by the week, month or year
  2. Products- understand which products were viewed by your potential customers the most, or the ones which appealed to the public the most
  3. Purchase- helps you understand the products which sold the most units, so that you can further develop advertising and marketing techniques based on such products.


  • Business to business (B2B) – develop your very own B2B application through OpenCart.
  1. Customer groups- customers can be organized as retail or wholesale.
  2. Prices- you can share the prices only to those customers who are logged into the system t a particular point of time.
  3. Discount- offer quantity discount to your customers, and to attract more customers, depending on the amount of the product ordered by that customer.
  • Guest support- like most e- commerce sites even offers a guest feature of OpenCart. It is for those customers who do not want to sign up. They can simply put forth their details and make the purchases.

                                                        Feature of OpenCart

  • Design- do you want to present your business as attractively as possible? OpenCart the solution. This platform provides you with a multitude of designer templates. To keep the cost as minimum as possible, you could opt for among the choices available, and add a logo which represents your company. However, with some additional cost, you could always opt for a custom made design template which would suit your needs better.
  • Functionality- OpenCart has a modular system and framework which is not only cost effective feature of OpenCart but is also a mere act of installing modules so that different module can be paired within the system to check which one is more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Languages- many languages so do not worry about globally expanding your business. Let customers from different horizons take benefit of your business.
  • Versions- OpenCart has more than 20 versions available. The latest version is equipped with the beta, and many other modules and the bug fixes have been made, so expect another update any time soon now.
  • Product feeds- connect with Google, or open bay to channelize your products via Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.
  • Third party integration- it comes combined with a CRM system and Epos system, so you can have easy integration with any sort of the third party. The platform also continuously integrates with sources like Zen desk, Ship theory, sales force, etc.


  • Marketing- market your products efficiently as OpenCart offers various features such as reports, reviews, bestsellers, featured to help boost the market for the product. Mobile responsiveness- wondering if you can alter your business while on the go. Of course you can. OpenCart 2.x onwards is fully compatible with any kind of mobile or tablet even, and ensures front-end services with a thrilling design and SEO.
  • Categories and products- add as many categories as you want to, or as many products as you want to. OpenCart gives you a freedom like no other platform. You can even sell products from a single brand, or a multitude of brands at the same platform.
  • Dashboard- when you first install the program, OpenCart opens up into a very user friendly interface where you can create an account or login, and there you go! Get started with your business at an unimagined level of ease


We have focused quite a lot on the features of OpenCart. Now let us highlight the costing of the system. Though you must already know that it is a free program, let us see whether there are any hidden costs or if OpenCart is cost efficient or not and the tips to improve online store are very important for Open cart


So essentially the free and open source e-commerce platform and there are some more other ways of e-commerce marketing one of the best and successful platform is e-commerce. One can simply head over to the company’ website and download the system from there. However, if you want to add ons, you will have to pay for them. So, while the actual system is free of cost, any kind of add-on requires additional payment. Costs vary from 20 USD TO 100 USD per module. Additional charges may also apply if you wish to adopt a customized design template to go with your brand or company. These charges vary depending on the particular template design and additional features.