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Mobile Marketing Strategies

5 Mobile Marketing Strategies Every Profit-Minded Business Should Adopt

With the ever-increasing use among people nowadays and most of the individuals checking their phones many times daily and almost every person no matter of whatever age using their mobile phones at least 5 hours daily, mobile devices are truly established as today’s leading media.

This applies to all of the e-commerce websites and even to product-review websites such as Yelp or Best Advisor.

The message is that if you are not being well aware regarding reaching your clients through your mobile, you cannot become a successful businessman.

The mobile marketing strategies that firms should adopt in this era are:

1. Location-based marketing

In this age of location-based marketing, every business uses the location of a customer to make them aware of the nearby deals.

Businesses send notifications to their clients when they pass a store so that the customer can benefit from them and also those companies can also get more customers.

Usually, this type of marketing follows the traditional way of marketing.

This is basically a kind of Mobile Marketing Strategies and can be done by a skilled digital marketer. 

Generally, location-based alerts are sent to a mobile via SMS text messages.


An alert contains the information about a deal of the day or a special offer, like a discount coupon code going on in a nearby business.

The opt-in process generally happens when the end user downloads a mobile app and allows the app’s request to use the device’s current location.

The goal of Location Mobile Marketing Strategies, like any other mobile marketing initiative, is to draw the end user’s attention and converting him into a potential client.

If the customer likes the products and services of that business, they might become their regular customer if the place is near to their house.

Or if the customer visits anyplace near that often, they may go to take the products from that place and not search for some other competitor of that business.

2. In-app marketing

Google Play and Apple presently have millions of apps.

With so much competition among them, apps should provide the foremost customized service doable.

In-app marketing helps in connection and engagement that successively drives retention, loyalty and lifelong value.

An instance of this kind of Mobile Marketing Strategies can be the challenge which India’s Federal Bank faced as a consequence of India’s 2016 “demonetization plan”. 

In sometime after the plan’s implementation, more than fourteen million Indians downloaded the bank’s new apps, and digital-payment use increased among India’s 260 million smartphone house owners.

There is an in-app marketing campaign for each situation.

If you want to guide users through your signup flow, you just have to make tappable help buttons to trigger pop-ups which tell in detail what every field means.

If you want to ensure that your dashboard is not very much complicated, you have to add a tip-of-the-day feature to help new customers to make them familiar with your interface.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Several in-app marketing campaigns are optimized for various kinds of apps, while others are universal.

These are some of the in-app messaging campaigns that each app requires, no matter what the category is:

  • Secure More Push Notification Opt-Ins
  •    Increase Organic Installs via Social Shares
  •   Encourage Loyalty with Engagement Milestones
  • Acquire More 5-Star App Ratings

Explain New Key Features of an App Update

3. Mobile Marketing through SMS

Several firms like Walmart and Coca-Cola have integrated this kind of marketing into their Mobile Marketing Strategies.

Truly speaking, the main objective of this type of marketing is to build a database of subscribers to enhance client loyalty.

Along with keeping your clients updated on the upcoming deals, it is also an amazing strategy to send them reminders regarding the upcoming events and engage your clients by polling their opinions.

This one is a cost-effective Mobile Marketing Strategies as it is very much cheap when compared to other mobile marketing practices.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is not like close range marketing, although they both are highly similar.

This kind of marketing is very helpful for low budget businesses that cannot invest much on Mobile Marketing Strategies and cannot even employ highly skilled employees in their organization who can do digital marketing or various other tasks.

This is the best marketing strategy for also a lot of people who do not use smartphones or do not have internet access or do not know how to search on the net.

4. Mobile marketing measurement

Analyzing which elements you need to measure is based on the aims and targets that you have set for your business.

Your options differ depending on whether you are measuring the success of a Mobile Marketing Strategies or the level of foot traffic to a bricks-and-mortar store.

Except the mobile apps sold as services, you must be aware of most of the measurements.

You can subdivide mobile visitors by using the available tools in Google Analytics, for instance, to track their behavior on a mobile site or on your regular website (or both).

You can set up a separate conversion funnel for mobile users.

Standard site parameters like;

  • no. of page views and impressions
  • level of site traffic
  • visit duration
  • And the no. of new versus repeat visitors still applies.

Have a look at variations between mobile and web visitors on conversion rates, newsletter subscriptions, and brand recall.

Usually, you must look for metrics specific to mobile use, like the use of mobile payment methods, codes, and coupons, click-to-call rate, and click-through from a mobile site to your regular site.

5. QR codes

Another strategy to quickly offer relevant data to mobile users is by using QR codes.

 QR codes are extremely versatile and might be used as a Facebook “like” button and offer coupons, give tourists data and also perform many other functions.

With the help of this, we can lead our clients to a landing page or site or to a signup page.

We can also direct our clients to our social media pages so that they get a larger view of our business.

It has helped a lot in shopping and E-commerce as the billing can be done by scanning the QR code and the customer does not need to wait for long for their bill to be generated, especially for large bills at grocery stores.


Mobile Marketing Strategies can be applied to businesses to earn more profit and get more customers. 

Additionally, every plan of action provides your business the power to enhance its exposure, and grow and retain their customers in methods which are appropriate, timely and appealing to their interest in digital media.