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Uses and idea generation techniques of digital marketing Introduction to digital marketing

Digital marketing is the process of the marketing of products or services using digital technologies such as the internet using mobile phones and other digital media. Digital marketing tactics are becoming more beneficial as well as reliable as digital platforms are increasing every day and are making a remarkable presence in the markets. When you do marketing online with the use of digital media and services like computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, the process is nothing but digital marketing. It is the way to make use of online platforms to flourish business and reach more and number of customers. It has various goals like for increasing the website traffic, for improving search ranking, for improving a number of online sales, for increasing business worldwide, for letting customers have knowledge of quality content and build faith in them.

Today a person doesn’t need to go to any shop for buying any kind of bigger or smaller stuff. All they need to do is use their phones, laptops, or computers and within a short span of time, their requirements are fulfilled. Today, digital marketing has been using so many strategies and tactics to make it more efficient and reliable for the customers using it.

Some of the uses and idea generation tactics of digital marketing are given below –

1. SEO (Search engine optimization) :

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means making a good place of a website in search engine result page with the use of keywords and phrases. It is one of the major features of digital marketing. It makes the web pages easy to find, easy to look for an easy to is a very essential part of digital marketing. It helps customers find out about your business and recognize it differently from millions of other companies. SEO helps in creating good content and giving your website a logical and recognizable structure. It also makes the experience of digital marketing user-friendly.

2. Website and content optimization :

Website optimization is required if you are in marketing. Having a proper website with a good interface that represents your company can be very beneficial to the business. Website optimization includes things like keywords, phrases, image tags, and editing metadata to ensure that your site is accessible to a search engine. Also, we should never forget the fact that content is very crucial for any website. It is the key to promote your services and branding. Having a good, fresh and informative content can attract customers in huge amount.

3. Conversion rate optimization :

In digital marketing, CRO or conversion rate optimization means a system for improving the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers. It basically refers to improving the performance of every piece of information or content you publish online. It is nothing but is the total number of people who took the desired action after viewing the content on the website divided by those who came in contact with the content and did not act. It helps us in understanding how users view your site, what measures they take, and what all complaints they have regarding your website. It works in various ways and needs many strategies for its implementation.

4. Paid search marketing :

It is a very economical form of digital marketing, which is designed to connect your brand advertisements with searchers looking for what you provide. There are many paid search marketing campaigns available like pay per click (PPC) campaigns. Paid search marketing is an effective and very useful strategy that is used to increase website traffic. It is a paid marketing system, where you have to pay when a searcher clicks on your advertisement Every time. Pay per click is another name for this which is an online advertising strategy in which a businessman can display ads for their goods or services and when people search for things online they find those advertisements.

5. Chatbots :

Chatbots are basically the computer programs which can be used to read messages and can instantly give an answer within not more than 5 seconds. They can be used for many purposes such as fun and various other functions. Having a chat bots provides us multiple facilities like a chatbot doesn’t need a lot of time to market. Also, it is a very interesting and new technology that is very comfortable to use and can attract a lot of people. It gives you immediate personalized answers and is available Every time. It helps in increasing user engagement, sales, and user retention. There is a wide range of chatbot building platforms that are available for a number of enterprises, such as e-commerce, retail, banking, leisure, travel, etc.

6. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) :

AMP accelerated mobile pages is nothing but a new system that focuses on creating and optimizing web pages that render quickly. It is a project which is created to modify web advertising more effectively, to give more autonomy and better tools to publishers, and to create a better user experience online, especially for the mobile web. The project aims at building an open source and a more sustainable online ecosystem where users will find better information and publishers will maximize their reach.


There are many other digital marketing trends too which are used a lot recently in order to make the marketing experience much better. Use of artificial intelligence, Omnichannel Marketing, search engine advertising, mobile marketing, google analytics, online display advertising, email marketing, Commerce marketing, lead generation for business, etc are some examples of the new digital marketing ideas. Digital marketing is obviously the most preferred form of marketing among modern marketers and businessmen making it all the more necessary for businesses to be able to improve their traditional marketing plans with digital strategy. There is a huge number of digital marketing techniques that are applied in India and which are surely adding to the success and economic growth for the country.

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Why understanding the coding in digital marketing is worth it

Digital marketing is nothing but the process of promoting and selling the products using online portals. In general, Digital marketing is the process of advertising which is done through the use of digital portals such as websites, social media, email, and mobile applications. It is a vast term used for the many strategies, tools, and tactics that are used to acknowledge the customers with the many products available according to their needs and make a purchase online by getting them to visit our website. Digital marketing is must have the basics like search engine optimization, website modification, and development, content marketing, pay per click, branding, etc. In simple language, digital marketing is the term that is used for the form of marketing that is done online.

This type of advertising offers all sorts of internet marketing but focuses on digital media. This method of marketing proved out to be very beneficial and convenient for the companies as well as their different prospects. For every information we need today, we look out for it on the internet to find out answers and if you have provided appropriate and required information about your brand then it will develop an interest of people towards your product. It is the need of the hour that marketing today should become digital. It is nothing but a way of marketing, the only difference is that it is digital. Digital marketing uses techniques like SEO search engine optimization, SEM search engine marketing, SMO social media optimization, SMM social media marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, etc in order to improve the marketing experience of customers and make it more convenient and reliable.

1.Coding :

Coding is nothing but a process of writing codes which makes the computer do things you tell it to do. Coding is most basically known to be as the process of implementing an algorithm in a programming language. It is more or less purely technical work. It is basically writing a computer program.

2.Coding in digital marketing :

Although, it’s not that necessary for digital marketers to learn to code but having the programming abilities are beneficial for the company. Basically, coding is not a must requirement but if it’s there, it’s going to benefit the marketing strategies in a better way. Learning programming skill is quite useful to understand the difficulties in front of us as marketers pursuing digital marketing. you are having even basic programming skills then you will have a big profit for your company. In coding, a digital marketer needs to learn basic HTML/CSS languages which will prove to be helpful to him in his field of digital marketing with the use of online portals. There are lots of benefits of knowing to code in the field of digital marketing.

Some of them are listed below –

1. Less time consumption:

Having knowledge of the coding language, you can do minor issues by yourself. Issues like making changes to the Titles or changing the Meats or tweak keywords and that too without the need of having a developer. Programming is crucial for learning and creating innovative and Eco-friendly solutions in a job of digital marketing which will reduce the time consumption to a great extent.

2. Good interaction with developers :

With a good knowledge of coding and programming, you will be able to convey to the developers in a better way with your requirements and necessities for the website and content to be inscribed on the website. Your specific needs will be conveyed to the developers in a profound way as you will have pre-required knowledge of the coding and programming.

3. Making the codes by yourself:

If you have a pre-required knowledge of coding and programming, you can develop your own marketing website and can make possible changes according to the requirements. You can make the webpages of your website better and creative all by yourself. If you will be able to design your marketing website all by yourself, you will not be needing any other web developer which will eventually reduce the cost of hiring a website Developer for your business. Having knowledge of the coding


Programming and coding help in enhancing the marketing experience and making a remarkable presence of your product online. It helps in collecting, managing, calculating and analyzing the data processing system in the right way. For a digital marketing job, digital marketers need programming abilities and skills. Although, learning the skill of coding and programming is useful in facing the problems that arise in front of a marketer but it is not compulsory for a job of digital marketing. Thus we can say that coding is always an added advantage and can play an important role in the field of digital marketing. Most of the work could be automated with the use of coding knowledge if you have quite a fair amount of knowledge related to coding. So concluding this, coding and programming is not that necessary for digital marketing, but if a person is well-acquainted with a good knowledge of coding and programming, then it’s going to be very beneficial for the person in his digital marketing business and will always be a plus advantage in the field of digital marketing.

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Increasing need of web services companies in digital marketing

Web services standing, for the modular, divided, dynamic of the applications that can be explained and published, or positioned over the network to make products, processes, and sell them. These applications can vary with the fact that whether they are web-based or locally distributed. They are built with the use of open standards are IP, HTTP, Java, HTML. These based on information exchange of the systems Internet interaction of the direct application. These are the services exposed over the HTTP protocol and can be used to do some computation. You use it almost every time when you open anything on the internet. There are a number of companies available all over the world that provide various web services in the world. Over the past few years, it is remarkably seen that there is a high increase in the number of web services companies. The best web services companies in India are the mega spider, AES Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Vite B, E- intelligence, etc.

Following are the reasons behind the increase in the web services companies all over the world –

1. Need of web development:

Because of the digitized world and rapid growth of the technologies, web developers are in high demand. And the need for web developers can be fulfilled by the web services companies. Web services let modern and advanced functions and features to be implemented into the websites that they create. There is also a great amount of customization and flexibility with Web services than standard “copy and paste” tools. Some of Best Companies for Web Development Services are WordSuccor, Fortius Tech Solutions – Web Applications Development Company, Doynt Web Development Company, great logic, Octopus Tech Solutions, Amazing7 Studios – Web Design and Development Company,Website Developers India, Clap Creative, Clavax, Solwin Infotech, Missionkya, Qburst, Appster, Kenneth, WillowTree Apps, Mindinventory, Spiral Scout Web Development etc.

2. To increase the modification of a website :

A good Web service company can help increase the benefits of a website and make the site interactive, attractive and more enjoyable. Having a good website increases the chances of leaving a good impression of your product on the customer. A good website is an indicator of increasing customer population towards your business. Your website directly or indirectly gives knowledge of your product and it’s specialties. A stylish and attractive looking website can benefit you by connecting with your brand and grasp more and more crowd towards it. A website which is not designed properly is likely to be a rude, unhelpful and of less importance to the customers. On the other hand, if a website is well-formed, then it is considered as a polite and friendly approach towards a healthy relationship with the customers, which can assure the customers have confidence in the product offered. Thus to make the websites useful and attractive the web services companies can play a vital role.

3. To make a remarkable digital presence of the nation :

The modern and advanced technologies provide countries with unique opportunities to grow themselves and get over the “developing country” status. As digital marketing is changing very fast. So the countries need to grow with the pace too. Digitization of India is nothing but making your daily life a little independent and easy to live in with the help of technology. And for that, we need more and more numbers of the web services of companies in the country. Digitization has benefited us with the facilities of providing all the information you need from a single place. It has now become possible to bring all the personal details to be managed at a single place. This would result in a more transparent and better management system and a way towards faster growth. Thus for making a digital presence worldwide, it is important to have more and more web services providing companies.

4. To look forward to a more advanced and high tech country :

To meet the aspirations and high hopes of living happily of Indians, the country needs a more advanced and highly digitized world. Technology can play a vital role in leading India towards the growth it needs. And by introducing more and more web service companies, the goal can be achieved. Technology play’s an important role in enabling the needs of growing India. A highly advanced and high tech nation can gain profits in the number of different fields like education and skills, healthcare, agriculture and food, energy, infrastructure, government services, etc. Advances in technology are vital to our efforts to protect our homeland, hardening our infrastructure, detecting dangers, and empowering our defenders. So, for the overall growth of the nation, it is must to have web services companies in the world.

5. To make the work easy and smooth going :

As the advancement of technology and innovations and inventions in the country and various areas of the country increases, there is an increase in more and more facilities and profits provided by the technology. And this results in the work of an individual less hectic and less tiresome. It is good for increasing production and lessening the backbreaking workloads on people. And for making the nation technically advanced, it is necessary to have more and more web services companies in the nation. Technology has become an indistinct element of the modern workplace and it is quite a trouble to think of business or workplace without making a noticeable reference to technology. Nowadays, technology can change most of the troublesome job easier with fewer efforts. The technology has various profits to use in each and every area where it can be fit. Technology in the workplace lets businesses to grow rapidly and proficiently.


From the above reasons, it is clear that there is a need for an increase in the number of web services companies in the digital world. With the increase in web services, the world will grow more advanced and more high-tech and will benefit each living individual in a very prominent and promising manner.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Tips to design a strategy for successful digital marketing in 2019

Digital Marketing Strategy is basically a necessity in the modern age where everyone around the world is always online and constantly on social media platforms. However, digital marketing can actually be quite a difficult procedure. And if you don’t market properly your product might not ever see the light of day. If you want to successfully market your product digitally you need to plan, understand and approach the proper methods. So, let us provide you with some useful tips to design a strategy for a successful Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018. and here is the example of an increase in marketing of a business is How to Optimize Mobile Marketing for Brick and Mortar Businesses.

Research, Research, and more Research 

The more you know, the better. You won’t be able to strategize on how to market your product if you don’t do sufficient research. You have to know about the proper platforms that you are going to market on. And you have to get to know your audience. If you plan to get your advertisements running on websites. They will usually charge you some cash so you have to research about which website will be able to provide a profitable investment and the cost will also be able to fit within your Digital Marketing Strategy budget. Sure, getting your advertisements up on big name sites like Facebook and YouTube. They are definitely going to drive a bigger audience towards you and your product. But will it justify the investment cost into putting your advertisements on those bigger websites? These are all questions that you should be able to answer when you research.

Understand your customer base

One of the greatest innovations that the internet brought to the table was the ability to have conversations. And talk with people all around the world. As a business person, one of the advantages this gives you is the ability to talk with your fans and your customer base. Communication doesn’t just happen amongst you and your colleagues; most successful businesses take user feedback through surveys and online polls. Even if you’re not an established business or if you’re a start-up. Creating surveys and online polls allow you to get direct feedback and it allows you to improve your product. You can discover what the majority of consumers like and this will indirectly help you to make a better product and of course. The better your product is, the more likely people are to purchase 


                                                               Digital Marketing Strategy

Spy on your competitors

Competition breeds success. You will always have competition to face when you’re running a business in any market and it’s important to learn from them to improve upon yourself. In the digital world we live in, it is extremely easy to see what your competition is in any field and see what they’re doing for their own Digital Marketing Strategy schemes. Use this to your advantage. Most of your competitors would likely have done just as much research on the best places and ways to market digitally so by analyzing their marketing and digital media you can learn what is received well by the consumer and how to advance yourself and market yourself properly. Don’t over-do it and try to copy what your competitor is doing. But take inspiration from their success and devise a strategy on how to market better than them.

Search Engine Optimization

In the world of Digital Marketing Strategy, if you don’t familiarize yourself with search engine optimization you won’t ever be able to dream about getting your name out there. For those of you who have never heard about it. Search engine optimization is a set of methods to make your advertisements. And also your websites appear on the top results of search engines such as Google and Bing. This is extremely vital to the success of your company because those of us in the realm of business is in a constant battle with multiple people. With similar ideas and the average consumer is always going to be more interested in the first thing that pops up in his search engine. These optimizations usually involve basic tips and tricks. Such as using specific keywords that are more likely to make your link show up higher in search results. However, there are multiple other tools out there that can give you advice and monitor your monthly site traffic. To help you analyze your growth.

Budgets are important

Nobody has an infinite amount of money. As a result, we can’t afford to throw as much money as we want on Digital Marketing Strategy alone. Manage your budget effectively, it’s always important to make sure you don’t spend too much on your marketing phase but also don’t cheap out on your marketing plans. If you need guidance, write down your Digital Marketing Strategy plans and seek advice from a financial advisor. To help manage your budget and provide smart and effective management.

Build a good online reputation

Things never truly fade away on the internet, everything that you release online will always be there and can’t be erased no matter how hard you try. To be able to build a dedicated audience and a dedicated fanbase you need a good reputation. If your product doesn’t have good reviews by online critics. It’s unlikely that people are going to be interested in whatever you are selling. This is important towards your Digital Marketing Strategy because many consumers will not be worried about purchasing a product if they know that it is made by trustworthy manufacturers. Try to stay in your consumer’s good books, always take user feedback and online critique and see where you can improve upon it. Everyone makes mistakes and not all consumers are going to have the same opinion on your product, that’s perfectly fine. Just try to stay in the consumers good books as much as you possible can and eventually you will grow a dedicated audience.

Well, those are all the tips we have today, however, always keep in mind that even if everything doesn’t go to plan, don’t get demotivated! Sometimes you can have the best Digital Marketing Strategy and you can be the best of your competition and you still won’t be the top, that’s fine. Failure isn’t a barrier to success, it’s another step towards the top.


Applying Marketing Strategies

Applying marketing strategies

Applying marketing strategies to run a successful business is the basic requirement for every entrepreneur. To say that “Inbound marketing strategies” are enough for a business to perform well is not correct completely. Because it’s important for the 360-degree performance of any business, one needs to plan “Outbound marketing strategies” as well. Outbound marketing means “Traditional Advertising methods”. It defines any kind of marketing technique where the company actively pursuing mass prospects. And provides information about their offerings to know about more digital marketing strategies.

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Why you require Outbound Marketing Strategies for Inbound Marketing?

There is no doubt in saying that inbound marketing strategies are more effective than outbound methods. As because of inbound techniques you are able to attract a mass audience. And they come to you by their own wish for your products and services. This is more important if you are starting with an online-based industry.

Because in that case, the presence of your business on the web is the market requirement at that time. And you should need to do everything that makes your customer comes to you like take good care of the website, creative content, attractive graphics and many more the same unique things. But outbound marketing is direct marketing which a business cannot ditch completely. If it really wants to rule in the market. In other words, we can say that ensuring a lead inflow early on and then fills up the sales funnel is the result of a well-planned outbound campaign. Let’s discuss why we require outbound strategies as because maybe we can find some innovative ideas for our business-

Profiling of the Prospects-

To understand better to whom you are actually selling your products. All you need to have prospect’s profiling in a proper way. Profiling is the key function for both strategies inbound as well as outbound. Outbound allows you to reach to those people directly with a tailored message. Whom you have attracted from your inbound marketing; means to say that a specific group of people who were influenced by your generated valuable content on site. You were already aware of the ratio of the engagements of people with your offerings; you can plan accordingly the outbound campaign. And that finally allows you to design a more creative and specific message to draw potential customer towards your brand. Through outbound, you have clarity on the points like-

  • Which type of people have more interest in your product
  • How much interest they have in your product
  • You can shape your brand’s profile according to the feedback of people
  • Through feedback you may be able to get ideas of usability and quality of your product
  1. Measurable Speed- For measuring the speed of response in inbound marketing, you need to spend more and more time as because measuring and predictable results are difficult so you need powerful tools to connect the site visitor activity with actual types of people. Whereas in outbound, it can be done on any scale and speed. And it requires involvement and persistent in the long run that helps in creating stable inflow of leads. If you want to increase the leads just purchase more data from the market, you can hire more marketers, outsource the cold calling and many such types of activities. Because of the easy hiring and training most of the marketers applies the outbound methodology.
  2. For the strong startup- Outbound is a methodology which helps you to acquire customer in very early stage of your business. You can target the potential customers directly in your email list and give live demo and usage of your products and services whether you have content on your website in starting or not. The direct approach enables you to make trustworthy and healthy relationship with the customer in the early stage of your business because you are physically and directly interacting and clearing the doubts and for that, you don’t need lots of videos or any youtube channel in your startup.
  3.  Brand Visibility- It is not fully correct to say that only inbound strategies can build strong visibility of a brand, we also have to look carefully on the other side of the coin. Outbound strategies are also working strongly to strengthen brand visibility. The big banners and road events sometimes affect a lot to the audience. Because from that you can give the usability demo in front of the mass without hiding anything and this enables them to trust that you are not doing any hanky-panky things with them. One more benefit you get in this strategy that the feedback about your offerings, you are getting on the spot without any delay which will further help you in reshaping your product or campaign according to the requirements of your potential audience. You have to cover overall brand value even without completely depending on any one form of marketing.
  4. Fight with Competitors- As we all know when we jump in the market to start any business then we have to face a lot of competition from starting it till the end. So, we have to read with all the weapons of the market to compete with the upcoming situations. And in that case, we can’t leave any marketing strategy to target the mass audience especially when your competitors hitting the market at a 360-degree level. There are many cases in which you can’t depend on only emails or blogging and there you need to plan strategically. You can’t wait for the self-response of the customer in that case otherwise the chances of losing the potential lead can be increased more as because may be the competitors also working on the same lead in a more creative and effective manner.


Hence, for the steady growth of the business, one needs to work with applying both “Inbound” as well as “Outbound” marketing strategies. For the successful running business, we always have to keep this mind that outbound works best when it complements inbound. Always remember that first you have to reach to your target audience then raise their interest and then finally they look up for you by consuming your marketing content.



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