Magento V/S Prestashop

OpenCart vs. Magento vs. Prestashop: What to Choose?

OpenCart is a PHP/ MySQL based platform which helps develop sales based businesses, which is available online for absolutely free, and can be used even by rookies as ample of technical assistance is available online for problems, if any such thing arises.

Magento, just like OpenCart, is also an online- based open-source e-commerce system. It too is composed in PHP. There’s also a newer version of Magento, version 2.0 which was developed with the aim to provide better, more efficient service which would focus on increasing smoothness, improved version, and better the navigational use. 


Prestashop is our third system that we put forth in this article. It is the same as the two above mentioned platforms, an online e-commerce system, which is developed under Open Software License (OSL). Currently in use by 250000 shops across the globe, it is also available in 60 different languages. So worried how your native customers will reach you out? Not anymore, coverage of 60 languages will help your business bloom.

So what is it that sets these three almost similar sorts of platforms, different? After all they all deal with the business of setting up e-commerce businesses, and it shouldn’t really matter which one we use as long as our ultimate goal is achieved, right? Well, clearly nope.

                                                          Magento V/S Prestashop

A lot of thought is given into the choice of platform as clearly- your entire business, or startup is supposed to be dependent on this decision, and a single wrong chance taken could turn everything upside down. So let’s get into the details as to how one system overpowers the other, and which is ultimately the best for your dream to turn into a reality.


  • Technical know– how: for both Magento V/S Prestashop, you would be required to know quite a few amount of technical stuff, and it would even be preferable if you are, say, qualified in the field. However, it is also true that Prestashop is way easier as compared to Magento. But at the same time, one cannot simply ignore a number of out- of- the box unique features offered by the platform, which definitely make it worth for the prerequisite of knowing of technological rules, etc. Magento V/S Opencart too is said to be rookie’s game, as it is extremely easy to handle, and even a new comer to the business can figure out his or her way through the system pretty easily, in a short span of time.

So if your target is to use easy techniques, or if you don’t know the technological know-how, then you should definitely go for either Prestashop or OpenCart.Maybe once you have gained some experience, you can plan to shift your business to Magento.


  • Time– so Magento V/S Prestashop was the first evident market player when it comes to e-commerce setting business on an online platform, as it as set up in august, 2007. It was followed by Magento which was set up just after a couple of months, in March 2008. And our third competitor is clearly pretty new to the business, as OpenCart was only set up in 2010. So if you are of orthodox cal mindset, and trust experience more than anything in the world, then your choice should be clear- either go for Prestashop, or Magento, you won’t regret it.
  • VersionMagento V/S Prestashop has a decent number of 7 versions, along with Prestashop cloud launched in 2015. The latest version is called- V1.7.0.3.  However, Magento has even more number of versions for you all, 15! With better and efficient services. The recent version of this system is known as – V1.9.2. It even has an inbuilt navigation service. Wondering how many versions OpenCart has? Yep, its 28. The most recent one being- V2.2.0.0. Now, it’s important to keep in mind that even though the number of versions can be enthralling, but excessive updates can be hard to keep up with. So OpenCart users often find themselves bamboozled with continuous updates, and if you find this somewhat irritating too, then the best next option would be Magento, but you could always go for Prestashop too.


  • Famous sites– of course some popular sites that were developed using these respective systems Magento V/S Prestashop would help you make a more informed decision, so here are the names.

OpenCart- British red cross, Christmas Chop, and, Computer Store.

Magento- Nike AU and UK, North Face, and, Behr.

Prestashop- Vusion Glasses, Planet Sushi, The Fab Shoes.

So obviously for any newbie, the best options would be to collaborate with either OpenCart or Magento. As they already provide platforms for big organizations and companies.


  • License– all these three platforms have an open- source system. So you need not worry about obtaining the license and then starting your business. Go ahead and take full advantage of this feature. As each of these three systems offer you full freedom to launch the project of your dreams right away.
  • Google searches– this is an important determinant. So if you want your business to make a trademark into the lives of the people. It is essential that you first leave a mark online. The number of Google searches that Prestashop gets on an average per month is around 165000. On the other hand, Magento gets an average of 201000 searches per month, and OpenCart gets 90,500 searches on Google. So if advertising is crucial in your line of business, then go for Magento. Or Prestashop as they have way more average monthly searches as compared to OpenCart.


  • Cost– Magento is relatively costlier if you compare it with OpenCart or Prestashop. So if your budget is low, do not go for Magento.
  • Installation– a known fact is that the installation is a bit complicated in Magento. As compared to that of Prestashop and OpenCart. So if you are in a hurry or are not technically knowledgeable, go for the later mentioned options.
  • Customization– its pretty easy in Prestashop, and OpenCart. However, you might face issues while customizing in Magento. So keep in mind the customization options. OpenCart also offers you a variety of themes.
  • Suitability– Magento is best suited for enterprises, store owners and developers. Prestashop is more suitable for store owners, designers, and developers. Open cart, on the other hand, is suitable for store owners and entrepreneurship businesses.

The above mentioned pointers will hopefully identify the different categories and ways in which one system overpowers the other. So choose the option which best satisfies you needs.