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artificial intelligence

Top 10 importance of AI in web development companies & Introduction

By intelligence we mean ability to implement and gain knowledge. Using computer and understanding human brain both are similar things. The time is not so far away when a programmed artificial intelligence will be more smart, advanced and with abilities to have a thought process like a human being. The aim of artificial intelligence is to create computer programs which will solve problems and help in achieving desired goals in the future. Artificial intelligence is basically a way to train the computers and machines to behave like human beings. They aim at making the machinery perform the works similar to those of human being which will help with reduce in workload of human beings. The machines and computers are programmed in such a manner so that they can identify human speeches and translate them to machine commands and help them giving back the output.

A lot of research has been going on recently. The next generation smart toys and robots are also created using artificial intelligence. With the help of AI they can act as a bot to and responds to the what the people speak to them. It offers awesome features like image recognition too. In web development companies too, the use of artificial intelligence is rapidly growing day by day.

The importance of artificial intelligence in web development companies is given in the following pares –

1. By offering best user interface:

To take the user interface on an advanced and modern level the artificial intelligence chatbot can prove to be very effective. It can learn from the user interactions in each conversation with the user and acquire and learn the responses and actions accordingly. They can be very beneficial in improving visitor’s participation by the use of query responses on regular basis, blog post comments, and offers like real time assistance and customization. AI powered chatbots are created using context sensitivity, personality traits, conversational abilities, knowledge presentation etc. These chatbots can easily respond to customers queries anytime.

2. Programming the client data collection :

By the use of artificial intelligence powered chatbots, you can easily computerize the process of collecting your customer’s requirements and fulfill them without any human interventions and errors. Web development agencies can use AI to effectively analyse data related to the online experience of their users. It can help them test their websites’ architecture and make the required amendments.

3. By the use of self-learning algorithms :

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, web programming has become a lot easier than before. The artificial intelligence systematize a number of tasks such as updating the records to database, estimating that which bits of code are most expected to be used for solving the problem and utilizing those estimations to help web developers in finding the right solution to their worries. Also, AI algorithms are also used to create self modified codes with the use of scratch without any use of human involvement. It benefits the developers by creating smarter and more advanced applications and bots at much faster speed. Self-learning algorithms of AI can automate some basic functions which are very necessary in web development companies.

4. By making the quality tests easier :

The web development companies are rapidly using the artificial intelligence technology in order to perform quality testing tasks which were at a time very time consuming and repetitive. But now with the help of artificial intelligence technology the time spent has been reduced to make than half of the time spent earlier. Not only they provide speed but they also assure accuracy while processing huge amount of data. Now the repairing and identifying the errors are not that difficult to do.

5. The use of AI virtual assistance :

When it comes to designing and making new templates and graphics for the company on a regular basis, it becomes a tedious task to do. To perform these tasks with ease, the artificial intelligence tools are used. Tools such as AI virtual assistance are very beneficial in this area. After they get the correct and required data, the AI virtual assistants can easily make customized content with the necessary combination of brand, design, layout, and content required by that end user.

6. For Predictive Search engine optimization :

Predictive SEOs which are created with the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies can introduce ideas that can let developers know about the errors in the website and also mark the bad content which affects SEO. It also offers better solutions for connecting with the target audience.

7. Growing customized user experience:

It helps in giving Customized User Experience on basis of customer choices, browsing history, location , browser etc. The Chat bots help with common queries and can reply to customer’s queries automatically for most of the common stuff without involving any human caused problems. It also helps in providing better and customized user experience.

8. Dynamic Website Content:

The artificial intelligence technology provides dynamic web content which helps in he growth of web development companies in a very profitable way. The companies must use artificial intelligence for this as it results in a high success rate of the companies.

9. Chatbots:

It is a software computerized engine which is use to communicate with the visitor in the language in which they are comfortable like it can perform English very easily. They can prove to be beneficial to the companies A.I very promising way.

10. The use of machine learning:

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. It is an advance technology which helps to machine to recognize things from its user. Experience of user can be improve by the result of smart application.


AI is transforming the field of web development and making the process of web development simpler. Many experts in the field of web development and designing suggest using artificial intelligence in web development. This is because the use of artificial intelligence will make the user interface a lot faster and it will even make the web development easier and thus will lead the companies towards success and vast business growth.


Some best examples of Magento E-Commerce Websites

Magento is an online platform that is used by dealers for easy payment transactions. It also manages the supervision of content and designing and applications of online stores. It also provides high-level promotions, list administration devices and designing of websites. It is an exceptional web oriented business network that offers open source, to scale venture SaaS-based frameworks. Magento provides two distinct levels, Magento Commerce, and Magento open source. Magento offers a lot of advanced features like Managing websites and catalog, Search Engine Optimization, Payment Gateway, etc. It is one of the most known e-commerce CMC platforms. With the use of Magento, we can easily send email campaigns and control stock management.

It offers us with facilities like offering vouchers, discounts or recommendations. Magento’s sites are very user-friendly. Users can sort the products accordingly with various options available like size, color, price, category, etc. It deals with lots of solutions that are related to accounts, sales shipping, security, and payments, etc. Magento is an open source that uses PHP scripting language on Zend Framework. Magento provides posting and controlling user-friendly information as well as managing it with the desired need. Magento is actually an eCommerce software that has a number of plug-ins with the use of which an eCommerce website can be created very easily. A highly customized and user-friendly website can be made with the use of Magento which can attract a lot of online shoppers towards it at the instant only. There are many websites available that are built on Magento.

Some of them are given as follows –

1. Volcom :

Volcom is a clothing brand that designs and sells sports oriented clothes and other products. The company commonly provides sports-related clothes, accessories, footwear, and other related products. The product is for women and men. They design, manufacture, produce and sell innovative and exciting products. The Volcom website runs through Magento.

2. : is a website that is basically an online candy store that provides the best quality of candies worldwide. with the help of the Magento platform with an aspiration to become one of the biggest online candy shops in the world. It has shown huge progress in current years.

3. Harper’s Bazaar:

Harper’s Bazaar is America’s first fashion magazine. They have shown the world ideas of famous stylists, photographers, and editors for a long time and are continuing with their excellent work. Recently they have introduced online business for their work. They have used the Magneto framework for the online growth of their company. With their popular and trendy brand in the beauty firm, they can create a strong eCommerce brand providing enormous numbers of products.

4. Ford accessories:

Ford Motors is the most popular American International automakers. It has also chosen the Magento framework for selling its products and various accessories The products and accessories being related to automobiles which can be sold online.

5. Databazaar :

Databazaar is a website that sells office supplies including printers and other tools. They are growing rapidly and are getting used by people more and more in numbers day by day. Their website is made through Magento and has acquired all the features provided by it which makes the website more useful and also user-friendly.

6. Olympus:

Olympus is one of the most popular manufacturer companies of optics and reprography products. The company is Japan-based. Earlier it was famous for being a good microscope and thermometer industry. But today, it has successfully become one of the most successful brands which sell binoculars and best quality cameras around the world. Magento Enterprise was used to run its website. It lets the website grow worldwide famous and attracts more and the number of customers. It has eventually made it one of the most famous e-commerce brands in the world.


As obvious by the name, this website sells jewelry online. By the use of the Magento enterprise platform, the website has successfully made it supply an excellent user view to show its jewelry, major collections, and designers to the customers looking for good looking jewelry online. Magento has proved to be very beneficial for the website.

8. Nike:

Nike is one of the biggest athletic brands in the world which sells millions of products especially shoes every day. The brand derives its name from Nike, who was the Greek goddess of victory. Nike uses Magento Enterprise to run its website effectively and fluently.

9. Alex and Ani :

Alex and Ani is a major brand which sells mainly women jewelry. It is counted among the world’s largest retailers of jewelry. It runs through Magento Enterprise. Also, it is considered to be one of the topmost Magento Enterprise websites all over the world. There are many other websites too which are made through Magento Enterprise and are facilitated by it in a profound way like Rite Aid, Warby Parker, Vizio, Everlast, Munchkin, Paul Smith, Harvey Norman, Signature Hardware, Birchbox, Joma shop, focus camera, Zumiez, Kswiss, riot games,, Harvey Nichols, Fiji water, Rebecca Minkoff, Ghirardelli etc.


There are many other websites too which are working on using the Magento Enterprise for its development. Magento is used widely for online e-Commerce store growth and development. Magento is a popular eCommerce shopping cart nowadays. Magento Enterprise gives a professional look to the website and shows well-organized information with categories. The covering aspect of Magento helps to create an ideal store. Also, it provides detailed content and information with lots of website options available. Also, it supports an enormous range of credit-card processors and shipping facilities. It Uses an advanced database and can manage a large number of products altogether. So concluding with the lines that Magento Enterprise has emerged as a successful framework for the growth and development of the website and various applications in a very beneficial and productive way. In the future, it is expected that Magento Enterprise will attract more and more of the websites and influence them in a better and profound way.

mean stack

Top websites built on MEAN STACK – A Web Apps Creator

The full meaning of MEAN being MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS. Mean Stack is the collection of JavaScript based technologies by the use of which web applications are made. Today in this digitally grown world there is a growing demand for various modified and modern web applications and software for developing them. Also, the process of web development creates the use of intensely advanced technologies to get some excellent and desired outcomes. Mean Stack is nothing but a framework that begins with MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS based applications. The framework is so created to give developers an easy and systematic way to begin creating MEAN based web applications. They are provided with informative modules like Mongoose and Passport pre-bundled. It basically tries to keep a check on connecting points between currently working frameworks and get a solution for normal integration problems. Mean Stack is made with one of the best collection of technological mediums in which MongoDB works as a database, ExpressJS plays the work of web framework, AngularJS works as fronted framework and NodeJS plays the role of server platform.

This Stack is extremely awesome with lots of services. No database is needed for design schema defining since error and an easy trail is allowed by MongoDB. It helps to build the idea to store or manage data ease. in based application web pages crafting is favorable to provide the ability to handle cookie expresses. web application function synchronous for plug into middleware content supplementing aid in empowering the simple REST routes, handling automated HTTP header. Before code execution native machine code only Node.js can only compile JavaScript the feature is use full in building the server side of JavaScript web apps. Angular js feature of data binding helps you to focus on the application not more on the code. Testing and web development is easy on the angular.js feature of dependency injection There are a number of websites which are made using the mean stack framework. Moreover, it is new technology.

Which are as under:

1. Netflix:

Netflix is the most popular and world’s highest provider of videos, web series, movies and television shows available in around 200 countries. In Netflix user interface is created using Node. This technology showed very impressive results. Now, the Netflix Company wants to use it in other layers of the stack also. By using NodeJS, they achieved lightweight, modern and speedy applications. Today the startup time of their application has been reduced by 70%.

2. GoDaddy:

GoDaddy is a famous web hosting company, which is a popular internet domain registrar. Recently the company has developed itself with the use of the advanced Node.JS infrastructure. It provided them features like quality applications, writing of unit and Integration tests with ease and NPM access. The results are very positive. GoDaddy now handles their load very easily using just 10%of their hardware.

3. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a highly popular social media application that is used for professional networking, in search of jobs, and also in search of people to hire for any job. They used Node.JS for their website because it offers writing both client-side (Angular.js) and server-side code in the same language. Node.JS also increased the performance scale and efficiency of the company in a very effective way. The traffic capacity is now doubled. The apps become faster than before.

4. eBay:

eBay is one of the most popular websites which uses Node.JS for its backend development. The company preferred using this new and modern technology because it proved very beneficial with all the features it provided. NodeJS is considered to be the famous JavaScript technology and it suited the best for the company. By the use of this the company has now become highly used. It comes with abilities to balance live connections to servers.

5. Amazon:

Amazon is one of the largest commerce websites which is used all over the world. The website uses NodeJS for some of the important components of the website. Because of the introduction of Alexa by Amazon, it has become essential for it to use NodeJS for its event-driven, non-blocking I/O model and trigger based input. It is also one of the greatest ecosystems of open source libraries worldwide. With the help of NodeJS, Alexa can work very swiftly now.

6. Bloomberg:

Bloomberg is a website that is used for creating videos, featuring stories and providing business, market, and data analysis news and videos. To broadcast their content they make use of radio and television. By the use of Angular.JS and Node.JS, the company uses JavaScript on both the client side as well as on the server’s side. To modify and develop their websites they are making use of this new technology which has made trading and understanding market strategies a lot easier.

7. Paytm:

Paytm is the most popular application used for the online transactions of money. They provide us with facilities like online banking, digital wallet, and e-commerce. It facilitates the users with many other facilities like mobile recharges, DTH, data cards landline/ broadband, electricity, water, and gas bills, booking the bus/train/flight tickets, booking movie shows, hotel rooms and also give money to the Uber drivers for the ride. Using NodeJS and AngularJS, Paytm has developed it’s features to a great extent. NodeJS has proved efficient for backed whereas AngularJS has benefited for fronted.


There are many other websites too which are being developed using mean Stack technology like takeaway, coin base, Reddit, Groupon, Shutterstock, Zendesk, Flickr, slack, Forbes, Tumblr, Yahoo, YouTube, Uber, Wallmart, medium, NASA, Mozilla, Trello, etc. Concluding, the mean stack is a very good technology that is used for creating strong, speedy and scalable applications. As it is new in the market it is competing very strongly with other tech stocks in the market. It is a simpler, Swift and flexible program for web application development. It provides us a well-ordered mechanism for transferring data.

react native

List of Android/IOS apps built using React Native Framework

React native is a JavaScript framework that is used for making applications in Android and IOS. It is a JavaScript library that aims at mobile platforms. So now with the help of JavaScript library which can be shared between platforms, any developer can easily make mobile applications. Sharing between platforms makes it easy to develop apps in both Android and IOS. React native provides us the feature of reusing the code for deployment on IOS as well as Android. This results in a huge saving of time and also money. It will also give extra time for the modification of apps. With react native, one doesn’t need to recompile the application when a change has been made in it.

It is provided with intelligent debugging tools that can be utilized of whatever text editor you prefer for JavaScript editing. The apps it creates are exciting and cool and the app is developed by the only JavaScript and they are easy to us on both Android and IOS. It has a component for android and IOS both of which are used to build the app platform that has the native feel. It provides profits of using it’s JavaScript library for creating mobile applications. It is a well-made framework for the development of UI. There are many cool and awesome apps that have been created using the React Native Framework for app development.

Some top apps are listed below –


Instagram was originally made with native apps developers, but then they integrated react native into their existing native app. They have started it with the simplest view, for now, i.e. push notifications view. This push notification view was originally implemented as a web view. The team of Instagram chose native developers because they could improve the developer velocity and deliver the app to Android and iOS much faster than they were doing it before. Around 85% to 90% of similar code was used for Android and iOS.

2. Walmart:

The React Native Framework turned out to be a good fortune for the Walmart app. There is a sharing of almost 95% of the code of Android and iOS of this app. With the help of react natives the cost of this work is reduced to half the amount used before. It enhanced it’s performance on both Android and iOS using a limited amount of resources, money and time. Also, intelligence and experience of developers were used in the best possible way across the company. Walmart has been working on modern technologies lately and has been using new and innovative ideas to enhance user experience. One of the major advantages of react native to Walmart is seen in terms of smooth graphics and great performance.

3. UberEats:

Though React Native is used in a small part of the app it is definitely very beneficial to it. It gives one of the best UI/UX experience to their users. It surely worked well for the app as it is evident by the good response from the customers. React Native provides UberEats with features to create amazing maps to the actionable insights. The model of UberEats requires extra dashboards for restaurants, delivery partners and eaters. So, with the help of react, native developers are hopeful that they will surely meet their requirements.

4. Airbnb:

Airbnb is an online marketing place. Because of the feature of the reusability of codes, the React Native Framework has proved to be very beneficial for the app. Some time back, Airbnb integrated react native into its a mobile app to enable a different style of app development. Moreover, the cost of integrating react native to the app was quite high but it paid off well to the app. It was also easy to start. Airbnb is one of the most popular applications using react Native.

5. Wix :

Wix provides large varieties of web hosting and website designing features to us. Basically, is an online tool that allows building websites without any knowledge of HTML from pre-built components. And for that, they need HTML to keep things done. With the help of react native, they can have features like react native router flux. React native apps deliver the fast speed of web development in hybrid space and this is going to be very useful for Wix.

6. Whym :

Whym is an effective translating application in which the app provides us with an interpreter. It was earlier designed for iOS only. But after the commercial release of the app successfully, the company is now aiming to introduce it to new platforms as well. They are focusing on making the app capable of quickly getting launched on new operating systems. For that, they are using React Native Framework of app development which has turned out to be very profitable for the application.

7. Skype:

Today, Skype has become one of the largest react native apps and has managed to attain millions of users. The new version of Skype is provided with modern features and new icons. The company has recently said that it is working on a new React Native wrote Android app. With the use of a react native framework for app development, Skype has grown with lots of new features and tools. We can soon expect Skype for iOS and also a new desktop version of it.


There are many other apps too which are already developed and are also being developed by the use of react native framework of application development like Facebook, Facebook ads, yeti smart-home, Bloomberg, discord, SoundCloud pulse, gyroscope, Pinterest, F8, Tesla, Artsy, chop, Tencent QQ, Flare by GoDaddy, Huiseoul, Jingdong, The List App, Townske etc. There is no chance denying the fact that react native is getting very popular day by day. Today, there is a number of applications which are benefited using the react native application development framework. There are a number of react native companies in the world that are aiming to develop applications with modern technologies and features.

ionic framework

List of apps built using Ionic Framework for App Development

The ionic framework comprises of some good sets of angular components and Cordova plugins. It is used for developing web includes SDK which is used for making native apps. It is considered to be the richest Framework of the season mostly because of its advanced features and also the fact that it is made with the combination of angular and Cordova frameworks for app development. For making the powerful mobile application is use the Saas UI framework which is mainly used for optimization and design the mobile operating framework that provides a group of UI components. There are many profits of using an ionic framework over the others available.

They facilitate us with cross-platform app development which is one of the major causes why the ionic framework is preferred more. They are built on angular JavaScript and result in high performance. It focuses on the development of a hybrid application. Hybrid apps are those small websites in the browser in the shell which helps access the native platform. Ionic has also released its alpha version of Ionic 4.0. It aims at bringing entirely modern and advanced features and functionalities to make it Ionic independent. It has features like the elimination of rewriting the codes, the nice availability of plugins, quick app prototyping, faster development, real-time app updates, run time error monitoring, etc. Today, there are numbers or applications which are developing themselves using the ionic framework for application development.

Few of them are mentioned below:

1. Sworkit:

Sworkit is a workout and fitness oriented application that shows us demonstrations of personalized fitness videos best suited for our lifestyles. Many fitness exercises, yoga workouts, cardio, etc. are shown in these videos which encourage people to stay fit. The app is built using the ionic framework for application development and has been featured manner times in the health and fitness segment. The app is much popular within fitness and health aimed applications and has over 25 million downloads.

2. Crypto change:

The crypto change application is a currency tracker app that tracks over 100 cryptocurrencies. This app has used the ionic framework for its enhancement and development. The app provides us with all the necessary information regarding the currencies like the history of the development of currencies, their varying value in every hour, day and week. Along with all these features, the app offers us to buy cryptocurrencies as well.

3. Nationwide:

Nationwide is known to be one of the most popular and largest insurance services companies. It has made its mobile app with the use of the ionic framework for application development. It provides users with facilities like paying bills and other basic works which we can do sitting at home just by clicks on our cell phones rather than going out and doing tiresome physical work.

4. Market Watch:

Market Watch is one of the most popular stock market and business news app which keeps us updated with the daily financial and economic news. The application is built with an ionic framework and has come with advanced features. It provides access to news and quotes related to business and the stock market. The app can work both on Android as well as IOS.

5. Pacifica:

Pacifica app is built using the ionic framework which examines the user’s cognitive behavior to help him reduce his anxieties, stress, and depression. The app can work on Android as well as IOS. It has got a number of features like thought analysis, positive visuals, and health and mood trackers. It has proved to be very beneficial to its users. People have effectively reduced their mental trauma to a great extent with the use of the Pacifica application. One of the best features of Pacifica is that it also offers communication with private groups and communities.

6. Untappd:

Among the most famous applications built using the ionic framework for app development, the untappd app is also counted. It lets its users explore nearby beer bars. We can also keep track of what our friends are drinking. The app also provides the features to check for trending beer, posting feedback and activities, make choice list for favorite beers and a lot more. The application is built with an ionic framework for application development because of the prominent features of this framework.

7. Chef steps:

Chef steps are the cooking application which provides us with lots of cooking tutorials, video classes, old to modern recipes and tools for people who take cooking as passion. The app is made using an ionic framework for application development and can work on both Android and IOS. The many features of this app are developed with the help of HTML 5, CSS, and Javascript. They provide us with facilities like cooking videos, tutorials, and tools that can help users in cooking.

8. TD trading:

The app is re-codify using the ionic framework for application development. It is a stock trading application. It provides the user’s facilities like investing in shares, funding and indulging in the stock market. Users are allowed to keep a check at their portfolios, look for their orders and make a watch list to look over their stocks. The modification of the application using the ionic framework has led to major growth in the popularity of the application as it has been advanced with prominent facilities with the help of the ionic framework of application development. There are many other applications too which are being developed using the ionic framework. The ionic framework has resulted in advancing applications with various modern features.


There are many other apps too which are modified and built using the ionic framework for application development like just watch, Diesel (Clothing brand app), Fran gout, Mall zee, etc. Ionic framework for application development is an awesome framework with lots of excellent and modern features for new developers to make hybrid applications with lots of good and advanced features. It has proved to be a success booster for many beginners in the field of application development.