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7 Ways to Increase E commerce Sales with Instagram Marketing

As an e-marketer, your major concern seems to be gathering new traffic and constantly on the look for new and interesting ways to increase sales. Some ways may prove to be profitable, whereas others not so much. Now social media is one such platform that acts as a major sales booster.

And what better place to start than Instagram Marketing, right? Almost 4.2 billion pictures are posted daily on this social media platform. With stories, ig- TV, and direct message facility, Instagram has proved to be way more accommodating than ever before. More than 500 million use Instagram actively, almost daily.  And what is even astonishing is that almost 50% of users make use of the available Instagram marketing tools. So now you have a realistic image as to what this social media platform can do for your business. If used in the right way, it can magically transform your business and boost your sales like no other platform. Here is a list of the 7 most effective steps to increase e-commerce sales and also helps to maintain the business by promoting the brand by increasing its reputation and if you have to improve your online store conversion Rate Optimization here are the e-commerce business tips.

  1. The traffic matters– make those numbers matter. So to make appropriate use of those 500-600 million users who actively participate and share information on social media. You need to develop a way to tap this emerging traffic. A study shows that it is predicted that almost 70-75% of upcoming and old businesses would be on Instagram actively participating on social media by the end of 2017-18. So now you can imagine the level of competition, and the amount of traffic or audience you would need to compete effectively. If you are not a tech expert or find the use to be brainstorming- difficult, then ask the help of an expert. Various e-commerce businesses such as Opencart and Shopify provide technical help to help your business reach that level of expertise.  Post as many pictures as you can. The pictures should be aesthetic and professionally clicked. Try to develop a style to dominate your feed. Then like and comment in posts similar to those of you. All such activities will help you attract more and more followers, and will thereby help in increasing traffic.


  1. Advertising is the key– advertises openly through Instagram marketing. You can do this by using the new technique- sponsorship of ads. Here, by paying a certain amount Instagram marketing makes sure that your ad is made accessible to a large audience for the given time period. This way more and more people get to see the ad, and hence, get to know about your company and the offers you offer. Also, another friendly way to advertise is to ask your friends and family to share and repost your posts and to like and comment on them. Use acquisitions and campaigns to divert traffic towards your profile. There are many pages also who can post about your product and advertise it if you agree to their sponsorship deals. It is a great way to appeal to the local customer base in a particular area.
  2. Optimize the conversationsInstagram marketing makes it possible for you to reach out o the customers on a personal basis, through DMs- Direct Message. Also, if you are a startup then use the dm feature to take orders, at least initially. Also hold polls and ask your customers about new market trends, their preferences, and improvements if they want any. This way the customers can themselves come forward and share their opinions with you.

                                                            Instagram marketing

  1. Switch to a business account- make a switch from a personal account to a business one. This way you get various added advantages in the form of analytics. This analytics helps in analyzing the way a particular post or sponsored ad is performing. The business account even lets you link your Instagram marketing account with your Facebook account. This way whenever you post something on your Instagram handle, it automatically gets posted to your facebook account as well- thereby saving a lot of time and effort. Also, your friends and followers on facebook get to know about your existence on Instagram, and vice- versa.
  2. Search engine optimization– use the valuable technique SEO in Instagram marketing to vitalize and optimize your sales, and also boost viewership. SEO is basically using the right phrases and keywords to make sure that more people click on your content. To achieve this, you will first have to figure out the most used and common phrases. Another important part of SEO is backlinks. Also in order to get ranked highly by Google, make sure to avoid illegal uses or use of abusive and plagiarized content.
  1. E-mail marketing- most profiles on Instagram these days have their email ids mentioned in their feed. And the business accounts even have a provision to let you directly mail them. Use this as a lucrative opportunity to start e-mail marketing. E- Mail marketing lets you target the audience directly one to one. This creates a better impact on your audience.
  2. Influencers and give- away- influencers are many and spread all over the globe. Use their help to market your product. In exchange for a fee, these influencers will not only use your product but will even post a happy and positive review about it on Instagram marketing. There, their followers, which are usually large in numbers will get to know about your product and will be motivated to buy it too. Even hold contests and give away your products as rewards for participation. Contests, if redirected in the correct way can help you gather large participation. Set up simple rules and ask your followers to tag their friends in your post. This way your post is exposed not only to the existing set of followers but also to new ones.  Influencers and contests are a great way to popularize your product and to get more likes and followers and it also includes how content marketing is a game changer e-commerce industry

Hope these steps have a positive impact on your e- business and help you transform the business image on social media. Happy marketing!










Redesign your website


Suppose you are an owner of a small business. The most primary thing that you will look for after opening a business is a suitable website. Suppose you have done that. What’s next? What if you are not happy with the website? What if you find some loopholes which come to your sight after some time? Simple, you will want it to be redesigned. In this article, we will go through the reasons why WordPress is the place you should use to get it done. So, take a backseat and enjoy the journey.

Why you should redesign your website in wordpress?

The parameters for a good website are different to different people. This is just because they use it for different purposes. So, it’s very hard to judge what a good website looks like. But we must always keep the basics right. Your website after the redesign your website should look appealing to the eyes of the user. For an old client who has been using your site for quite some time, the loopholes that you have tackled must be clearly visible to him the site should load quickly. There has been many a cases where after an update, a website takes a while lot of time to load.

                                                  Redesign your website

Also, the new website should be mobile-friendly. Actually, on this world where everyone is on their mobile phones, no one has got that much of free time to access your site on the desktop. There is no place in the market for a site that is irritating for a mobile user. So, while redesign your website, these things must be followed in order to please the masses.

Small business owners think that they have less resource to fight with the big ones in the market. But fortunately, that’s not the case now. You can take the use of WordPress.

Why you should use wordpress?

WordPress is a big platform which is used by the majority of the business owners to develop their site. It helps to create and organize web pages and redesign your website. This is a free platform which enables developers to create a site. It is a widely used method. It is used as a content management system for many websites.

There are several reasons why you should use WordPress if you are thinking to launch a website. We will take a look at seven of them. So, the seven reasons why you should redesign your website in WordPress are:

  1. Use it as a blog: if your previous website didn’t have any place for a blog and you are maintaining a different sir just for the blogging purposes or in case you don’t have a blog at all, you can develop a site that supports blogs. Blogging is a key concept which must be there in your site because it will help you to expand your business model and help it reach out to different set of audiences. Maintaining a well written and informative blog can prove to be a great asset in your business. Every successful business company maintains it in the best possible way they can. And you must blog regularly for your start-up.
  2. Your content is secured: WordPress as a company is very active when it comes to the security purposes of your business model. So, WordPress regularly updates its contents and keep it up to date to tackle any mischievous act of the hackers. You can be sure of the safety and security of your website while looking to improve the site. There have also been some cases when hackers have been successful in finding loopholes in the site. But WordPress have obviously tackled the position well and ensured safe as before. These types of cases had been encountered once in a long while. In general, WordPress is the company you can rely upon to be sure of your content.
  3. WordPress is open source software: three key advantages of WordPress being open source software are that the person developing your website can take use of the code that already exists on WordPress and he doesn’t have to write the whole code again. Many coders share their codes online and your developer can simply pick it from there and inculcate it in your site. His work pressure will surely decrease. WordPress being open source software also helps in improving your website without costing you a penny. While no money is drawn from your pocket, your website is updated to meet the latest requirements by redesign your website.
  4. WordPress is SEO friendly: in this world which is going nuts on the Search Engine Optimization technique, does not be the odd one out. SEO will help your website to reach at the top of the search engine pages. This can have a drastic effect in increasing the traffic on your website. It’s very common that the result which comes first on the page will have the most definite cut chances of getting clicked. And the most traffic you can bring to your site, the most successful your business will be.
  5. WordPress uses plug-in: suppose you need to put a video on your website. What will you do? You can use a plugin to do it. You want to have a live chat option on your website. How will you do that? You will of course use a plugin. Suppose you want a Maps option available on your site so that it becomes easy for the user to access your location. What will you do? Use a plugin. If you want to attach a shopping cart on your e-mail commerce website, how will you do that? What else than plugin. Plugins will help you to attach different facilities on your site which can be impossible otherwise.
  6. WordPress is not a newbie in this market: through many years of successful performance, WordPress has become quite a reliable source for everyone and it is not a newbie to anyone so you can redesign your website. It is one of the most reliable software’s around the globe. Reason being the believe that everyone shows on it. This is feature that several people look for and if not find, not many will try it.
  7. Puts you in a good company: any small business owner will love to redesign your website at a place where many of the most famous names does it. Be it New York Times, Mashable, TechCrunch, or Inc., everyone uses it. This main it very much reliable in the process. It is a very convenient method also. It process to be very friendly to the non tech guy as well. So, developing your website here is one of the best choices in your life.

Wrapping up:

WordPress is a free platform which is used my most developers to launch a website quickly. It is widely supported by many systems, nearly all. It is very easy to use. Suppose you want to develop a site without any type of coding. No problem, you can do that too. You just need to take the help of codes that are already available on WordPress. Some coders just simply share their code online. You can use them. Also, new features will automatically be updated to your site, making the amount of manual work to be minimal. This article will surely provide you with the reasons why your small businesses redesign your website in WordPress.


Search Engine Optimization

Top 5 ways of Search engine optimization to boost content and link-building

Top 5 ways of Search engine optimization to boost content and link-building

SEO, i.e., search engine optimization is probably the most important search engine optimization technique that will help your business to be located by potential customers. The organic traffic which refers to all the natural attention and visits you get without advertising is the best way to become popular. But what’s even better is using the help of search engine optimization to grow this traffic to a never- imaginable count so that you can convert the reach multiple times more.

After all, changing times demand not merely hard work, but smart work too! But using malicious links or paid ways to boost traffic can lead to some major repercussions. Google guidelines ban the use of any abusive or copied content or even hidden links. Also one should be extremely careful as to outsourcing, because what is the point of paying money to get a job done, if the work eventually turns out to be malicious, and actually maligns the company’s reputation.

A few ways to enhance the efficiency of SEO are listed below, use them see wonders happening:

  • Google’s featured snippet- snippets occur more frequently in question based keyword searches, like “how to make a pancake?” the first page that opens up upon entering the search option is of utmost importance. In fact the featured snippets are the ones which get shown on the very first page. If you can convert your content into that of a featured snippet, the viewership of the content could improve by 114%.


  1. Focus should be on increasing HTML response and efficiency and more HTML headers in your content.
  2.  Along with it, try to use headers which include the target keyword, and answer the particular question to the point.
  3. For topics which are fewer questions oriented, target content marketing to increase the response.
  4. Try to write the content in the form of – step 1, step 2, and s on. This way Google can simply highlight a part of the answer, and the reader can click on the link for the entire content.
  5. Use key phrases such as “start by”, “the first step is”, “most important tool is” and so on.

                                          search engine optimization

  • Post regularly for a particular target audience– write often and research thoroughly before uploading your content. This way you can convert your website into one of those “active” players in the market, someone who is always ready to help out the customer with whatever they need. Also important factor is to specify and write content only for your target audience. This may sound limiting, but writing to the point content attracts more responses as compared to those which are written for a “wider” audience. Blogging and posting more than 15-20 times a month get almost five times the response they were getting earlier! This is not only for the big established search engine optimization companies, but even more effective for the small ones where there are 5-10 employees. Use a conversational tone and research on the key phrases most preferred. Incorporate these phrases and words into your write and see magic happen.
  • Also it’s very important to keep track of your target audience. For example, if your product is a tailoring machine, then the target audience would mostly be women. So pieces should be written in such a way that they target women from across the globe and motivate them to purchase your product. The writing should be such that the women would be convinced that this tailoring machine would forever change the face of their business. Also write as long and as engaging articles as possible, but also keep in mind that the length of the article should not bore your readers.
  • TAGRET YOUR INTENT– if your sole intent is to convince buyers to buy your product then composes your content in such a way that the article focuses only on discussing the pros and cons of the product or service concerned. If however your website also acts as a general blog, then also include conversational write- ups where you discuss with your readers on whether to buy a product or not at the first place. This will show that the company is not merely focused on marketing the product but is also concerned about its reader’s choices.
  • Community hijacking- hijacking the particular community is a wonderful trick to build up link and increase traffic. For example, if your brand is a fashion related enterprise, then in addition to maintaining your website also get down to Instagram and pinterest and other social media sites like facebook, to build up contacts and promote your products. Even link up your actual website to boost sales. Use an e- commerce platform so that followers from your instagram community can directly purchase a product from site. This will help you to cater to multiple needs at a single time with fool- proof efficiency.
  • Competitors– don’t merely keep a track of the needs that your customers or readers demand, but also pay equal attention to your

Competitor analysis- Search Engine Optimization

. After all your own business can only bloom once your competitor is also under performing. So keep a track of his website, and analyze the numbers in relation to your own website. In case it is your business which is not performing up to the mark, then go ahead and launch a new product, or adopt a new search engine optimization marketing strategy. You could even offer discounts, or write about the social activities that you recently under too has part of your social corporate responsibility. After all, there is nothing like a good deed performed which also helps boost sales.

Keeping the above points in mind and implementing the with accuracy is sure to get your business to the heights you have always imagined. These are the five most important steps, but obviously there is no limit to the various techniques and schemes that can be used to improve the track record f your content. So go ahead and explore more, it always pays to be a student in the long run!

Uses of Progressive Apps & Future of Hybrid App & Website Development

Learn about Progressive Web Apps, Future of Hybrid App & Website Development. PWAs are web applications that load like regular web pages & use modern web APIs. Along with traditional progressive enhancement strategy to create cross-platform web applications.

What are Progressive web applications (PWAs) : Progressive web applications (PWAs) are web applications that load like regular web pages. Or websites but can offer various user functionalities. Progressive Web Apps are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of apps. Progressive web apps use modern web APIs along with traditional progressive enhancement strategy to create cross-platform web applications.

Today’s topic is Why to choose Progressive Web Apps for development services now? And, How can it be the Future of Hybrid App & Website Development? So before going into deep discussion let us first know about the progressive web application. Its features, advantages, and disadvantages of the progressive web application.

About Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)


Progressive web applications or simply PWAs are pages of various web browsers or websites that offer the options or choices of working offline. Push notification, etc and these features help the common users to a very great extent. Thus the progressive web application allows the flexibility of the web development with a native app development protocol which helps a lot in the daily development of android apps. Frances Berriman and Google chrome engineer Alex Russell first invented the term progressive web development in the year 2015. Taking help with the new features that are available in the latest market. This technology can be said as the latest technology which can be developed and this also a great feature of progressive web development or application.

This development of this word by the two men Frances Berriman and Alex Russell have led to a new native operating system. That operates or works on the principle of running on a background process via serializable, asynchronously. And Batched Bridge and these features help the common users to a very great extent.

Concept that Progressive Web Apps use for PWA development

Progressive web application usually uses the concept of HTML, CSS, and JS to create a simple sort of application. And these programming languages are the easiest accessible and easy user-friendly languages. Which help in the proper development of the progressive web development or progressive web applications.


  • It can easily developed by a developer via Browser and then it can also be displayed on desktops and laptops. And various modes of output devices which can show the proper result. And gives the user the feelings to feel like an app with the correct form of style application mode and navigation system.
  • It can also get access to the provision of push notification and also an ability to work offline. This feature helps a lot to the customer or the user or the developer who is developing a mobile application. With the help of native progressive web development or progressive web application.
  • Comparing with a native application source it is much easier, faster and more efficient. To develop a PWA than a mobile web application or hybrid application. And thus it is also accepted by the user application protocol or prototype. It gives the user the feelings to feel like an app with the correct form of style application mode and navigation system.
  • Native mobile app development program allows the provision of providing skilled service workers. Which not only works for the development of progressive web app but also enhances the cooperation from the client and this push notification, touch id, and face id are still now not introduced. This technology can be said as the latest technology which can be developed. This also a great feature of progressive web development or application.

Why Progressive Web Apps, Future of Hybrid App & Website Development ?

Now we come to the main topic of discussion which is why progressive web application. Or progressive web development program is the future of hybrid app development and web development application protocol system.


An examination has demonstrated that all things considered an application loses 20% of its clients for each progression between the client beginning to utilize the application and a client should initially discover the application in an application store, download it, introduce it and after opens it for a very long time for its proper running and it is now used to create a large application used for various commercial system applications and domestic appliances and many other places of development of Android app or application development system programming or protocol or prototype and the internet has gained popularity as reliance.


Python has to lead to the very much development of language development of the program and thus this is one of the major reasons why everyone or every developer prefer to choose this application protocol and also they are using and many areas as one of the best ever language and due to this web oriented transaction system of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and this dependency property of this language is one of the other major reason why this progressive web application or progressive web development is being considered everywhere and is being adopted by everyone for its official or personal use.


At the point when a client finds your progressive web application, they will have the capacity to instantly begin utilizing it, taking out the superfluous downloading and establishment stages and what’s more when the client comes back to the application, they will be provoked to introduce the application and move up to a full-screen involvement and it is a special server-side communication system and scripting language that was first designed or developed or created by Zend technologies in the year 1995 and it was mainly developed for the purpose of website development but now since its efficiency has been reduced to a very low level so now it is being used for the general purpose of development and after the successful learning of this PHP we can create various sorts of websites and many other forms of web applications and mobile app development frameworks .


Such as IONIC, React JS, Angular JS, Node Js, React Native and many more other android application or app development frameworks which in addition to the basic development of websites and web applications or apps PHP can be also used to create GUI, create Facebook apps, Image processing, content management systems which helps in the basic development of system and also creation of pdf files or android management tools is also with the help or assistance of php or hypertext preprocessor which makes the programming language of the following framework more easy and this can be influenced more and also to a very good and great extent of the protocol system or its type.


Thus the common features of this progressive web application program are as follows:-

  • Progressive- works for world wide user despite of any choice of any sort of application.
  • Responsive- This new progressive web development fits into any sort of platform or devices such as desktops, mobile, tablets or any other sorts of devices which are available in the present market.
  • Connectivity Independent- This progress web development application provides the users to work in offline mode or in low quality mode
  • App like- It gives the user the feelings to feel like an app with correct form of style application mode and navigation system.
  • Fresh- It always provide fresh update or day to day update of the latest versions and this is only possible for the service worker update process.
  • Discoverable- They provide new things to discover with a latest technology and this is also only possible with the assistance of W3C manifests and service worker registration scope.
  • Re engageable- This process allows the user to re engage the features very easily such as push notification, web browsing and web designing.
  • Installable- They always keeps the app which are required to perform various sorts or types of works ready in their home screen without disturbing any sorts of app store or play store.
  • Linkable- This progressive web development application allows the user to easily share any sort or types of documents via URL and do not require the usage or installation of complex items.

As, we’ve already discussed it with Advantages and Disadvantages in our previous PWAs post.


Some of the Advantages of using Progressive web app are as follows:-

Some of the Advantages of using Progressive web app are as follows:-

  1. Responsive Layout for everyone
  2. Respond like mobile app
  3. Available in Offline Mode
  4. Add to Home Screen
  5. Push Notifications

Disadvantages of using progressive web development application are as follows:-

  1. Limited Functionality on IOS devices
  2. No personal data available

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Thus we see and observe why progressive web development program or its application is the future of hybrid apps and web application development. This features and advantages of progressive web application or development helps a lot in this sort of development properly and efficiently.

mobile app development

10 Best Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out In 2019

The previous year, 2018 was a very important year for mobile app development as there was a lot of updates given to both Android and iOS users. Android Pie OS releasing, Android started working with the latest and very user-friendly technology. Also, iOS 12 has made the iPhone so much better and made it seem like the perfect all apple users. But all of these are just paving the path for a brighter future for the development of mobile apps in the year 2019. CoreAppsTech is one of the Best Mobile Apps company for Mobile development, Cross-platform mobile development & so on. If you are looking for app developers near me then you can easily find Freelance app developers here.

For Hiring app developers, you must need the Best App development company. Who can easily make beautiful and decent Android app design for your Business. And for searching for the Best mobile app company, you must need to know the latest trends and tools during the current scenario. Especially, If you are searching mobile app development company in Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Austin, Atlanta, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, Miami, many other USA regions, India, Dubai and so on. So, Below is the List of Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out In 2019. Hire the Best mobile app developers for Hybrid apps & Progressive Web Apps development services through Custom mobile app development here!


The previous year, 2018 was a very important year for mobile app development as there was a lot of updates given to both Android and iOS users. Android Pie OS releasing, Android started working with the latest and very user-friendly technology. Also, iOS 12 has made the iPhone so much better and made it seem like the perfect all apple users. But all of these are just paving the path for a brighter future for the development of mobile apps in the year 2019. CoreAppsTech is one of the Best Mobile Apps company for Mobile development, Cross platform mobile development & so on.

If you are looking for app developers near me then you can easily find Freelance app developers here. For Hiring app developers, you must need the Best App development company. Who can easily make beautiful and decent Android app design for your Business. And for searching for the Best mobile app company. You just need to know the latest trends and tools during the current scenario. Especially, If you are searching mobile app development company in Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Austin, Atlanta, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, Miami, many other USA regions, India, Dubai and so on. So, Below is the List of Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out In 2019. Hire the Best mobile app developers for Hybrid apps & Progressive Web Apps development services through Custom mobile app development here!

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Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out In 2019

With every update, there is a lot to look out for and that is why the new mobile development trends that are yet to come. This year is very exciting and awe-inspiring for mobile developers and users alike. Read the article to find out what are the new trends that are to be followed to make your apps an immediate hit in the app store by following the Best mobile app development services & strategies. As we’ve already discussed 7 Best Hybrid app frameworks for mobile app development in 2019 in our previous post. If you are aiming at making lots of money from mobile applications. Then it is a must to follow the trends and make your app up to date and also providing a well organized and seamless user experience.

But the technologies in mobile application development that came up by the end of 2018. That is also worth looking into before looking up at what’s to come in mobile app development this following year.


The end of 2018 had a lot of news relating to mobile app development and one such was the release of Angular 7. It is related to AngularJS development. With so many expectations from the development community for it. Google its developer has added new features that make it more easily usable and updated for the current trend. It has features for making drag and drops function easier. With the new CLI prompts and updated material and compiler. It is very fast and provides a very fast functioning and more native app like feel and flow to users. This new version also includes virtual scrolling something that enables lazy loading rather than all at once.

Swift is now an enterprise-ready language for IOS native application building and has far surpassed Objective C with its modern and easier coding platform. Unlike objective C which had to be learned specifically by a mobile apps developer to make native IOS apps. Swift now has a bigger community of developers that can learn and execute with just a foundation in C#. This also allows big companies to train their existing app developers in swift. It is also built with the future of mobile apps in mind. As it also has extensive support for cloud and cloud-based applications.

So let us start discussing the different features that are to come up in 2019. And also make use of them to make the development process up to date with the features available in the market.

1. Progressive web apps

The discussion of whether to choose native vs hybrid app development for the application is a never ending discussion among developer communities. The rise of Progressive web apps development might be able to answer this question. As a lot of advantages has made developers choose Progressive web apps over native or hybrid apps with the upcoming updates in technology. You Must Read: Why Progressive Web Apps, Future of Hybrid App & Website Development?

In 2019 many companies will turn to PWA’s for their application needs. As the memory usage and functionalities are far better when compared to native apps, PWA’s will be the solution for faster and robust app development. With the feel and flow like that of the native app, it can also make use of all the native features and give high performance with high scalability for the applications.

With most features available offline like a normal app the coding is also made easier and faster. By using web building languages like CSS, HTML, and Java. Limited data usage is also an advantage of PWA development. Due to its capability to work even in very bad network conditions.

With all these, it gives the users a rich experience by even giving push notifications offline. The app doesn’t need to be downloaded like native apps. It can be shared by just sending the link like any website or webpage.

2. Hybrid mobile apps

With respect to hybrid apps development. React native and Ionic are expecting updates which help in writing applications for all platforms at ease. As Ionic 4 Beta has already been released, which is going to be very helpful in Ionic app development. With these, the programs written using Java, HTML, CSS, etc are to be made indistinguishable. From the ones written natively for IOS and Android using swift, objective C or other native languages. And mainly due to the cost-effectiveness of these apps when compared to native development. Lot of companies might turn away from native app development for their development needs. There are 7 Reasons Why Hybrid App Development is developers favourite in 2019! Hybrid apps can also access the native operating system functionalities which makes them maintain a good interactive and immersive user interface.

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3. Accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated mobile pages is another technology that is to come up in the following months this year. With so many people using mobile browsers, there is a high demand for faster loading of websites on the web. It is a collaborated project between Twitter and Google and is open source. AMP uses optimized HTML to render faster web pages and also there is the elimination of JavaScript and other processes that make the loading slower.

With the use of lazy loading, this can be made possible by loading only the content that is viewed by the user and not the entirety of the content that is existent on the web page. By using AMP, web pages load is decreased by about 6 times and thus enables faster loading. This also indirectly makes the user experience better by loading the content as one scrolls down on the application.

4. Internet of things

While IOT is being funded by various fields for its advantages by integrating into the field, there will be a great development for Education and health care industry. Doctors and patients will be put in the loop with all the other essential personnel and hospitals will be integrated to make the job of the healthcare industry easier.

Patients from remote locations will be able to receive quality treatment from quality help elsewhere. With respect to the education sector, real-time monitoring and help for students by teachers will improve education standards. The parents, teachers, the students will be put closer together by use of mobile applications, improving the quality and standards of the education industry.

5. Machine learning or Natural language processing

While artificial intelligence might like something far fetched at this point, the use of computer programs for small tasks is something coming up in mobile applications. Integrated chatbots are one such thing. It has been in use for some time now for a few applications and in 2019 there will be a lot of talk about apps having cool chatbots that use machine learning to improve each time with use. These bots will be used by a lot of companies in their applications for improving customer support and also for query management purposes.

Machine learning is also to be adopted on the full scale into the existing voice chat assistants like Siri, Cortana, etc which perform only a few standard tasks like playing music or making calls, setting alarms. The use of natural language processing improves the function from being just an app used for performing small functions to something that can make the user’s tasks easier. This will improve user experience and make the user feel more comfortable and also provide a way for making these interact with users in a more enriching and complex way.

6. Cloud storage

Cloud technology has come up only a few years back but it has seen extensive upgrades over the years and 2019 will be no exception to it. Many apps with extensive cloud support will come up making the storage of data in inbuilt memory unnecessary. So, many mobile apps have connected their data to clouds such as Google Drive or Drop Box, etc making the data to be accessible from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

With high-speed internet coming up everywhere this seems advantageous for mobile app users. They also have a catch for enterprises as the data is more secure and least vulnerable when it is saved in a cloud-based system rather than a local storage device.

7. Smartwatches or Wearables

Wearables like Fitbit or SmartWatches have become some sort of a trend now and in 2019 they will become a fashion trend and everyone will be seeking out to be owning one of their own.  These smart devices interact with various apps on the mobile phone and make accessing them easier without the need to touch the phone.

So many applications will start bringing support for such devices and make apps with more features that attract people. These devices also use many of the phone’s native features like GPS, camera, etc to help in more accurate and enriched user experience.

8. Mobile Wallets

As mobile devices are used by almost everybody around the world, the need for using mobile wallets has come up. Almost all major e-commerce sites are linked with various mobile payment options to facilitate a frictionless and effortless payment by users. As the people look out for a more fast-paced, secure and smart payment method Google and Apple have initiated by creating Mobile wallet applications of their own namely Google pay and Apple pay.

Many more mobile wallet applications will come up in this year with more secure encryption capabilities and app developers for companies need to be able to provide integration to these mobile payment solutions for their application to keep their users from migrating.

9. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality applications like Google Cardboard, VR video players, etc have been in a top position in app stores as they provide a near reality and immersive experience and people always like it when it is so close to reality. Many E-commerce sites have adopted VR based product visualizations to help buyers feel a closer understanding of the products.

They use virtual tours, 3600 photos, etc to make the customer attracted to the product. While many games use augmented reality with the help of Sensors in the device to make the game more interactive and immersive, the rich user experience they give has made few companies use an amalgam of Virtual reality and Augmented Reality in their applications.

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For example, lenskart provides a try on feature to market their frames where the user can get a clear visual interpretation of how it looks when worn. This gives them an experience that is close to what can only be achieved when actually trying it on. Thus most of the E-commerce applications will start to use VR and AR to attract customers and sell products. Also, more of augmented reality based games will come up this year.

10. Application security

At the pace mobile applications are being developed with faced paced functionalities, more and more concerns for the security of the information arises. A lot of improvement for security attributes will come up in this year. Encrypted messages are used as a way to protect the information and more apps will tend to integrate this into their application to prevent information breach.

Self-deleting messages is also a very viable option and the application developer can choose between the two for preventing data theft from their applications. Even with all these the information is not truly safe and more strict standards will come up to prevent it.


As seen from the new trends above mentioned as “10 Best Mobile App Development Trends”, a lot of the entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts will revolve around making the most out of these expected trends and keeping up with all of them will be an even behemoth of a task.

With all of these things to watch out for, this year in 2019 and next year 2020 will be very interesting and exciting for all mobile developers and users. Mobile developers need to keep up to date with the latest technology and keep the app developed by them perform faster, seamlessly with better user experience and make them surpass the existing standards and expectations.