Key Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is nothing but a branch of computer science which deals with the completion of the works which are incapable of being done with human hands or which are risky for a human being to perform. It is an art of making intelligent machines and computer program systems. Computers that are designed for artificial intelligence perform activities like Speech recognition, Learning, Planning, Problem-solving, etc. Artificial intelligence aims of creating expert systems or we can say the systems which are designed to show intelligent behavior, learn from the user, give demonstrations and explain with advice to the users. One of the major goals of artificial intelligence is to inculcate human intelligence into machines. It refers to building systems that understand, think, learn, and behave like people. Artificial intelligence has gained a pro level specialization in games playing, expert systems, natural languages, neural networks, and most importantly robotics. By the use of the AI system, computers are taught to play games with human beings. AI also aims at teaching computers to make decisions in real-life situations. It provides features like making computer systems learn natural languages. Under robotics, the machines are taught to see and hear and react to other sensory stimulation.

It is nothing but a way to teach computers and machines to act like humans and follow the procedure would be similar to that of a Human Brain. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, the machines and computers are taught in such a manner so that they can recognize human speech, change them to machine commands and give back the output. One of the best uses of artificial intelligence is in smart toys and robotics. The Next-Gen Smart Toys can be treated as a bot that will respond to what the kids speak. The basic components of artificial intelligence include Intelligence, Learning from experience, Reasoning, Problem-solving, Language- understanding, etc. Artificial intelligence is considered to be one of the latest trends in the world.

Introduction to the Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality is a technology that puts computer-based modifications over a preexisting reality to implement more meaning to the ability to interact with it. Augmented reality or AR is made in apps and is made to be benefited on mobile devices by mixing digital components into the real world. This new technology of augmented reality is gradually increasing in the market. Augmented reality can be included in any device which has hardware components. Today, modern days smartphones are considered to be an appropriate platform for Augmented reality devices as it contains elements such as sensors, processors and camera, etc. AR is a technology that is currently using threw the OPS system. The technologies like augmented reality are considered to be one of those future upcoming technologies which are going to change the day to day lives of normal human beings. As there is no such field left which has not been affected by the effects of the augmented reality whether it be medication or education or entertainment or any other field. It is said to be associated with the concept of computer-mediated reality in which a view can be enhanced by the computer system. Augmented reality is soon becoming one of the top trends in all over the world and is surely going to change our lives in manner ways which it has already begun to do.

Key difference between AR and AI:

As we know that augmented reality is nothing but supplying real-time image by giving more and more information about any object we point our device at through registering them and based on the GPS location & direction of the compass inputting information about that object from the web, shown on the visual displays like computers display. On the other hand, artificial intelligence is a completely different topic from Augmented Reality. It is about giving some kind of intelligence to the IT world. So it can be called the science of making artificial things intelligent. The algorithms used in artificial intelligence can be very simple and stupid. On the other hand, augmented reality superimposes objects which look realistic onto the background scene of the viewer providing the illustration that the computer-oriented object is actually present as part of the reality. And in the case of Artificial intelligence, it imitates the computation processes of a human mind by means of digital components with the goals to produce a genuine awareness within a system that is not biologically or emotionally bound.

This invention is by far considered to be the greatest effort brought in the world by human beings. Artificial Intelligence is totally different when compared with augmented reality. In artificial intelligence, we create such machines which can act and react like human being whereas, in augmented reality, a computer-generated image is put forward in the real world of human beings to be believed by them. It is another King of Virtual Reality only. Although, virtual reality is very different from the Augmented Reality. There are many reasons for that too. Artificial intelligence stands completely different topics from both virtual realities as well as augmented reality as artificial intelligence is a real and existing thing (for example bots and robots do exist in the real world and it is possible to see them through naked eyes). Concluding with this that artificial intelligence and Augmented reality are although both the technologies used in the growing world and are going to change the world remarkably they have some key differences between them.

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