Top 5 Coding Skills to surely Improve your Programming Career


Programming is nothing but a way of providing instructions to the computer system to perform variously. As we know that computers cannot understand human language, thus we use binary and other languages to give instructions to the computer. This process of commanding or instructing the computer system with the help of such languages is called programming. Programming aims at finding a series of instructions that can automate performing a specific work or solving a given problem. When we do programming on a computer to solve a problem, it always requires to define data to represent the things in your problem which is called modeling. It also needs to explain unambiguously what process to follow in order to solve the problem. Majorly, there are three types of programming- imperative, functional and logical. In imperative programming, we instruct the computer for what to do to the data. In functional programming, the computer is instructed to building output data from input data. In logic programming, we specify a set of constraints, which are nothing but some rules that say how things are related and then ask a question. In today’s world, in the world of digitization, there are many career opportunities available in the field of programming.

Programming or software development is an interesting skill which is provided with the right domain knowledge, you can always be employed in any industry and in any country. There are a number of jobs available in the field of coding and programming like full stack web developer, back end system, UX/UI developer, Database developers, database administrator, desktop developers, embedded engineers, mobile developers, statistical modelers, healthcare information, etc. The four major areas where these jobs are distributed are Software Analysis, Software Architect, Software Coder, and Software Tester. Computer programming is obviously an interesting and creative job. Computer programming can be done from anywhere in the world, sitting anywhere doing almost anything, so companies sometimes look for programmers in countries where wages are lower. In order to compete with the crowd of many intelligent programmers, you need to learn some skills that will make you stand alone in the crowd of many and will definitely drive your programming career.

Following are the top five skills which will surely improve your programming career –

1. Proper knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms:

Doing a formal course in data structures and algorithms is an utmost necessary thing if you are pursuing programming as your career. A proper course lets you know the basics of the data structures and algorithms and makes you understand how things work. You should have a practical understanding of the Algorithms and data structures as they are must be learned while learning programming and coding. We need to learn all the basic data structures like an array, list, tree, graph, trie, dictionary/map, set, etc.

2. Write more and more codes :

As we all know that practice makes a man perfect. The quote stands perfectly true for programming and coding. To gain proficiency at coding and programming a person needs to keep coming at regular levels. The more you code, the more you get better at it with time. Efficient practice is what needed for being a good coder and programmer. Writing more and more codes regularly will also help you in correcting your mistakes, also knowing about them firsthand. As Mistakes, bugs and unknown problems can always happen when you start to code. Mistakes are one of the best ways to learn how things work. Therefore, we need to appreciate it and try to fix it by ourselves.

3. Grasp knowledge online:

It is always told that a person can never be completely talented or intelligent with respect to any particular subject. So, a person always needs to keep learning about coding and programming and the internet is a vast ocean of knowledge. Watching videos and tutorials can help a person in a profound way and can also help in the development of a student’s career. These things can teach you things which you are not aware of. There are many websites available that can help a person have a better knowledge of programming like Codechef, HackerRank, HackerEarth, Sphere online judge, Codeeval, Code Jam, etc.

4. Programming languages:

For having a better career at programming, a person is must learn about lots and lots of programming languages. A person is needed to keep learning multiple languages. A person can start learning the languages gradually with a time span of one every year. We need to aim at the paradigm of the language and try to understand its weaknesses and strengths which will surely boost up our career in programming.

5. System understanding:

For having a good and smooth going career in programming, a person needs to have a proper system understanding. You need to understand the nature of your target operating system. Understanding the program segments like data, text, stack, heap, etc can prove to be very beneficial in order to have a better understanding of working through programming and coding. There are many other skills too which when implemented can prove to be very beneficial for the career growth of a programmer. Web programming will always continue to be a good career choice as there is always the availability of jobs in the sector of coding and programming.

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