Best Web Design Courses to get in 2019 | Ideal for High Salary Jobs

web designing

Web designing is the process of modifying the aesthetic and interactive parts of the website. It works on different aspects that are appealing to the viewers of the website like the placement of content as well as the color combination, size, font, etc. There are a number of tools used to perform the work of web designing, for eg. Features of Adobe Photoshop are used to formulate the layout and other visuals that form the website. Some common elements of website designing are Balance, Contrast, Emphasis, Consistency, and unity. Web designing also includes in it the formulation of client side and server side development using front end and back end languages respectively. The various programming languages that web designers use for the same purpose are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.

A fairly designed website leads you to secure a stable position in your area of business and also assist you in making a quality communication with your viewers across the planet. Each organization or business has completely distinct goals that are why it’s necessary to have a website that resembles your business necessities. This maintains and controls your business level in the market. A good design attracts your user to a great extent and directs them wherever they need. There is a huge number of varying jobs available all around the world in the areas of web designing.

Some of the most popular and highly payable jobs are listed below –

1. UI Designers :

UI or User interface designers are allotted to work with understanding the programming language of the application in making so that they can modify and craft visuals that will facilitate the use of the program. They are expected to understand computer programming as well as graphic design because of the high demands of their work since they are in charge of organizing their plans into the program correctly. They are responsible for making drafts in graphic design and editing software, selecting fonts and managing color schemes for compatibility, having a knowledge of programming codes such as Java or CSS, creating storyboards and test runs of animated, visual, conceptual concepts, etc. They are counted among one of the topmost highly payable jobs in web designing. The Maximum salary of a UI designer is around ₹985,713 per year in India

. 2. UX Designer:

User experience design (UX design) is the measures taken for enhancement of the usability and accessibility of a product with the view to a greater level of user satisfaction. UX design never really ends. As your users interact with your product, their requirements will develop and mature. New features can be developed using similar procedures to a new product. A person doing the job of a UX Designer helps in analyzing and planning for all aspects of a user’s interaction with a product or service. Here User Experience is the overall experience of a customer using a product or service such as a website or software application. A UX designer is the highest paid person in the areas of web designing. The salary of a UX Designer is around ₹1386,372 per year.

3. Video Gaming:

The game industry as a game programmer always will have a market and always there will be opportunities to earn money. Video game programming is a great career choice if you are a skilled programmer who is passionate about making video games. The future of the Indian Video Game Industry is very bright. It is on the cusp of explosion. The opportunities in the video game industries of India have been rapidly growing. India has the highest young population which assists in its growing and evolving gaming culture. With the increasing high economic growth, the Indian and International gaming industry has started investing in India. Today India has more than 250 gaming companies, big, small and start-ups aiming to develop the next-gen games. Video game design is the fourth highest-paid field in the industry. The average yearly salary for a game designer is around ₹516,128 per year.

4. Animators:

Animation has a lot of scopes as well as a lot of completion. Nowadays, almost every movie is coming out with at least one scene which is made of CGI or VFX. So, there are good opportunities for you in the animation industry. A 3D Animator earns a salary according to his expertise, experience, and skills. This is the era of digitization that itself speaks that there will be a huge demand for Animators. The average salary of an animator is around ₹352,249 per year.

5. Product Designer:

Being a product designer is being the person who deals with the whole processes at every product which needs to be designed. A product designer works with a client or a target audience that has a certain need or problem that needs to be solved. The daily responsibilities of a product designer include User Research, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Implementation and Evaluation, and Testing. A product designer has one specific task to do and that is to make sure they mix artistic quality with technical skills and scientific technique, generating products that people can use in real life. The current digital world has made it really easier for all product designers to have a lot of new tools available, something which obviously allows them to optimize their invaluable time and get to create something really special. The salary of a product designer on an average is ₹ 545,277 per year in India.


There are many other professions too in the field of web designing which pays quite a good amount to the employees like exhibit designers, application designers, multimedia specialists, SEO specialists, web content managers, Multimedia programmers, etc.

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