List of Android/IOS apps built using React Native Framework

react native

React native is a JavaScript framework that is used for making applications in Android and IOS. It is a JavaScript library that aims at mobile platforms. So now with the help of JavaScript library which can be shared between platforms, any developer can easily make mobile applications. Sharing between platforms makes it easy to develop apps in both Android and IOS. React native provides us the feature of reusing the code for deployment on IOS as well as Android. This results in a huge saving of time and also money. It will also give extra time for the modification of apps. With react native, one doesn’t need to recompile the application when a change has been made in it.

It is provided with intelligent debugging tools that can be utilized of whatever text editor you prefer for JavaScript editing. The apps it creates are exciting and cool and the app is developed by the only JavaScript and they are easy to us on both Android and IOS. It has a component for android and IOS both of which are used to build the app platform that has the native feel. It provides profits of using it’s JavaScript library for creating mobile applications. It is a well-made framework for the development of UI. There are many cool and awesome apps that have been created using the React Native Framework for app development.

Some top apps are listed below –


Instagram was originally made with native apps developers, but then they integrated react native into their existing native app. They have started it with the simplest view, for now, i.e. push notifications view. This push notification view was originally implemented as a web view. The team of Instagram chose native developers because they could improve the developer velocity and deliver the app to Android and iOS much faster than they were doing it before. Around 85% to 90% of similar code was used for Android and iOS.

2. Walmart:

The React Native Framework turned out to be a good fortune for the Walmart app. There is a sharing of almost 95% of the code of Android and iOS of this app. With the help of react natives the cost of this work is reduced to half the amount used before. It enhanced it’s performance on both Android and iOS using a limited amount of resources, money and time. Also, intelligence and experience of developers were used in the best possible way across the company. Walmart has been working on modern technologies lately and has been using new and innovative ideas to enhance user experience. One of the major advantages of react native to Walmart is seen in terms of smooth graphics and great performance.

3. UberEats:

Though React Native is used in a small part of the app it is definitely very beneficial to it. It gives one of the best UI/UX experience to their users. It surely worked well for the app as it is evident by the good response from the customers. React Native provides UberEats with features to create amazing maps to the actionable insights. The model of UberEats requires extra dashboards for restaurants, delivery partners and eaters. So, with the help of react, native developers are hopeful that they will surely meet their requirements.

4. Airbnb:

Airbnb is an online marketing place. Because of the feature of the reusability of codes, the React Native Framework has proved to be very beneficial for the app. Some time back, Airbnb integrated react native into its a mobile app to enable a different style of app development. Moreover, the cost of integrating react native to the app was quite high but it paid off well to the app. It was also easy to start. Airbnb is one of the most popular applications using react Native.

5. Wix :

Wix provides large varieties of web hosting and website designing features to us. Basically, is an online tool that allows building websites without any knowledge of HTML from pre-built components. And for that, they need HTML to keep things done. With the help of react native, they can have features like react native router flux. React native apps deliver the fast speed of web development in hybrid space and this is going to be very useful for Wix.

6. Whym :

Whym is an effective translating application in which the app provides us with an interpreter. It was earlier designed for iOS only. But after the commercial release of the app successfully, the company is now aiming to introduce it to new platforms as well. They are focusing on making the app capable of quickly getting launched on new operating systems. For that, they are using React Native Framework of app development which has turned out to be very profitable for the application.

7. Skype:

Today, Skype has become one of the largest react native apps and has managed to attain millions of users. The new version of Skype is provided with modern features and new icons. The company has recently said that it is working on a new React Native wrote Android app. With the use of a react native framework for app development, Skype has grown with lots of new features and tools. We can soon expect Skype for iOS and also a new desktop version of it.


There are many other apps too which are already developed and are also being developed by the use of react native framework of application development like Facebook, Facebook ads, yeti smart-home, Bloomberg, discord, SoundCloud pulse, gyroscope, Pinterest, F8, Tesla, Artsy, chop, Tencent QQ, Flare by GoDaddy, Huiseoul, Jingdong, The List App, Townske etc. There is no chance denying the fact that react native is getting very popular day by day. Today, there is a number of applications which are benefited using the react native application development framework. There are a number of react native companies in the world that are aiming to develop applications with modern technologies and features.

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