List of apps built using Ionic Framework for App Development

ionic framework

The ionic framework comprises of some good sets of angular components and Cordova plugins. It is used for developing web includes SDK which is used for making native apps. It is considered to be the richest Framework of the season mostly because of its advanced features and also the fact that it is made with the combination of angular and Cordova frameworks for app development. For making the powerful mobile application is use the Saas UI framework which is mainly used for optimization and design the mobile operating framework that provides a group of UI components. There are many profits of using an ionic framework over the others available.

They facilitate us with cross-platform app development which is one of the major causes why the ionic framework is preferred more. They are built on angular JavaScript and result in high performance. It focuses on the development of a hybrid application. Hybrid apps are those small websites in the browser in the shell which helps access the native platform. Ionic has also released its alpha version of Ionic 4.0. It aims at bringing entirely modern and advanced features and functionalities to make it Ionic independent. It has features like the elimination of rewriting the codes, the nice availability of plugins, quick app prototyping, faster development, real-time app updates, run time error monitoring, etc. Today, there are numbers or applications which are developing themselves using the ionic framework for application development.

Few of them are mentioned below:

1. Sworkit:

Sworkit is a workout and fitness oriented application that shows us demonstrations of personalized fitness videos best suited for our lifestyles. Many fitness exercises, yoga workouts, cardio, etc. are shown in these videos which encourage people to stay fit. The app is built using the ionic framework for application development and has been featured manner times in the health and fitness segment. The app is much popular within fitness and health aimed applications and has over 25 million downloads.

2. Crypto change:

The crypto change application is a currency tracker app that tracks over 100 cryptocurrencies. This app has used the ionic framework for its enhancement and development. The app provides us with all the necessary information regarding the currencies like the history of the development of currencies, their varying value in every hour, day and week. Along with all these features, the app offers us to buy cryptocurrencies as well.

3. Nationwide:

Nationwide is known to be one of the most popular and largest insurance services companies. It has made its mobile app with the use of the ionic framework for application development. It provides users with facilities like paying bills and other basic works which we can do sitting at home just by clicks on our cell phones rather than going out and doing tiresome physical work.

4. Market Watch:

Market Watch is one of the most popular stock market and business news app which keeps us updated with the daily financial and economic news. The application is built with an ionic framework and has come with advanced features. It provides access to news and quotes related to business and the stock market. The app can work both on Android as well as IOS.

5. Pacifica:

Pacifica app is built using the ionic framework which examines the user’s cognitive behavior to help him reduce his anxieties, stress, and depression. The app can work on Android as well as IOS. It has got a number of features like thought analysis, positive visuals, and health and mood trackers. It has proved to be very beneficial to its users. People have effectively reduced their mental trauma to a great extent with the use of the Pacifica application. One of the best features of Pacifica is that it also offers communication with private groups and communities.

6. Untappd:

Among the most famous applications built using the ionic framework for app development, the untappd app is also counted. It lets its users explore nearby beer bars. We can also keep track of what our friends are drinking. The app also provides the features to check for trending beer, posting feedback and activities, make choice list for favorite beers and a lot more. The application is built with an ionic framework for application development because of the prominent features of this framework.

7. Chef steps:

Chef steps are the cooking application which provides us with lots of cooking tutorials, video classes, old to modern recipes and tools for people who take cooking as passion. The app is made using an ionic framework for application development and can work on both Android and IOS. The many features of this app are developed with the help of HTML 5, CSS, and Javascript. They provide us with facilities like cooking videos, tutorials, and tools that can help users in cooking.

8. TD trading:

The app is re-codify using the ionic framework for application development. It is a stock trading application. It provides the user’s facilities like investing in shares, funding and indulging in the stock market. Users are allowed to keep a check at their portfolios, look for their orders and make a watch list to look over their stocks. The modification of the application using the ionic framework has led to major growth in the popularity of the application as it has been advanced with prominent facilities with the help of the ionic framework of application development. There are many other applications too which are being developed using the ionic framework. The ionic framework has resulted in advancing applications with various modern features.


There are many other apps too which are modified and built using the ionic framework for application development like just watch, Diesel (Clothing brand app), Fran gout, Mall zee, etc. Ionic framework for application development is an awesome framework with lots of excellent and modern features for new developers to make hybrid applications with lots of good and advanced features. It has proved to be a success booster for many beginners in the field of application development.

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