Golden Rule of Website Functionality And Design

website functionality

In this modern era, be it a small business or large-scale business, the very necessity when starting a business is to form a website. Not only making a website but also maintaining it. Posting regular new content on the website. Maintaining a well-written blog where you put forward your business model in the best way possible so that users can get know about the basic idea. So, website functionality is the thing you should understand if you want to kick start a business.

What are the Website Functionality Requirements?

The domain name is the first thing that you have to decide before making a website. It is the easiest representation of your business and it should be catchy enough for the audiences to remember it for a while. It represents who you are, your brand name and the services which you provide. Always look to end the domain name in “.com” as it is the most popular among the rest. The domain name should be short and easy to remember. Do not make it a complex one as it becomes cumbersome for a user.

It is always advisable to have the navigation bar at the top of the page so that it becomes easy for the first-time visitor to navigate through the site. He/she can simple visit the other pages like the services provided, achievements, blogs, contact details and other information while also having a check on the home page and so, he/she can easily come back to the home page again.

There are some specific details that should always be at the bottom of the webpage. These details include your contact information, hours of operation of your business, social media links and other important locations in which your business has a center. It should have your phone no. along with the address. Also should be a fresh page with no plagiarism at all. It pisses the user if your website is a copy of another. The images on the site should be of the smallest size possible.

Which Type of Website Is Preferable?

In the recent times, Google is giving preference to mobile-friendly sites. Gone are the days when the website told the mobile users to open the site on the desktop to use it. So, to match with this current trend, you should try to make a site that is mobile-friendly.

Your website functionality should be responsive and should not be slow when the user presses a link. In this world where everything is moving at a rocket-paced speed, you must develop a site that doesn’t take much time in loading. Being an internet user yourself, you must be irritated when website functionality takes a lot of time in loading a page.

You must include a separate section in your website for testimonials and reviews. In this, the users who have used the site can write their ratings and reviews about the website functionality. This makes it easy for a new user to have an idea about the site. Good reviews will definitely mean a positive impact on the new users. So, always look to take reviews from your current and previous clients.

Your website functionality should have one or more trust badges. It adds a trust angle to your site. A recent study tells that there is a 32% increase in conversion rates after a website adds a trust badge. Always take time write and maintain a blog. Provide a description of your basic idea in the blog. If you can’t make time for it. Hire freelancers who will do it for you.

Website should be Seo Friendly.


Always spend time and money to make a website SEO-friendly, easy to navigate and responsive to stand above the rest among your competitors. A good website must be based on the ANCE (Appearance, Navigation, Content, Effectiveness) model. We will study briefly about each topic.

                                             Website functionality

Appearance of the website is the first that a user looks for in your website. Your website functionality should have a suitable framework. Choose high-quality photos but always look for meaningful photos. An image that is very different from your context doesn’t do you a favour in any way. The website should have good use of colour. Two or three main colours should be blend together beautifully. The text should be easy-to-read. Do not overuse graphics, only use it wherever necessary.

Your website functionality should have a clear navigation strategy. Navigation is like a road sign. It guides a new user throughout the site. It is an important feature of your website functionality. Be web-organized and descriptive about your content. With the help of Navigation bar, new visitors find it easy and comfortable to move around the site. It should have a search function too so that he/she can quickly locate the required product and services.

The content should be informative, relevant and to the point. You should not beat around the bush and fail to convey what you wanted to. You should understand the intersection between two aspects: what you what to say and what they want to hear! Regularly update the contents on your page. You should be able to meet the audience’s expectations while also, fulfilling the purpose of your site.

The Effectiveness of your website functionality is an important aspect too while designing a website. It should be able to catch the interest of your users. Always put a well-designed logo on the top-left or top-right corner of the page. It should be clear and informative.

It should provide a feature of a login box and a search box at the top of your page. A shopping cart also if it is an e-commerce website. At the bottom, should be a separate space for FAQs and Terms and Conditions. Live chat or Support option will always provide a different perspective to your site. The users find it easy to know about a thing with the help of the live chat option. The URL should be short and easy to remember for a first-time user also.

Website should be Work on Multiple Browser

Your website must be able to work on multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. The website layout consistency should be maintained. The site should not look untidy and disorganized. You must not look to put all the content on a single page as it doesn’t look very good and user doesn’t like information overload on a single page. So, always look to spread the information on different pages in spite if putting it all on a single one.

Your website should load very fast and photos, videos and other links should be quick to open. Your website should be easily sharable, hence increasing the chances of getting more traffic to your site. If it has too many large photos, it may take a longer time to open and hence, frustrating the user and he will end up leaving he site.

Hope that these functionalities will help you make a good website so that your business is benefited. 


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