Guide to Video Marketing | Challenges and Benefits in Digital Marketing

Video Marketing

Let’s face the facts; video marketing is essential if you want to successfully market a product. Every social media platform has adopted the ability to post videos online and dedicated video platforms such as YouTube garner hundreds of millions of consistent viewership a month. Yes, we know that producing and editing video marketing content can take a lot of time and a fair amount of money too, but the benefits to making video content are numerous and can push your product to the top if you know how to do it right. Still not convinced? Good, because we’re just getting started. Here are some advantages and reasons why video content is the future of marketing and why you should start video marketing today.and also know about how visual marketing dominating the world.

Videos have entertainment value

Now, this might sound like a strange argument at first, but when you think about it, the entertainment industry is one of the most successful industries known to man and this is because people love to be entertained. With video marketing, you can go beyond simply marketing your product, you can make your marketing content resonate with your audience. You can provide marketing content that actually interests and entertains your audience. When most consumers see an advertisement, they don’t feel any personal connection or they don’t really get interested by your typical billboard advertisements or other forms of marketing.

But a video is completely different, you can apply your artistic vision to it. You can do more than just market your product. Think about companies like McDonald’s where they constantly produce video advertisements during special occasions such as Diwali. This isn’t just to capitalize on a special time, but it connects to people out there who truly enjoy these times of celebration and it touches them on an emotional level, you couldn’t do this with regular marketing methods because they don’t have as much creative freedom as video marketing.

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Videos rank higher on search engines

Wouldn’t you just love it if a consumer searched for a product and your website or advertisement was the top result? Well with video content, that dream can now become a reality. Videos allow you to increase the time spent by visitors on your site, thus longer exposure builds trust and signals search engines that your site has good content. In fact, statistics from Google show that you are fifty-three times more likely to show up as the top result on Google if you have a video embedded on your website.

Furthermore, ever since Google partnered with YouTube, videos from YouTube are commonly the top results in the Google search engine. This all helps to highlight your product amongst the crowd and it gives you a chance to truly stand out from the rest. You can also use search engine optimization methods on YouTube to further increase your popularity and potentially make your video marketing go viral which allows further exposure and hence more free marketing.

Video content allows you to explain your product

Consumers in the modern age have gotten smarter, they don’t fall for flashy colours and catchphrases so easily. They want to be informed and get to know about why they should be interested in your product. In a regular marketing method such as a billboard image, very little information can be fed to the consumers because you have so many different aspects to focus on such as the aesthetic of the advertisement. This is where video marketing content truly shines, videos can have virtually unlimited length which allows you to go more into detail as to what is so special about your product. Obviously, you shouldn’t be striving to make ten-minute videos explaining about your product, but you can say a lot more to your audience in a two-minute video advertisement than a single billboard image or newspaper advertisement.

                                                                      Video Marketing

Video content has become easier to produce

Making video marketing content is not as expensive as it once was. Nowadays, you can film and edit an entire video on a modern smart phone for free. You don’t even need to hire a video editor or visual effects artist as there are countless of guides and tutorials on the latest editing software so even if you’re a complete beginner you can very easily produce top-notch video content. Now, obviously we don’t recommend trying to film and edit your own advertisements if you’re not experienced as they most likely won’t turn out very professional.

However, the point still stands as there is no reason to be afraid of video content anymore. The resources to make a proper video is readily available so it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional business or a start-up company, you can still use video marketing and you can enjoy the numerous advantages of producing video content to market your products.

Videos build interest

As we’ve said before, consumers are getting smarter every single day. In these times, businesses need to be able to build trust and gain brand loyalty to be able to keep their business afloat. Video marketing content, believe it or not, can have a direct impact on this. Advertising has always been about the ability to show, not to tell. Videos provide you with this opportunity, it allows you to show your audience the effectiveness and the uniqueness of your product. You can get interviews and anecdotes from customers and their positive experiences with your product. Let your audience come to you by building a platform for yourself and excite your audience with your innovative products.

Social media has become so accessible that millions of people are online all the time and studies have shown that video content can have a direct impact on sales of a product. video marketing also benefits you as they allow you to receive feedback from your audience, such as whether they like the aesthetic choices of your product or whether they feel it will be suitable for their needs and whether it is worth investing in the product. This is why video content has become such a powerful tool in video marketing and why you should stop doubting and start filming.


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