Best Social Media Marketing Strategies

social media marketing strategies

Before the internet became as big as it was, getting marketing for your product and your company was extremely difficult and costly. Hundreds of thousands of dollars could go into billboards, newspaper advertisements, and other marketing strategies. However, in these times, everyone around the world is online and you can market your product without spending anything, especially with the use of social media marketing strategies. So here are some strategies and other tips and tricks to successfully market your product on social media and strategy for social media optimization for a website, mobile, etc

Get internet celebrities to market your product for you

Whilst this may cost a bit depending on who you hire, there are so many people who have become internet sensations and they garner millions of views and likes on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Get into contact with these people, offer to send them a free copy or version of your product in exchange for some free advertising, many people might not see this as a useful way of marketing. However, tons of people are influenced by online celebrities and people they know, so when they see someone well-known talking about how good your product is, it’s definitely going to attract an audience towards you and your company. However, social media marketing strategies make sure to choose wisely as to who you want to advertise your product, get a quick background check done on them and discuss equal terms. Also, try to set your expectations properly, someone with 2,000 followers on Instagram is not going to have as much reach as someone with 2,00,000 followers, but it’s likely that someone with lesser followers is going to cost you way less than someone more influential and also referred as social media marketing 

Know your audience and advertise to them as much as possible

No product is going to appeal to everyone, usually when you make a product you have a particular mindset or target audience to which this product is going to appeal to the most. This is where research and data will be extremely useful, you have to know your audience well and this can be accomplished by collecting data such as doing online surveys on multiple platforms and viewing where you get the most attention from. This does not mean you can’t market your product to a wide audience or the general public, but heavily social media marketing strategies towards an audience that you know will be interested in your product is definitely going to help you to gain the attention of people faster. Research about specific social media marketing strategies platforms that you know your target audience generally visit. If you’re marketing an energy drink or a football, you will drive more attention to your product faster by taking advantage of online sports groups and forums.

Research about your competition

Unless you’re entering a completely new market, you are always going to be competing with another company selling similar products. Use this to your advantage, find out what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong, learn about their successes and failures. Obviously, you shouldn’t be stealing ideas from your competitors, but taking inspiration and learning from your competitors can be extremely advantageous to the growth of your company. Watch their online video advertisements and view their social media marketing strategies and evaluate them against your own strategies. What are they doing better than you? What could be improved upon? How well do they communicate or reach out to their audience?

                                            Social Media Marketing Strategies

Video content is essential

We’ve talked about video advertisements before, but this point needs to be emphasized simply because of how important it is to a growing company. Platforms like Youtube, Facebook Live and Instagram stories are some of the most popular websites in the planet. Exploiting these available platforms is essential to attract a large following. Sponsor popular Youtube and Instagram creators and get people talking about your product. People can always scroll past and ignore a regular advertisement, but even if a person watches 5 seconds of your video advertisement, it is more likely going to resonate with them.

Manage your marketing budget efficiently

Whilst this is a more general piece of advice, always make sure not to go overboard on marketing. Divide your budget efficiently so that you are reaching out to the maximum amount of people whilst spending the least amount too. For example, as we had mentioned before, whilst sponsoring an Instagram user with over two hundred thousand followers is going to attract a larger audience than someone with twenty thousand or fifty thousand followers, spending a large portion of your budget sponsoring one person with a large following isn’t going to be as efficient as sponsoring multiple people with smaller followings. Be smart about where you allocate your resources and ensure that you have proper planning and financial resources to support your social media marketing strategies before you put them into action. Try to get as much free advertising as you can such as by sending out free products to loyal customers and online critics.

And finally, make your advertisements stand out and interesting

social media marketing strategies may sound obvious to a lot of you out there, but if you don’t make your product look interesting then not many people are going to be all that interested. You don’t have to be the most creative person in the world, you just have to show off your product in a way that makes people want to buy it. If you’re advertising a new smartphone, your advertisement should show off what makes it innovative or new. Does it have an interesting design? Show it off. Is it meant for gaming? Flaunt its specifications and gaming-related features and benchmarks. Advertising is nothing more than showing off to make people want your product. It is highly recommended to have a good graphics designer in your organization to help out with making and designing the online advertisements or if you are planning to make a video, hire a good video editor and visual effects artist to make your product stand out. Keep these words in mind, online advertising and marketing is all about showing not telling.




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