How to optimize your Pay per Click Campaign

Pay per click campaign

Pay per click campaign, today, is the most effective and successful campaigns to have helped people across nations advertise they using digital marketing. under the Search engine marketing, It is a form of internet marketing strategy where the advertisers put their ad on a known platform and then pay a fixed amount every time a user clicks on their advertisement. “Google ads” is the single most popular platform for advertising your business, in the world. This system allows reaching potential customers under affordable rates within a short period of time. Pay per click campaign, allows advertisers to bid for placement of their ad campaigns every time a keyword is searched that they opted to represent their business. It’s a two-way process, you pay the webpage to display your ad and in return you get a potential customer base for your business/ product, helping it grow and flourish and. Pay per click campaign also helps to avoid mistakes in Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Optimization of a Pay per click campaign is the refinement, managing, and testing of the advertisement for improving the market value of the business/product advertised.  It is necessary to optimize so to be in check with the changing needs every minute and to maximize the impact of your business in the little time that is given to you and helping it grow.

Here are some possible ways to optimize your Pay per Click Campaign for the effective growth of your business/product.

1.     Know your goals

Make sure that you completely understand your target audiences expectations and needs. This would help you in choosing the right keywords and a better ad campaign that would attract a good amount of the population. You must analyze the possible pitfalls, the leads and the branding strategy of your product/business.

2.     Keywords

Keywords play an important role in searching for a particular thing online. We choose certain keywords to get results faster. So while producing texts to explain your business for Pay per click campaign, try to incorporate relevant as well as unique keywords to it. This would help make your ad pop up every time a specific keyword is searched. Include most frequently used popular words instead of generic terms explaining a certain product for your advertisement.

Many digital advertisers like to use long-tail keywords that are unique with less competition, therefore less expensive.

One must also not ignore negative keywords, so as to avoid irrelevant data linking with your advertisement. 

3.     Target audience

Attract customers in every possible way you could think of. Think of the particular area most crucial for the growth of your business and optimize your Pay per click campaign according to it. Exclude the population which would not affect your campaign growth in any way. Filter out the customer base most relevant and important for your campaign’s success.

Also, the appropriate hours for the campaign needs to keep in mind. Research about the time at a particular location which would prove most fruitful to your business campaigning. Here, search engines like Google and Bing help you in marking target locations.

When combined with mobile marketing, Pay per click campaign can prove to be a powerful tool to boost your business. Social media advertising today is the most effective as a majority of the population is linked with it and uses it almost daily.

Bidding for the most profitable hours for a campaign can put a huge impact on your returns. You just need to be aware of the target areas, population, and hours, most effective for you.

                                         Pay per click campaign

4.     Choosing the appropriate device

Make your Pay per click campaign both mobile friendly as well as desktop friendly. Although, certain times a campaign can better target mobile users rather than desktop and other times, it might not be suited for mobile users. In today’s gadget-oriented life, mobile phones are most feasible to handle and look up information in, so you need to make sure, your campaign is more mobile oriented. Make it short, to the point and attention seeking. Avoid slow loading landing pages when campaigning for mobile-oriented specifically.

You still might want to analyze the clear distinction between both users and how you can profit by campaigning accordingly, so as to avoid wasted money and poor returns.

5.     Landing pages

The aim of the Pay per Click campaign is to attract maximum audience towards it as possible. So if a slow loading page is where your ad is then it would be of no appeal to the audience.

Direct your Pay per click campaign to a webpage just as professional, appealing and inviting. You can also run a speed test beforehand to check the functionality of the webpage. This is one of the most effective ways to boost your campaign.

6.     Ad extensions

One can also improve their advertisement campaign by including ad extensions. It is a feature where you can add that extra bit of information crucial for your campaigns, such as address, links, and location. This helps improve the efficiency of your advertisement. This could take the customer straight to your site once he clicks on the advertisement or can connect a call to you with a click. Extensions can provide a much-needed boost to your campaign.

7.     Formulate budget

The budget required for your PPC Campaign depends on the competition in the market in your business. Analyze the worth of every newly added customer to your revenue, and find what the average cost is per click.

You need to devote enough time to optimize your advertisement in order to make it effective rather than causing a hole in your pocket.

8.     Content overload

Avoid putting in too much unnecessary information to your advertisement making it look unappealing and lengthy. Learn to use your resources well and providing high-quality content to your customers. Analyze your selections and adjust different levels and put forth a precise but well-formed content that would attract customers in a jiffy.


 This trend of advertising ones brand on a social media platform using digital marketing will go on forever. Every social networking site is launching new features for better brand endorsement, forming a better connection between the advertiser and the customers. These ways will certainly help your Pay per click campaign a good head start, helping you learn ways to make your brand achieve more.











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