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Mobile Application Development

Smartphones have taken over the world. We talk about world dominance, this is a living breathing example of it. We eat, we breathe and we drink our smartphones! It literally is owned by every third person in this world.  Our whole daily routine revolves around it. From waking up in the morning with our alarms, checking our social media, listening to music and watching videos, checking emails, using healthcare apps and what not. It is all possible because of various applications in the mobile.

Mobile Application Development have been the center of innovation for a really really long time. Thus there is a lot of competition in the market to maintain the position. There is a whole of lot of ideas that marketers are coming up with to keep their applications relevant and competitive. They need to constantly keep their customers engaged thus they need to prove with a unique user experience which sets the apps apart from their competitors.

We are through the middle of 2018 and we know for sure that apps are not going anywhere. They are here to stay and rather are at their peak as new apps are releasing I’m the market every day. App trends and their development are adjusting accordingly. With such a fast-paced development worldwide here are top ten trends that help in building the future of your application. These trends have been shortlisted after observing the similarities of inclusion of below-mentioned trends in successful applications.


Artificial intelligence

AI has always been the epitome of a fascination of the layman. That dream has now come true with Microsoft introducing ‘Cortana’ and Google introducing ‘Duplex’. People are going gaga over it. A lot of tech companies are investing in the AI startups like Facebook, IBM, eBay, etc.

AI makes the experience of the app for the user much personalized and unique. It only makes the apps smarter but saves a lot of money for the app developers. Catboats learns the behavior pattern of the user and thus making it more personalized. The apps are integrated with AI for enhancing their support services and provide the users with assistance. Tech giants will depend heavily on the duo of machine learning and artificial intelligence for exciting features in their apps like personalized experience, behavioral targeting, recommendations engine, etc. This robust tool has compelled each and every sector of technology to employ Artificial Intelligence capabilities to its processes.

Augmented reality/ virtual reality

At present, AR and VR on the rise in the development of gaming and Mobile Application Development. AR is generally used to deliver a real-life view of the real world and VR is used to create real-life situations or the environment. Many apps are coming up with innovative ways to inculcate AR for development of apps like healthcare, real estate, engineering, etc. And VR into the development of gaming applications.

In the previous year, we witnessed the huge success of the game Poke mongo, it was all possible due to AR. Ar makes it more fun and exciting for the users. We might not realize it but Snapshot and Instagram have been using AR technology for quite some time now. AR can help create some really addictive games and it roves t be a success with the public. Companies like Samsung, Google have introduced VR devices. Thus we can say that AR and VR have tremendous potential to bring on a revolution in the tech industry.

IoT and Wearable Apps

The Internet of Things has become an industry of its own which is constantly evolving. It helps people control the non- IT equipment via remote controls or apps. Data Analytics is the key that bridges the gap between the mobile platforms and the infrastructure that can communicate and share data between all the devices. The Internet of Things is shaping Mobile Application Development trends since almost every IoT solution needs a dedicated application enabling users to manage smart devices.

This is where the invention of Wearable apps becomes useful. Almost every tech giant company has a wearable device of its own that includes smart watches and fitness bands. For example, Apple Watch uses the watch OS. The wearable devices need to be connected with the smartphones through the Mobile Application Development. And thus they are known as wearable apps.

                                                                 Mobile Application Development

Mobile wallets

The boost of plastic money and online banking is clearly before our eyes. People are shifting to m-commerce from e-commerce with the invention of apps like Apple Pay, Google wallets, etc. It guarantees the security of money transaction options thus gaining users trust. Mobile wallet apps have made it really easy for users to transfer money and make payments without any hassle. They have their own unique UPI pins, scan codes, etc. to transact the money securely. Soon there will be more new methods for a faster and more secure channel for Monet transaction.

Accelerated mobile pages

Developers make use of the accelerated mobile pages (AMP) to enhance the user experience of web-based cross-platform Mobile Application Development. Introducing this helps improve the page loading drastically and reduces the bounce rate regularly. It helps the developers to increase visitors, increase the conversion rate of visitors to users, increase the visibility in the digital space and facilitate the mobile search. The mobile version of the web page is faster and responsive. It has been undertaken by Google in association with Twitter. These Accelerated mobile pages are adapted by industry giants like The Guardian, The Times of India, etc.

The rise of the Bots

The chatbots introduced with artificial intelligence has brought a revolution in the Mobile Application Development of apps. It provides assistance to users with all kinds of problems and delivers the solutions. Google’s Duplex, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa have bridged the gap between humans and technology through effective communication. Businesses like food delivery apps or cab service have already stated to leverage from these bots.

Cloud-based Mobile Application Development

Cloud technology has various advantages attached to it. It has considerably reduced hosting and the operational cost. The easy-to-navigate infrastructure, faster performance has made it popular. It has expandable storage and the increased productivity add to the popularity too. Cloud-based technologies are reliable, fast and secure. A majority concern for the breach of data gets solved by the cloud technology. It has helped the mobile developers overcome the biggest issue of lack of internal storage. Any data needed by the user can be fetched directly from the cloud app.


Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of blockchain has given rise to a whole new form of currency called the Cryptocurrency. It is totally different than the mobile wallet apps. With the introduction of Bitpay, we can say that the use of such currency is on the rise.


As users are uploading their details of the credit debit cards, personal photos, personal addresses, etc. mobile security becomes the main concern. So developers take help of various encryption methods to keep the users’ information safe and secured. Many developers make use of Script, Java, etc. for advanced security options.

On-demand apps

Many Mobile Application Development have started introducing on-demand apps to make the life of the users more manageable and easier. These on-demand apps include



Food delivery

Emergency services

Taxis and transport services

Repair services

Laundry services

Cleaning services

And so many more. Having all of these services just at our fingertips has made it more popular and add to it the very accessible and easy payment methods. Thus we can see why it is becoming a trend on the rise.


From the above-mentioned trends, a developer can adopt those to make his/her app relevant, co petite and successful. But there are always new trends that arise in making the previous ones outdated. Thus a smart developer will watch out for the up and coming trends and make changes in the app accordingly. These trends clearly show that the future for the Mobile Application Development and the public making use of them is quite bright. So get on with your new apps!!!

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