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According to a recent study conducted across the world, people spend 2 and half hours every day scrolling through the applications that they have in their mobiles. That’s roughly more than seventeen hours a week. It has been observed that of all this time, people usually scroll through their three favourite applications only. They may have a number of them, but they usually prefer to use only these three. Now, don’t tell that you do not love to scroll through your favourite social media application.

There is a reason why this generation is known as a generation of mobile phones. Suppose you want to order food. Gone are the days when you actually visited the restaurant. Now, your food is just a click away. It will be delivered straight to your home. You want to book a cab? You don’t have to wait for long duration of time just because the auto facilities are not good in your area. Just book a cab on your mobile and your cab will be there in no time. Such is there convenience of using a Mobile App Development. You want to shop? There is not a better place than the e-commerce applications. And guess what, you need a girlfriend? There are many dating applications available on the internet. You can try your luck here. There are many Mobile App Development in this regard and they can help you meet your better half.

There are a no. Of companies who are making crores and crores of money just by Mobile App Development people download their applications from playstore or iTunes. They hire a no. Of freelancers who will advertise their applications in return of some minimal stipend. They are experts in marketing and will lead your company to new heights.

In this world where everyone is on their mobile phones, Mobile App Development is the best possible way which should be used to market your business. Here we will provide the key aspects which you should keep in mind while developing your mobile application. Some of them are:

?    Android or Windows: the choice that you have to take when developing you application is that between Android and Windows. In an ideal situation, you should develop separate applications for both. But initially, going for both could become quite complex


                Mobile App Development

You must develop your application keeping in mind that it should target a large section of the media. And Android does that. 49 percent people use Android OS whereas 41 percent use the windows OS. But windows owners are more active buyers. They spend more money than Android users. So, choose the one whom you think will be the most appropriate choice.

?    Own a decent machine: the first pre requisite that you must possess before starting your career as mobile application is to own a decent machine. Now understand why it is so. Android Studio, which is the platform on which you can check your codes before forming an application, does not provide you any hardware device to check your code. It will provide you a lot of stimulators which you can use to test your codes. These stimulators use a lot of RAM. Suppose you have a one gigabytes or two gigabytes of RAM, your device will not work properly and will not be able to perform the test. How to get over it? Simple, own a device having at least four gigabytes of RAM. This will be great for your Mobile App Development. So, if you don’t have a decent device, it’s high time that you should own it. Hey, you are gonna be a developer soon. All your money will be worth it.

?    Programming language: now comes the part where you have to select a programming language to continue coding in. The best available option is Java. If you don’t have a history in programming languages, I have a tip for you. Stop following the old convention to go step by step i.e. C followed by C++ and then Java. Start straight from Java. Java is a language in itself. It does not depend on any other language. But never get struck on Java only. This will hinder your progress and you will never be able to move to Android. Now that the programming language part is done, it’s time to move forward to the next aspect.

?    Learn Android development: if you want to become a good mobile developer, start learning Android from the core. There are two ways to do that. One is the free way. In this, you should register as a user at This is the official research of Google which will help you to become a developer. It will teach you literally everything about the topics concerned.

?     How to start on Android Studio and how to install it?

                           Mobile App Development

What are the basic requirements? How to design some simple apps? All this questions can be answered through this. This also includes all the things about material design and design specifications. But there also less an associated problem. Since they are an official documentation, they cannot be easily understood by the normal audiences. Also, they are very large in volume, making the learning part fairly time consuming. There is a second option too. But it wills a paid one. It is very easy to understand and also takes a less amount of time. I will not advertise any of its examples here because we are not here for promotion purposes.

?    Register as an Android app developer: to register yourself as an Android app developer, you have paid a minimal sum of nearly 2000 rupees. After that, there will be a brief verification process. This process will consist of submitting your address and IDs. After this, you will register as a developer and you can upload your application.

?    Market your app: the key factor which will decide the success level of your app once it is uploaded is that how well it is marketed. You can hire the marketing and tech guys who will surely help you market your application and make your app to reach the

 Targeted audiences. It would be great if you already passed skills like SEO and SEM. This will help your business in many ways.

?    Idea: for your application to be successful and stand a chance among the rest, your business model should be equally well planned. Your idea behind the business model would be a key in deciding how success your all will prove to be in the future.

So, these aspects will be a key when you are thinking of Mobile App Development. These steps must always be kept in mind to be a top developer.

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