Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development is everything. In this digital era, you know pretty well that if you want to grow your business, your online presence is mandatory. Without a website or an app, reaching out to targeted customers is pretty difficult. While you cannot spend a large amount of money on ground marketing such as holding newspaper advertisements, TV, or radio commercial, the best way to penetrate this cut throat market is through mobile application and websites. By having a website or mobile application, not only you reach the targeted audience in the most affordable way but you can also witness great returns of every single penny you spent.

You must be wondering how much a Mobile App Development costs. Well, this makes a very good question. Before I tell you about the average price on an app for your business, let us learn how much other advertisements would cost you.  A standard newspaper advertisement in newspaper like Hindustan Times would cost you Rs 4500 per square centimeter. Isn’t that a costly affair? Advertising on a bill board is even more costly and would not be feasible at all for new startups. I don’t think you would be interested in knowing the cost for advertisement on TV. All these methods of advertisements are for a short period and have a very limited time to convince people. Instead, businesses can go for a Mobile App Development and market it online. This is a permanent solution to boost your service and products all across the world.

Now when it comes to mobile applications, you always wonder, how much it costs you. Well, let me reveal, it costs you much lower than those short term advertisements. A mobile application can have 2 to 25 screens, or you can call them pages and it depends on how many pages do you want. On an average of mobile app within 2 to 4 pages would cost you around INR 30,000. The app can have an attractive user interface and a few basic surfaces. So if you want to develop an M-commerce app where you can sell 50 products through the application, it may cost you around INR 70,000- INR 80,000. Now this does include the Mobile App Development and the deployment.

                                                         Mobile App Development

Do you see the difference? By spending INR 70,000-80,000, you have your application that you can use as the best marketing tool forever. However, in making an app, you may need a few API’s and they are not all free. Whenever your application requires paid API’s, that money is extra. So just make it clear so that you don’t get confused. Once your app is live, it is not here just for few minutes, hours or weeks. It is on the cloud up there for years to come. Does it make sense? Yes, it does.  So stop thinking and have your Mobile App Development now. Apps provide a whole new way of setting up your business and achieving great success. If your app is an extension of your existing business, it’s relatively easy to build and will provide more value to your customers.

With smartphones and tablets becoming the hardware of choice, there has never been a better time to consider creating your own app. Mobile App Development in the language of the device ensures maximum speed and access to all functions. As with any software development it takes time and skills from software engineers, UI designers, project managers and testers.

                                                              Mobile App Development

Why develop an app? What benefit could it bring to your organization? There are many but three key ones are: producing a tool specifically for your staff or customers; building brand awareness as a part of the marketing campaign; creating an app to generate new or additional revenue streams.

Looking at your organization there may be many opportunities for creating apps. For example, your sales team can access customer records on the road, or a factory manager can monitor the status of the equipment remotely while off-site. There have been some great brand awareness and viral marketing exercises done around producing apps that reinforce brand values by delivering a memorable or useful experience to the user. Generating revenue by selling an entertaining or functional app direct to consumers has been very successful for some. Why can’t yours be the next billion dollar Instagram?

Finally, it is also worth considering that technology is rapidly evolving. Today we think of apps on phones and tablets but already we are seeing wearable mobile devices such as watches, clothing and glasses. Car manufacturers are investing heavily in bringing this kind of functionality to vehicles and most new TV’s are internet ready. All of these require very specific apps – opening up new potential and possibilities for you. Approached with careful thought and a sensible budget, I think the opportunities that mobile apps can bring to your organization are tremendous. As smartphones reach near ubiquity, business owners are realizing the value of a mobile app. Also, many unique features within your app can be more engaging than web elements. Creating an app now will help you connect with your mobile centric customers.

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