Differences between Magento and WordPress

Magento V/S Wordpress

In this article, we will discuss about the basic differences between Magneto and WordPress. We will not get into details which becomes hard to understand for a beginner.
Magento is software that is developed to help you create an e-commerce website. It provides a platform along which you can develop you site which can used to sell millions and millions of products.

What is E-commerce website?

 E-commerce website is a website which is used to sell your products online. You put them on your websites and then interested customers will visit your site and end up buying some product of their choice. Some famous e-commerce websites in India are Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, etc. It is open source software which means that you can share your code online and other developers can use it easily. You can also use the other codes that are published online by other sites.

WordPress is a free platform which was initially developed for blogging purposes but as time evolved, there was much advancement in the software. Hence, it is in the form as it is today. It is a powerful platform which provides a basis for Content Management System (CMS). It has become a giant in this respect. Statistically, WordPress powers 26% of the internet. This simply means that one-fourth of the surfacing that you do on the internet is possible only because of WordPress. This just gives you an idea of how big is the market that WordPress owns.
                              Magento V/S WordPress


WordPress provides you a platform on which you can develop a website free of cost. It also comes with the luxury of being a SEO friendly website. What SEO actually means is that it’s a procedure which will help your website to reach at the top of the search pages of different top search engines. The two biggest search engines being Bing and Google. More than 74.6 million websites are based on WordPress. So, it is software that is trusted by many names. It is not a newbie to the market.

Perhaps, the biggest drawback of the Magento software is the fact that it is developed just to serve the purposes of an e-commerce website. All the tools and functionality that are available on the Magento V/S WordPress is designed especially to meet the user’s requirements of developing a compelling e-commerce website.


Both Magento V/S WordPress are open source software which means that code is available online which can be used to develop you code. Both are SEO friendly software’s which means that promoting your website on either of the two websites will never be an issue. This is a similarity between Magento and WordPress.

Now we will quickly get into the dissimilarity past which is the required objective of the article. I will provide a clear winner among the two based on the context involved.


1.   Security: the foremost thing that an owner of the website will look for in the software is the safety and security. He must be assured about the protection aspects of his website. While WordPress is always updating its software to stop this malfunctions, Magento hold an advantage in this aspect. There is a lot of plugins that are required on your website. This may just be the simplest of websites. Suppose, if you are thinking to develop a site that will have a couple of products. Even to deal with such a small number, WordPress will persuade you to install a number of plugins. This, making it complex while also compromising on your website’s security. Winner: Magento

2.   Flexibility: there is a very clear winner in this context. You don’t have to think very hard to guess the winner. As already stated, Magento is developed just to deal with e-commerce website. While WordPress provides you a platform which you can use in the way you want. And you can easily develop websites that will surely serve a wide range of things. You can use it as a simple blogging website to large website of the multi-nationals. Hence, WordPress is very flexible as compared to Magento. Winner: WordPress.

3.   Easy to use: perhaps the most enthralling advantage that WordPress hold over Magento is the fact that it is very easy to use. It is very friendly software even to the non-professional of non-tech guys. This is much easy to learn and get on with the website on WordPress when compared to Magento. It comprises of a much less amount of study before finally start using it. Winner: WordPress.


4.   Budget: one of the most important aspects which people look before starting their website is the fact that how much will it actually cost in the end? It depends on the no. Of products that you want to sell. Suppose, you want to sell only a couple of products on the official site. Which one should you use? Go for WordPress. This is because Magento comes with a lot of features to facilitate the website making of an e-commerce company. But if you want to sell millions of products on your site. Then, which one should you use? Go for Magento. When you look to expand your site, you have to attach a lot of plugins to the site. This makes it a costly affair when compared to Magento. Magneto is setup in the form that it already has a lot of products to start with. So in the long run, Magento is the one for you. Winner: depends on the no. Of products intended to be sold on the website.

5.   Growth and expansion: when you start a business or website, you would always look to expand it after some point of time to receive more profit from it. In this context, Magento, hold an upper hand to WordPress. This is just because of the fact that WordPress cannot handle more than twenty products prominently. Winner: Magento

6.   Developing the site: developing a site through WordPress is not easy work than doing it in the counterpart Magento software. It is so simple to develop your site on WordPress that you can design your site yourself if have any prior information regarding it. You will not need any professional developer to develop your website. Winner: WordPress.


By going through this article, I’m sure that you would now have a better understanding of the differences between Magento and WordPress. One thing that must be told here is that you can also use both the software’s to develop different parts of your website. You can use worries to manage the blogging and other other roles while using Magento to take care of the e-commerce aspects of your website where you want to sell membership cards or different products. But this is a very complex procedure and just goes above the head of many.


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