Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing is one such social media which is based on complete visualization. With amazing pictures and interactive videos. It becomes possible to create a new dimension for its users. Something which utilizes very little content and thrives mostly on creativity. Available on android and ios, almost 7.3 million people use it every day, so you can imagine how perfect a medium it can turn out to be if used for Instagram Marketing purposes. Not only is instagram immensely popular as a social media site, but it is growing too.

Imagine your life without instagram, without constantly knowing what people all across the world are doing at a point of time. Scary, isn’t it? So for marketers across the globe, instagram presents itself as the perfect scope to publicize and popularize their product, especially after knowing the dependence this social media application has on the life of the people and here is the complete Instagram master tools to good Instagram business


2017 taught us new- new ways  to take our  Instagram for Business one level higher with the on- start of various features such as the option of going live, hands- free, stories, and so on. 2018 is here with a promise to take this game even higher, and we will now look at some of the un- beatable guiding steps to achieve success in this field.

Analyzing the follower matrix– a very important part is analyzing the dimensions of your follower matrix. This means that building up a database of your followers, their needs and wants, the good and services they are particularly inclined towards, and the stuff they like. The followers come in huge number, irrespective of what their age, sex, or location is, every follower could be a potential customer for you. And the best way to access your potential customer is through social media. Suppose you have around 100 followers, each on facebook and on instagram. Then study shows that while facebook would provide a way for you to engage with 10 followers (10%), instagram Marketing on the other hand makes it possible to engage with almost 40 followers (40%).

Though the Instagram marketing game on instagram is not fully developed yet, but we know that facebook owns instagram, and we also know how much facebook loves to advertise. So we can be pretty sure that instagram would follow on these footsteps soon enough. And to say, our predictions are coming true already! You will now find sponsored posts pretty often showing on your instagram feed. These sponsored posts are nothing but new marketing tools.

                                                  Instagram Marketing

Hold contests– people are able to share posts, tag other in comment, and even save certain posts, so naturally instagram is a great place to hold contests and give away. Contests can be a great alternative which encourages your followers to not only get creative but also to interact more with your business. People love winning, especially if it involves almost no amount of pressure or hard work. So what better way than holding contests and giving an attractive leverage to people to provide ready information at your disposal. If all they have to do is share a photo, or tag their friends at a certain post, you can be sure that people would readily participate. At the same time, more and more audience gets to see your profile and get to know about the products you offer.

Location is everything– go ahead and geo tag your photos. Location matters and is a great way to show people how diverse or globally spread you are. Even if your business is local based, geo tag can still help you reach those people who are based in and around that particular location. Also, people may have heard about your company, but what good is it if they don’t know where you are based? Tagging locations can help people find more about the type of business and the audience you cater to.


Shout outs are a must– encourage people to participate in contests and other interactive posts as mentioned before. And once they do so, then go ahead and give them a shout out. What I mean is feature their picture, or post a story dedicated to such followers. This way, more and more followers get to know that you have an interactive social image.

Indulge in some social work– social work is always a boon, especially when it comes to refining the image of a company on the social media platforms. So go and collaborate with an ngo or a self help group, post pictures and stories related to your work with them. This is a great way to boost social image and garner more followers.

Stay real– it is very important to not go behind gaining followers only, but to stay real and do substantial work. After all, most people would agree to follow you or even purchase your products and services only if they realize that you are an honest business who stays true to the business ideals.

Sponsor your posts instagram will increase the number of views you get on a post if you are ready to pay them. This is a new feature and there is a multitude of rates and time combinations available to choose from. Sponsored posts will not get affected by instagram new algorithms. This way you can be sure that more and more people will get to view your content


Keeping these short tips will ensure that you are ready to market your product in front of a diverse and wide audience, and this way even garner more and more customers. After all, 21st century demands a change in Instagram marketing methods, and when customers are themselves willing to share information, it makes even easier for the business. So go ahead, and make the most out of the various story and post features available on the social media site, and I’m pretty sure those followers will not only hock up to your profile but even convert you into one of those top most insta accounts instantly!






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