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In the social media savvy world of today, sites like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are not just a rage, but a necessity. With a growing population especially, millennials opting for checking social media for every trivial thing, it’s hard to question the impact of social media. Social media sites were primarily built for social interactions and personal connections. With time these sites have evolved with the change in users’ demands. Today, social media is not just used for personal communication but also for a myriad of reasons. From brands and influencers marketing their products to companies getting business, social media has highly catered to the business world as well. Almost every brand/company has at least one social media handle. So, the question arises, with the rise of social media, is the traditional method of Email marketing Service still relevant in today’s world? Let’s find out this and also is e-mail marketing tips for better results

  • Facebook, one of the most popular social media sites had around 1.71 Bn users until 2013. Email Marketing Service, on the other hand, had close to 2.9 Bn unique users. This clearly indicates the high usability of emails. Also, studies have shown that people are more likely to open their inbox at the start of the day over Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is also proven that email users are productive people and utilize it for business, getting deals and orders. So, it is less likely for typical Email marketing Service users to waste time on emails. This is a huge plus for marketers as they can rest assured that users are not opening the promotional emails just to pass time. Whereas, the slight disadvantages social media has is that most users just want to have a chill time and don’t mean serious business and email marketing
  • Considering the task-oriented nature of email users, companies can easily shoot promotional emails and discounts at the right time. Also, researchers have found that people usually prefer promotional messages on email rather than social media. This is because seeing targeted ads on social media makes users pass it as a marketing tactic and don’t take it seriously. Therefore, it is deemed more acceptable to have ‘sales emails’. Also, it has been found that 66% of customers admitted to having made a purchase by seeing an Email Marketing Service. On the other hand, only 20% of purchase was made via Facebook and a mere 6% via Twitter.
  • Another way to look at it is that Email Marketing Service is a targeted medium that is sure to reach your audience. It’s a direct and personal way of communication. On the other hand, social media websites have crazy competition and you find yourself struggling to get your targeted ads on your users’ timeline. You will be competing with a ton of companies to deserving screen time on your consumers’ phones.
  • Email Marketing Service is highly customizable. You can discretely target your subscribers and make content according to them. This way you can create targeted content easily and connect with your audience at a personal level. On the other hand, on social media, you can’t customize your posts according to every follower. Thus, social media can’t connect to users in a personable way. Of course, you can send messages but promotional and sales messages are normally ignored on social media.

                                         Email Marketing Service

  • Another advantage of emails is that you can send emails to all subscribers on your list. They have given you their ID’s and you can easily shoot them emails. You own those ID’s and you also have a subscriber list in hand at your disposal. However, on Facebook, you have to pay users to boost your page. It requires a lot of investment. You have to remember, they are Facebook’s users and not yours.
  • For a B2C company, marketing on a relevant social media platform makes some sense at least. However, social media usually become irrelevant for B2B companies at some point. Even if you start talking about business on Facebook at some point you will say ‘Okay email me the details.’
  • Comparing the Rate of Interest (ROI) of both mediums email marketing beats social media by a far margin. Customers got through Email marketing Service have a much higher lifetime value than those got from Facebook and Twitter.
  • Also, another reason of Email marketing Service effectiveness and security is the control you have. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have strict Terms &Conditions. If you read closely you will find that they can terminate your account anytime without your discretion if they find something wrong. This minces your control of the content on your handle, which is already subject to scrutiny.
  • Emails also provide you a way to follow up on your consumers. You can send them conversational emails to make them feel that they are valued. They are an effective way to build long-lasting relationships.










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