You Can Get Better at Email Marketing Through These Helpful Tips

E-mail marketing tips

How many times have you sent customers an email and didn’t receive a reply? How many times have you actually converted using e-mail marketing tips? Have you ever faced a situation when your customer couldn’t navigate your website thanks to broken link in the email?


If you are a business using E-mail marketing tips. These questions may sound familiar to you. With a growing user base utilizing E-mail (mostly Gmail) for various purposes, marketing through E-mail has become crucial. To up your digital marketing game, effective E-mail marketing tips are arguably one of the best mediums to reach your audience. So, the key question arises how can you up your E-mail game to get more conversions? What kind of emails and content should you share with people to connect with them? These are complex questions with no definite answer

However, you can definitely understand the need of your customer and get conversions by marketing your product effectively via email. To do this there are many E-mail marketing tips. you can follow to utilize e-mail service to the maximum. Also, you need to understand the different types of emails and e-mail marketing services that you can sent to customers.


There are principally 3 types of emails you can send to users. They differ on the purpose and style of writing:


  1. Marketing emails: These are sent to your subscribers. Subscribers are people who have already registered on your website and would like to know more about your schemes. These emails include newsletters, new features, announcements and promotional content.
  2. Transactional emails: These are sent depending on the customer’s activity and level of engagement with you. They could be registration confirmation, order tracking and information on products similar to what you bought. Transactional emails are very important as they demonstrate the interest of the customer. People are more likely to check out these emails and if they respond positively, you can send them targeted emails in the future.
  3. Operational emails: These emails include informational content about your business like alternative plans, new announcements, holiday closures etc. Many marketers dismiss operational emails as unimportant and believe they don’t really drive sales. However, it is crucial to engage with your audience and build trust among your customers. These E-mail marketing tips ensure the customer that they are of value to your business.


As a marketer it is necessary to know about kinds of emails in use. Other than that, to have conversions there are many measures you could follow to boost your sales. We have listed down some below:

  • Focus on the links in your email. The last thing you want is an interested customer not converting because the landing page was not loaded. Check the quality of each and every link you send in your email. Also, more than 54% of all email is opened on mobile, so make sure you optimize your link for mobile. Your link should be Android, Windows and iOS compatible. You can lose out on a lot of business is you don’t keep the smartphone requirements in mind. The link should not be broken and should open in less than 2 seconds.
  • Send targeted emails instead of promotional push emails. Research has shown that people respond positively to personable messages. To connect with the customer on a personal level and trigger interest, send emails that contain information about the customer. Take cues from basic details of the customer and send targeted emails at the right time. You can make fun and interactive emails with Treehouse.

                                         E-mail marketing tips.

  • Segment your customers based on the activities they did or didn’t do on your platform. Make a list and then identify which customers are regular. Decide time and frequency of emails to send to each segment of consumer to target effectively.
  • Add sign up feature wherever your presence is. Be it offline or online, have installments to take down subscribers’ emails irrespective of conversion.
  • You don’t want to spam your readers. Or at least your subscribers shouldn’t feel like every E-mail marketing tips. from you is a calculative promotional tactic. You can engage subscribers to reply by keeping in mind the following:


  1. Use appropriate subject lines. Make your email sound interactive and promise them something unique and catchy.
  2. It shouldn’t sound like a marketing rank. If anything, your flair should be personable and suggestive. You should back your insights with facts and keep it real.
  3. Write an email that resonates with readers’ demographic information. This makes the consumer more likely to show interest.


  • Make an automated reply message. So, whenever a customer replies to your message, he/she gets a reassurance message from your side.
  • Draft your email in a suitable way to pass through spam filters. Your email may never see light of the day if it passes to the spam folder as no one bothers to look into it. Thus, there are a lot of points to keep in mind while writing the email. For example, don’t use too many exclamation marks and quotes as it looks fishy.
  • There should be absolutely no grammatical error in your email. Having so shrinks the credibility of source of email.
  • Keep the language of email simple and use relevant keywords. To keep readers engaged use short paragraphs and bullet points. Use the most popular and easily readable font of appropriate size. Highlight important points and keywords.
  • Instead of images use infographics or layouts that convey a message. A full picture looks spammy and doesn’t do much good.
  • Attach important links. Many times, the major aim of E-mail marketing tips is to increase traffic on website. Use flashy and easy to notice buttons and links to get users’ attention. Specify your ‘call-to-action’ in a creative way. However, don’t attach too many links/buttons as they make the reader confused and sometimes suspicious.
  • Make it easy for your subscriber to unsubscribe. If the customer is already not interested he/she will mark your emails as spam anyway. So, in order to avoid future complaints/concerns make it easy for the customer to simply unsubscribe from your email service.


Always remember that E-mail marketing tips are a very competitive landscape. You have to fight with competitors to earn a spot on your customers’ inbox. So, make sure you use every advice to your best advantage and increase your outreach.





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