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Recent studies show that 40% of people have clearly preferred E-commerce mobile app to websites while others don’t have a problem in both. Everyone is on their mobile phones. People like to get things done just by click of their fingertips. On the recent past, there is an increase in shift from mobile websites to mobile applications. Users find it more trendy and useful to their counterparts. It is also because they are more easy to open. Just a click and it’s done. Nobody wants to type those long-long URLs after opening another application in the form of a browser

The applications are more users friendly and feature rich. They provide a lot of extra benefits when compared to the websites. The benefits will be discussed later on in this article. Also, it can be used without internet connection. Still, there are many places in the country which does not possess an internet connection. To help you through these places, you have a no. of Ecommerce mobile app.

You will not have the full access of the application, but some simple steps can always be performed through it. Suppose you open an e-commerce website without an internet connection, you will still have access to your shopping cart.

It provides you with a host of trendy and innovative features. Suppose you want a live trial of a dress that you like. If you want to have a live trial with spectacles on? Do you want to have a look at the setup in your drawing room before buying the furniture? You can do all of that and more. E-commerce mobile app will do all of that.

Here, we will describe the role of mobile application in your e-commerce business while also fixing on the benefits of using a mobile application.

                             Benefits of E-Commerce Mobile Apps

Push notifications: you must be receiving a lot of notifications on your mobile from different applications. These notifications are known as push notifications as they push through the system to reach the top of your mobile phone. They are an undisputed medium to advertise your mobile application. In a recent study, it has been proved that 60% of all the users open these notifications. Thus, engaging more audiences to your app. This quite easily increases the sale of your products. The reason is simple. More opens means targeting more audience and thus increasing the no. Of buyers.

Quick feedback: when compared to mobile websites, an E-commerce mobile app improves both the quality and quantity of customer feedbacks. Users of applications are more likely to taste and review your app when compared to those of mobile websites. The feedbacks will definitely help to improve your application as it will provide the much-needed preferences and grievances of the customers. Thus, the mobile application will price to be handy in your e-commerce business.

Exceptional level of engagement: the E-commerce mobile app

Are sure to encourage your business with an exceptional level of intelligence. These applications provide a separate section of the app for engaging users. This can be in the form of live chat option where you can interact with the customer care executives of the mobile application. It is through this interaction that you can get to know about what the user actually wants from the app. This should be present in every application to hold an upper hand among your competitors.

                                               E-commerce mobile app

Time of usability of the app increases: it is often seen that people use these sites more often than the counterpart mobile websites. People find these E-commerce mobile apps more innovative and easy to read and understand. They use it more often and thus, increasing the time of usability of the application. People love to surf on the application as they find it more interesting to the corresponding websites.

Enhanced user experience: the key benefit of using an E-commerce mobile app for your e-commerce business lies in the fact that it places the user in the driving seat and makes him the prime subject of interest and everything else is planned accordingly. This, enhancing the user experience. The applications are designed in such a way so that it improves the readability of the contents. It comes with several features like live chat and other key concepts. It creates an exclusive functionality for the users.

More beneficial to businesses: the E-commerce mobile app is able to get more loyal visitors to your business. These users are the ones who will repeatedly visit your application and will be the most active shoppers if they get product of their choices. It’s really easy to guess the reason. Suppose you are active shopper from a no. Of e-commerce sites. One fine day, you installed the application of one of them. The application will make sure you visit it more often than not by means of push notifications. And since, you visit it more often than you pay a visit to any website of its competitors. This, targeting more and more active shoppers towards your business.

Visibility is increased: people save these applications to their home screen. Thus, increasing the visibility of your business to the user. People also create shortcuts to have a direct and easy access to their e-commerce business. The marketing of your e-commerce business becomes easy with your E-commerce mobile app. You can easily hire some freelancers and interns to market your application. This will help your application to become more visible to the targeted audiences.


Works offline: one of the key benefits of having a mobile application and not a website is that it even works without an internet connection. Some contents on the application can be viewed in the offline mode also. Try to include as much content as you can for offline purposes because users live to work on offline contents and will give you an advantage over other competitors in the area. For your e-commerce application, put the wish list and shopping cart in offline mode

These points prove the vital role of a mobile application in your e-commerce business. Here we have also been successful in depicting the benefits of an E-commerce mobile app over mobile website in regards of your e-commerce business



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