How Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) work? CRO testing tips

Conversion rate optimization

Definition of CRO

Conversion rate optimization is a systematic way of ensuring that the users visiting your website are performing the desired tasks and if not what is stopping them from doing it. It basically gives the feedback for your performance through various analytic methods. Some of these methods include filling out a form, recommending a friend, acquiring customers, downloads, etc. It basically helps in increasing the income which in turn helps you achieve your professional goals. You can put forward your ideas in a better way when showcased immaculately. One of the most crucial parameters that determine the success of an app or a website is the conversion of visitors to customers. and also includes the app store optimization tools 

It gives a clear idea of what the customers want when they visit your website. Their behavior is kept in check how they navigate through your website, what actions are they taking and what is hindering them from completing the goals.

Types of Conversions:

There are basically two types of conversions: Micro conversions and macro conversions. This Conversion rate optimization is related to converting the visitors visiting your website into long-term customers in various ways.

Some examples of micro conversions are adding a product to cart, signing up for a newsletter, etc.

Macro conversions include purchasing a product, subscribing to a service, etc.

How is Conversion rate optimization measured?

High data analytics tools are a preferred channel to get the data. The effectiveness can be measured in many ways:

Total conversions: Number of visitors performing the desired action for example: Subscribing to the newsletter, filling out a form, etc.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Measured by dividing a total number of conversions by the total number of visitors visiting the website.

Bounce Rate: Gives the exact idea of the number of visitors who left the site because they didn’t get the desired content they were searching for.

Average time on site: Measures the average duration a visitor spends on the website.

Average page views: This measures the number of pages your visitors visited on your website before exiting the site.

Conversion rate optimization and its importance!

Its importance is not hidden from us by now. It helps in turning the investment in profit and in building the revenue. Without Conversion rate optimization all the desired goals would remain unachieved. It is a faster medium to achieve such goals. It is just not about increasing the traffic on the main website but to convert the visitors into long-term loyal customers and increasing them in the long term. A lot of factors go into increasing them. Some of them are enhancing the user experience on your website by making it more colorful, easy to navigate, simple and point to point content, easy to understand processes, keeping the sign-ups and subscriptions short, etc.

So are you ready to learn the art of digital manifestation?

Conversion rate optimization testing tips and trends of conversion rate optimization 

                                       Conversion Rate Optimization


Make sure you do your thorough ground-level research. You study the behavioral pattern and visibility pattern of successful websites and what is that source that attracts users the most. What patterns they have inculcated that you should learn and take advantage of. After doing the research, come up with your own innovation and find out thorough health interaction and feedback from users what works for them and what you should be changing.

2. Use of Analytics

The use of analytics method is basically in term of quantity. This looks at the behavior of users visiting your site. Google analytics helps a lot if you are a beginner. Later on, you can add tracking to your Conversion rate optimization. This analysis provides information on

What page the users are landing on the website

On which page the users are spending the maximum time

Who your consumers are (age, sex, interests, etc.)

Through which medium they landed on your page

Where exactly do they lose interest in your site?

This information helps you put your efforts in the right place and smartly convert the visitors into customers. If you invest your time more in enhancing the most vested page by the visitors you will be able to see the fast impact on your Conversion rate optimization.

3. Combination of Conversion rate optimization and SEO

CRO and SEO are two very powerful tools for the increment of conversion rates. Combining them is a cherry on the top. They have a significant impact individually imagine the impact when combined together. SEO means search engine optimization which works on the concept of vital keywords. Both of their targets is to achieve maximum visibility in the digital space. There are too many benefits like better user experience, enhancement of the trust, better returns on the investments, and better awareness of the customer’s wants.

4. Offline method

Online methods are the most effective but if there are both online and offline efforts to get more customers to visit your site in order to increase your conversion rates. Some of these methods can be conducting surveys on-site, User satisfaction surveys, feedback from the users by preparing a questionnaire, etc. This kind of method is called qualitative analysis method that in turn helps with the quantitative analysis method.

Combining both the qualitative and quantitative methods, one can improve the experience to a much greater extent.

Benefits of Conversion rate optimization

Summarizing the above data, here are a few benefits of implementing the method of Conversion rate optimization:

Creates more traffic on your website

You form a personal connection with the users

Helps you build your brand

Better return on Investments (ROI)

Lowers the customer acquisition costs

Lowers the cost of advertising

Helps you stay in the competition

Makes them long-term customers


Do not indulge in copying your competitors. Make your own strategy and make the experience of your users more personalized and individualistic. This is all about enhancing the visual appeal that will attract the maximum users and help in maximizing your conversion rates. Conversion rate optimization is basically fixing a strategy, making a hypothesis and thus forming a structure to implement the pre-decided hypothesis and making practical changes as you move through it.




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