How cloud computing has changes enterprises forever?

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is changing at a very quick pace and technology even quicker. The things prevalent just four years back are now obsolete. Advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are no longer mere concepts and theories. We are just halfway past 2018 and we have heard so many advancements and latest inventions in the technology world. Similarly, cloud computing is yet another name in this world which has brought about a massive imp

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Cloud computing is the technology that allows all-time access to the shared information and files stored on the cloud server. It also cumulates within itself a lot of services which makes a lot of complex work quite easy and hassle-free. It works on the principle of collectively sharing of resources to everyone and hence increasing the business. Simply put, it makes your work much faster, much better and more hassle-free now than ever. From tiny start-ups to the market giants, everyone has realized its potential and hence it has changed the enterprise.

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Now, let’s dive-in to the factors responsible for making cloud computing so valuable in the market.


Having moved to the cloud means that no additional setup is required to run and protect the in-house server. This means no additional staff for service, repair, maintaining power & cooling cost of the server. Fewer employees lead to fewer expenses. This also adds up to no tension of software and upgrade expenses of the server. All the expenses set aside for server related operations are being used for other business activities. Additionally, it also helps in letting you focus more on customers rather than handling the complexities of the server. This not only helps you in saving money but also helps in growing your business and ultimately earning more.


In addition to an expensive capital cost, in-house servers require server space as well. Now it’s again a gamble. You can never know what exactly is required and hence most of the times it leads to spending extra money (non-refundable) by estimating too much. On the other hand, estimating too less will lead you to pay up again for the upgrade.

Cloud computing has solved this problem as now you don’t need to worry about all that. You just have to pay for what you use. No wastage.


In the technology world, updates are like the morning newspapers. You’ll be far behind from the rest of the world if you’re not getting one. Now the task is not easy and employees work day and night throughout the year for security and software updates.

Now cloud computing has resolved this problem as well. Service providers take care of the updates and their merchants need not worry about that. Everything they’ll get would be tailor-made according to them. Security updates are yet another headache. Hackers around the globe know no limits and they try to breach in every possible way. Service providers take special care of that so you don’t have to worry even a bit.


Cloud Computing has made it possible to share data, documents, files, etc. all the important things in real time. Allowing alterations super-fast and hence serving as a real time saver.

Cloud computing has boosted productivity. Now collective knowledge can be used effectively without any wastage of time and paperwork.

Most of the sharing and record keeping is now in the cloud. This results in a lot less printed material and wastage. This also helps in reducing paper wastage, one of the global issues.

Working Hours

Work-life and trading practices have changed completely now. Cloud computing has given the allowance of flexible work hours with work from home facility as well. This has had a great impact in today’s world. Now, it’s easy to reach and work according to the global demands. Not only the working hours but productivity has also altered for good. Now the businesses run 24×7 in shifts and have a global outreach as well.                     

Cloud computing

Ease with the Cloud

Now with cloud computing, huge infrastructures aren’t required. This has greatly helped the young and ambitious minds to start their own businesses and flourish far more easily than before. This has crashed the global monopolies and revolutions the whole IT sector. Even an individual with sufficient knowledge can become equal to a market giant using the resources efficiently. For starters, all one needs is a laptop, internet connection and a lot of patience to learn and earn.


Cloud Computing is managed by people who only are concerned with keeping the servers up all the time. As a result of this, businesses run all the time. Maintenance & servicing is all their headache and businesses just need to focus on their main target(s). This has greatly influenced the market as the idea of making money while sleeping is not just a bookish statement nowadays. The service is so reliable that the servers are up all the time. Since everyone is online these days, even if the servers go down it becomes a global issue and everyone knows so there’s hardly a loss of customers.


Cloud Computing has been a great boom in the computing world. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is one of the greatest advancement in recent times. There are a lot of technologies that come and go but there are only few that stays and fewer which alter the entire working patterns. Cloud computing belongs to the fewer section. It has totally changed the base of operations. Today, even an individual can build and run a website from home. There are a lot of businesses today that were started in a single room and now are competing with the big market giants in their respective domains. So much so, even people having zero technical knowledge are running their blogs and websites today. It has become so easy to start an online business in today’s world All of this has been made possible only because of the cloud computing.




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