10 Best Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out In 2019

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The previous year, 2018 was a very important year for mobile app development. There were a lot of updates given to both Android and iOS users. Android Pie OS releasing, Android started working with the latest and very user-friendly technology. Also, iOS 12 has made the iPhone so much better and made it seem like the perfect all apple users. But all of these are just paving the path for a brighter future for the development of mobile apps in the year 2019. CoreAppsTech is one of the Best Mobile Apps company for Mobile development, Cross-platform mobile development & so on. If you are looking for app developers near me then you can easily find Freelance app developers here. For Hiring app developers, you must need the Best App development company. That can easily make a beautiful and decent Android app design for your Business. And for searching for the Best mobile app company, you must need to know the latest trends and tools during the current scenario. Especially, If you are searching mobile app development company in Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Austin, Atlanta, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, Miami, many other USA regions, India, Dubai and so on. So, Below is the List of Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out In 2019. Hire the Best mobile app developers for Hybrid apps & Progressive Web Apps development services through Custom mobile app development here!

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Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out In 2019

With every update, there is a lot to look out for and that is why the new mobile development trends that are yet to come. This year is very exciting and awe-inspiring for mobile developers and users alike. Read the article to find out what are the new trends that are to be followed. To make your apps an immediate hit in the app store by following the Best mobile app development services & strategies. As we’ve already discussed 7 Best Hybrid app frameworks for mobile app development in 2019 in our previous post. If you are aiming at making lots of money from mobile applications. It is a must to follow the trends and make your app up to date. By also providing a well organized and seamless user experience.

But the technologies in mobile application development that came up by the end of 2018 are also worth looking into before looking up at what’s to come in mobile app development this following year.

The end of 2018 had a lot of news relating to mobile app development. One such was the release of Angular 7 related to AngularJS development. With so many expectations from the development community for it, Google its developer has added new features that make it more easily usable and updated for the current trend. It has features for making drag and drops function easier. With the new CLI prompts and updated material and compiler, it is very fast and provides a very fast functioning and more native app like feel and flow to users. This new version also includes virtual scrolling something that enables lazy loading rather than all at once.

Swift is now an enterprise-ready language for IOS native application building. It has far surpassed Objective C with its modern and easier coding platform. Unlike objective C which had to be learned specifically by a mobile apps developer. To make native IOS apps, Swift now has a bigger community of developers that can learn and execute with just a foundation in C#. This also allows big companies to train their existing app developers in swift. It is also built with the future of mobile apps in mind. It also has extensive support for cloud and cloud-based applications.

So let us start discussing the different features that are to come up in 2019 and also make use of them to make the development process up to date with the features available in the market.

1. Progressive web apps

The discussion of whether to choose native vs hybrid app development for the application is a never-ending discussion among developer communities. The rise of Progressive web apps development might be able to answer this question as a lot of advantages have made developers choose Progressive web apps over native or hybrid apps with the upcoming updates in technology. You Must Read: Why Progressive Web Apps, Future of Hybrid App & Website Development?

In 2019 many companies will turn to PWA’s for their application needs. As memory usage and functionalities are far better when compared to native apps, PWA’s will be the solution for faster and robust app development. With the feel and flow like that of the native app, it can also make use of all the native features and give high performance with high scalability for the applications.

With most features available offline like a normal app the coding is also made easier and faster by using web building languages like CSS, HTML, and Java. Limited data usage is also an advantage of PWA development due to its capability to work even in very bad network conditions.

With all these, it gives the users a rich experience by even giving push notifications offline. The app doesn’t need to be downloaded like native apps and can be shared by just sending the link like any website or webpage.

2. Hybrid mobile apps

With respect to hybrid apps development, React native and Ionic are expecting updates that help in writing applications for all platforms at ease. As Ionic 4 Beta has already been released, which is going to be very helpful in Ionic app development. With these, the programs written using Java, HTML, CSS, etc are to be made indistinguishable from the ones written natively for IOS and Android using swift, objective C or other native languages. And mainly due to the cost-effectiveness of these apps when compared to native development a lot of companies might turn away from native app development for their development needs. There are 7 Reasons Why Hybrid App Development is developers favorite in 2019! Hybrid apps can also access the native operating system functionalities which makes them maintain a good interactive and immersive user interface.

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3. Accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated mobile pages is another technology that is to come up in the following months this year. With so many people using mobile browsers, there is a high demand for faster loading of websites on the web. It is a collaborated project between Twitter and Google and is open source. AMP uses optimized HTML to render faster web pages and also there is the elimination of JavaScript and other processes that make the loading slower.

With the use of lazy loading, this can be made possible by loading only the content that is viewed by the user and not the entirety of the content that is existent on the web page. By using AMP, web pages load is decreased by about 6 times and thus enables faster loading. This also indirectly makes the user experience better by loading the content as one scroll down on the application.

4. Internet of things

While IOT is being funded by various fields for its advantages by integrating into the field, there will be a great development for educators and the health care industry. Doctors and patients will be put in the loop with all the other essential personnel and hospitals will be integrated to make the job of the healthcare industry easier.

Patients from remote locations will be able to receive quality treatment from quality help elsewhere. With respect to the education sector, real-time monitoring and help for students by teachers will improve education standards. The parents, teachers, the students will be put closer together by the use of mobile applications, improving the quality and standards of the education industry.

5. Machine learning or Natural language processing

While artificial intelligence might like something far fetched at this point, the use of computer programs for small tasks is something coming up in mobile applications. Integrated chatbots are one such thing. It has been in use for some time now for a few applications and in 2019 there will be a lot of talk about apps having cool chatbots that use machine learning to improve each time with use. These bots will be used by a lot of companies in their applications for improving customer support and also for query management purposes.

Machine learning is also to be adopted on the full scale into the existing voice chat assistants like Siri, Cortana, etc which perform only a few standard tasks like playing music or making calls, setting alarms. The use of natural language processing improves the function of being just an app used for performing small functions to something that can make the user’s tasks easier. This will improve user experience and make the user feel more comfortable and also provide a way for making these interact with users in a more enriching and complex way.

6. Cloud storage

Cloud technology has come up only a few years back but it has seen extensive upgrades over the years and 2019 will be no exception to it. Many apps with extensive cloud support will come up making the storage of data in inbuilt memory unnecessary. So, many mobile apps have connected their data to clouds such as Google Drive or DropBox, etc making the data to be accessible from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

With high-speed internet coming up everywhere this seems advantageous for mobile app users. They also have a catch for enterprises as the data is more secure and least vulnerable when it is saved in a cloud-based system rather than a local storage device.

7. Smartwatches or Wearables

Wearables like Fitbit or SmartWatches have become some sort of a trend now and in 2019 they will become a fashion trend and everyone will be seeking out to be owning one of their own.  These smart devices interact with various apps on the mobile phone and make accessing them easier without the need to touch the phone.

So many applications will start bringing support for such devices and make apps with more features that attract people. These devices also use many of the phone’s native features like GPS, camera, etc to help in a more accurate and enriched user experience.

8. Mobile Wallets

As mobile devices are used by almost everybody around the world, the need for using mobile wallets has come up. Almost all major e-commerce sites are linked with various mobile payment options to facilitate a frictionless and effortless payment by users. As the people look out for a more fast-paced, secure and smart payment method Google and Apple have initiated by creating Mobile wallet applications of their own namely Google pay and Apple pay.

Many more mobile wallet applications will come up in this year with more secure encryption capabilities and app developers for companies need to be able to provide integration to these mobile payment solutions for their application to keep their users from migrating.

9. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality applications like Google Cardboard, VR video players, etc have been in a top position in app stores. They provide a near reality and immersive experience and people always like it when it is so close to reality. Many E-commerce sites have adopted VR based product visualizations to help buyers feel a closer understanding of the products.

They use virtual tours, 3600 photos, etc to make the customer attracted to the product. While many games use augmented reality with the help of Sensors in the device to make the game more interactive and immersive, the rich user experience they give has made few companies use an amalgam of Virtual reality and Augmented Reality in their applications.

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For example, lenskart provides a try on the feature to market their frames. The user can get a clear visual interpretation of how it looks when worn. This gives them an experience that is close to what can only be achieved when actually trying it on. Thus most of the E-commerce applications will start to use VR and AR to attract customers and sell products. Also, more of augmented reality based games will come up this year.

10. Application security

At the pace mobile applications are being developed with faced paced functionalities, more and more concerns for the security of the information arises. A lot of improvement for security attributes will come up this year. Encrypted messages are used as a way to protect the information and more apps will tend to integrate this into their application to prevent information breach.

Self-deleting messages is also a very viable option and the application developer can choose between the two for preventing data theft from their applications. Even with all these the information is not truly safe and more strict standards will come up to prevent it.


As seen from the new trends above mentioned as “10 Best Mobile App Development Trends”, a lot of the entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts will revolve around making the most out of these expected trends and keeping up with all of them will be an even behemoth of a task.

With all of these things to watch out for, this year in 2019 and next year 2020 will be very interesting and exciting for all mobile developers and users. Mobile developers need to keep up to date with the latest technology and keep the app developed by them perform faster, seamlessly with better user experience and make them surpass the existing standards and expectations.

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