Best Instagram Influencer in the World

Best Instagram influencer

To begin with the article, we must first get to the meaning as to who an influencer is? Is he or she who posts pictures daily? Or is it someone who is a celebrity? None and both. Best Instagram influencer, as the name suggests- is someone who influences people or followers through the social media platform towards a particular field or line- could be art, fashion, travel, photography, or mixed.  They adopt it as a full time or a part- time job, and some even switch to it as a fully fledged profession. An influencer collaborated with various brands, tries out the “new” in the particular field, and in general does the task of “influencing” people around. So now that you have an idea as to whom you could call a Best Instagram Influencer, here are few mentioned qualities that make an influencer- the best influencer

  1. High engagement- looks for the number of followers the person has on their account, and make sure that the followers are not ghosting followers or fake followers. The ghost followers could be very well- real, but inactive, and as a brand you would never want to collaborate with such kind of a person who simply fakes their popularity, right? It is important to ascertain that these followers engage with the user’s activity and even respond to them.
  2. Content- looks if their feed and stories have valuable content. Not merely selfie with pouts and duck faces on them. Quality content is of foremost importance for brand collaboration. The content should be in line with the recent occurring, and also with your business aesthetics if you are planning to collaborate with them. Pay attention to the number of likes, comments, and shares on each of their posts. This way you will get to know how high quality their content truly is and for the best tips of Instagram marketing.
  3. Knowledge- Best Instagram Influencer knowledgeable about the field they seem to be working towards, or are they simply faking it for the sake of numbers? Find the reality of the cause, and only then decide if a work with them would lead to be valuable or not.
  4. Causes and ideals- does he or she care for the environment? Is he a feminist? Does she rant about problems with no possible solutions in hand? Get to the gist of such matters. These questions identify the ideals of the person and the causes they care about. Everyone loves to work for others and the society in general- so if you find your Best Instagram Influencer engaging in social work, or raising their voice for just matters, then kudos!
  5. Professionalism- Best Instagram Influencer professional in the way he or she works? Do they separate their personal and professional lives? Check the facts well before joining hands with a person, as on social media- it doesn’t take time to make things personal these days.
  6. Creativity- the post should be well thought, composed and creative in presentation. Only a creative post has the ability to attract more and more traffic.
  7. Experience- makes sure that your influencer has past work experience especially in the field of branding. This way, you know that he or she knows the business tactics and is sincere about getting the work done in time- with full efficiency.

Now I’m going to specify a few of the Instagram accounts below, which are supposed to be the top rankers for 2018 and those are using such types of Instagram marketing strategy. The list may not contain all your favorite celebs, as the aim is to specify few from a variety of fields.

  1. SELENA GOMEZ- 133 million followers. She posts about her work, recent albums, and her personal life. A few months earlier she had trouble personally, related to heath, but has still managed to maintain a loyal fan following, which shows her popularity across the globe.

                                                                     Best Instagram Influencer

  1. CHRISTIANO RONALDO- potugese footballer, he has 121 followers. His feed his filled with action shots and him adorning his chiseled physique, and various suit- ties poses. He is now the most followed male on this social media site.
  2. ARIANA GRANDE- with 117 million followers, Grande a Hollywood singer is the third personality in this list. Her diverse vocals, along with her humanity, which became evident during the terrorism attack while she was performing n Manchester, have attracted followers from the world- across.
  3. BEYONCE- 111 million followers and she are often called the “queen” of Hollywood music industry. Her remarkable fashion shots, her twins and husband, and the fact that they recently rented the Louvre for one of their music videos, has followers flocking to her account.
  4. KIM KARDASHIAN- 108 million followers and Kardashian is a fashion icon, who can put body shammers to shame. Her recent meeting with Donald Trump was also a much talked about event. Her recent throwback pictures have everyone swooning over her feed.
  5. TAYLOR SWIFT- who doesn’t love her country music, and also her recent rock compositions, right? She has 106 million followers on instagram. Her adorable cat pictures and those with best friend ED SHEERAN never fail to put a smile on her fans’ faces. Her feed is an adorable composition of her life.
  6. KYLIE JENNER- this 20 year old reality star kept her pregnancy news a secret for months and then finally unleashed pictures of the new born- Stormi. Followers and fans can only hope for more such cute baby pictures.
  7. DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON- with his bulging physique, and an equally soft heart, the rock has 100 million followers. Last year he was selected as the “sexiest man” by People’s magazine. No doubt that he is one of the most followed celebrities of our time.
  8. JUSTIN BEIBER- 97.1 million followers on i Best Instagram Influencer, and his recent engagement news might have added a few more too. He is enthusiastic about participating in everything- from the hugging campaign, to his brilliant new album. The once teenage music star has become a person who is on a constant state of evolution.
  9. NEYMAR JR. – 89.7 million followers. This football legend has impressed his fans and others alike. However, keeping in mind his recent performance in the FIFA, 2018, his following might get affected a tiny bit.

So these are some of the highest followed accounts on the popular social media.






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