Know the Reason ‘How’ Mobile is Building a Bright Future for the Automobile Industry?

Automobile Industry Future

Have you ever wondered why most of the people state that mobile is the automobile industry future? If not, then read this article to know the major reasons!

Just the way mankind has evolved in these thousand years. Automobile industry future has seen a revolution with numerous innovative accessories. Every new invention is just a small ray of light to the vast future of the industry. Being one amongst of the largest in this field in the global map. India’s automobile industry future is expected to be on the top in the next few years. But the question still arises that how this small gadget, mobile is changing the humongous auto industry?

The reason how mobile made the automobile industry future revolution

If we look back in our history, we will realize that the automobile industry future has changed a lot. We all know that there is a vast difference between the first ever car invented and what we drive today. However, not only the industry has changed but the customers also!

Role of Mobile

Mobile does not only play a very crucial part in our lives. It has completely changed the auto purchase process in the trending auto industry. People spend half of their time just surfing on the internet. It is now when people search for their desired car on phone rather than searching it in every possible showroom. From the initial steps like researching on top brands to comparing rates of the bests. Customers are mostly depending on the little gadget to steer them through each and every step of the car-purchasing procedure.

These days, we don’t have songs on CDs and DVDs but we connect our mobiles with the car. Vehicles are now skilled enough to access external and accessible information. And data in your phone, which is extremely helpful for the masses to analyze about the shortest or the longest roads, traffic data and the time also. The latest four wheelers work almost like a Smartphone which makes me wonder what the future holds for us. Might be possible that in our future, our cars will suddenly change into ‘TRANSFORMERS’!

What Mobile has unveiled that is there for auto industry?

Once the mobile technology becomes strong for the in dustry, its progress will never stop. Some vital information’s like route, current speed, weather, traffic, location shared by the device can be immensely helpful. To avoid accidents, parking issues, and traffic jams. The new and unique properties and services have somehow improved the work efficiency. And the productivity of the employees which is definitely a boon for the work environment.

Who knows someday someone will invent a car which doesn’t need a driver at all and can be automatically operated just by a Smartphone!

The reason behind ‘How mobile is building the automobile industry future?

1. Mobile is an important device to influence how people shop for automobiles: According to reports, around 95% of the auto consumers start their research on the product on internet. And the most amazing fact is, six out of ten car buyers enter the auto market without any clue of which vehicle they want to buy. These buyers get a better and clearer picture when they surf online.

This shows that it is always golden opportunity for all the brands to interact and connect with in-market buyers at the initial stages of their shopping process and make a space in their mind.

The Google surveys gives the auto industry a very clear context of buyer’s mobile browsing behaviors and what they are looking for. According to reports, the maximum auto shoppers surf on the internet to find the answers of the following listed questions:

Is the desired automobile right for the costumer?

Can the costumer afford the automobile industry future?

Which is the best place or brand to buy the automobile from?

Is it a winning deal for the costumer?

Automobile industry Future:-

Automobile industry future companies can help the shoppers during these initial stages by optimizing their content and delivering digital marketing campaigns at the much needed time which includes showing them some glamorous images, dealership location information, exciting pricing offers, or anything in they prefer.

2. The automobile industry future companies can give more customized and hyper-local marketing to their customers with a clear and better reports from these gadgets: Reportedly, the top internet searches mostly includes locations or “near me” questions. Therefore, it is very important for the auto dealers to merge these mobile insights with offline in-market profiles, so that they can identify the people who are located nearby their reach and can give proper offers to drive foot traffic at dealerships in crucial time.

The combination of the world of gadgets and the world of masses via mobile location also help the companies to get to customers and optimize offers to their audiences, at the needed places and time. it is very important for the companies to know the digital way of how their buyers are connecting with their retail location so that they can directly send notifications and messages about personalized offers to the right audience. In fact, shoppers get 10 time more influenced and attracted by mobile offers than they get by printed offers.

                                                           Automobile Industry Future

3. The mobile links is an advanced way to precisely measure the success of auto brands: These days, the companies connect with every consumer by a one-to-one mobile link through their mobile device IDs. The brands can also find all the mobile phones which are nearby their retail’s location with geofenced listening. The brands can interact and connect with them at the very beginning of their purchase process so that they can easily track their customers movements and interests.

It is now easy for the auto companies to precisely and accurately measure the sale match back and foot traffic through the mobile reports. The table on how digital marketing is influencing the masses for their in-store visits and sales gives them a clearer picture of what actually works in the real world and what doesn’t.

According to reports, 58% of auto buyers state that for them, mobile will be the only device they will prefer to use for all their vehicle researches in the future. And 62% of them say that if it is possible for them to complete the entire vehicle purchase process online, then they would definitely opt for it.

This shows us that it is definitely the time for the all the automobile brands and companies to start planning for the future, as consumers are now shifting from the showroom to the “online mobile research room.”


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