How to Take Advantage of Strategic Audience Targeting Adwords

Audience Targeting Adwords

If you study marketing a lot, you might have heard about the term PPC or Pay-per-click marketing, to put it simply. It is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Basically, its a way of buying visits to your site, rather than taking the slower route of attempting to earn those visits organically. One of the most common forms of PPC is search engine advertising which allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links so when someone searches on a keyword that is related to the advertiser’s business offering. Whilst this sounds great and all, one of the main advantages that many advertisers fail to do with PPC is to take advantage of the ability to target a specific audience strategically using PPC and how to aware about the spoofing of Google Adwords

It’s a common misconception that  Adwords marketing has seen its usefulness come and go. However, many of today’s marketing experts will largely agree that isn’t the case. Instead, it has been enhanced to meet the needs of a changing online environment. Today, we’re going to discuss how to take advantage of strategic Audience Targeting Adwords advertising by AdWords campaign

More marketing or better marketing, which to go for?

Lots of sites can easily get a lot of paid traffic if they shell out a decent amount of cash, however, that doesn’t mean that the traffic they get will remain consistent. An inadequate Audience Targeting Adwords strategy can result in irrelevant traffic and will do nothing to create a return on the investment by the company.

To circumvent this issue, advertisers should focus on targeting specific, smaller and narrower paths of websites and specific places where they know that most of their target audience and people interested in their products will be. Targeting a wide and open PPC path might lead to higher short-term traffic, but most of the time it won’t resonate with the people clicking on your advertisements and a large portion of the traffic you get from marketing to a wider bracket most likely wont return or won’t even be interested in your product in the first place.

This is why it is more beneficial to choose better marketing over more marketing, if you focus your resources on specific areas of the internet which hold people that will be interested in your product then you will easily retain a steady income of traffic. For example, if you are advertising a product based on technology, places like Reddit and YouTube have large populations of people interested in newer technology and want to see the latest innovations and those websites garner a lot of traffic already which means that you can take advantage of the existing traffic to garner a larger following.

In-market audience

Another fantastic way to take advantage of Audience Targeting Adwords is by taking advantage of an in-market audience, otherwise known as an existing audience for a product. The best way to do this is search engines like Google and Bing, these two search engines have recently opened up search engine targeting capabilities. Which means that you can see statistics related to your product, such as whether a lot of people are actively searching for solutions to a problem that your product might be able to solve.

You can also spy on your competitors and check how much active traffic that they are getting on popular search engines. However, the most important aspect of this feature is the ability to spot where most of your intended targeted audience fluctuates to. You can analyse which websites that your target audience generally visits and you can see their activities and their demand for a product such as yours. This manipulation of data allows you to draw concise and practical solutions to make sure that you are getting the most amount of traffic possible towards your product.

  Audience Targeting Adwords

Brand recognition

You can use Audience Targeting Adwords to target keywords related to your industry so that people searching for those keywords will constantly see your ads. Although general keywords will not generate more sales, indirectly they help you increase brand awareness and establish your business as an authority and leader in your industry.

It’s a great tool to test your marketing strategies for other mediums

Let’s say you want to test which product headline or ad copy will perform better in a campaign. What you can easily do is setup different ads in a Google AdWords campaign, run them for a couple of weeks online and analyse the results. The ad with the highest CTR (Click Through Rate) has probably the most attractive copy for users.

Bring back lost customers with targeted re-marketing

You can also use Audience Targeting Adwords advertising for remarketing campaigns. This is PPC advertising on a new level, where customers who have visited your website in the past see your ads as they browse other websites on the internet, i.e. PPC advertising is not just about advertising in search results pages. This helps keep you at the front of the buyer’s mind throughout their buying journey. One final benefit – the value of your initial investment in PPC advertising can be kept low while still yielding worthwhile results. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, this lets you test PPC advertising at minimal expense before allocating larger and more serious budgets.

Identify High Converting Keywords

Audience Targeting Adwords advertising can help you identify the keywords that have the best conversion rates. This can help you with a number of aspects of your digital marketing strategy. For example, you can base your SEO strategy on the keyword data you get from your PPC campaigns, i.e. you’ll know from PPC advertising which keywords convert well and which don’t. You can then focus your SEO efforts on those that convert well. In addition, you can analyse why keywords which should convert don’t. This could be because of the content on your page, for example, such as an inadequate match of keyword and landing page, or a weak call to action. In other words, you can use the information you get from running PPC campaigns, particularly in relation to actual keyword research, to improve your overall digital marketing efforts.













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