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Check Angular 7 Features & New Updates, released by Google. AngularJS 7 new features include CLI Prompts, Application Performance, Angular Material & the CDK, Virtual Scrolling, Drag & Drop, Better Accessibility of Selects, Angular Elements and Partner Launches.

The New AngularJS version 7 – Angular 7 Features

Angular js is an open source web application framework for building dynamic applications. It is a JAVA based front end management platform for web development. These are maintained by Google and many other companies and individuals for helping in the development of single page applications and complex web pages.

They have a model view controller architecture. This architecture can develop the user interface that will divide any application into three interconnected parts, Model, View, and controller. This helps in decoupling major components making code reuse very easy parallel development of the web pages. Developed basically for desktop graphical user interfaces, it is now being used for designing web applications and mobile application development.

How does AngularJS framework work?

The AngularJS framework works by first reading hypertext markup language code (HTML page), which contains all the embedded tags and attributes. Angular reads those attributes as rules on how to process the input or output parts of the page represented by Javascript variables. Angularjs is considered one of the most important front-end management tool by web developers. It is also the front -end part of the MEAN stack development platform out of which NODE.js and Angular js are the most widely used components. Angular uses two-way data binding to synchronize the model and view represented by the code. This helps in improving the performance and testability of the program.

Advantages of Using AngularJS & it’s Version 7

The ability to build applications across various devices like mobile, desktop, native mobile and native desktop is one major advantage of using Angular. Its code reusability and ability to develop apps for all platforms is also another major plus point. Being widely used, Google has been working on the up-gradation of Angular 6 for some time and the development community has eagerly awaited for its release. Although all the features spread by the rumors are all not available in the new version of Angular, Angular 7 has been very much of an improvement from its previous versions.

New features introduced in Angular 7

The main aim of the new upgraded software was the ivy project, the complete rewrite of the core compiler code and runtime code to make the program faster, smaller and better. The Ivy project is not on a full scale out, the rumors about the release of this new better Angular was quite impactful in the developer community. There are a lot of other upgrades in Angular 7 from its previous version. These Angular 7 features & updates are listed below-

  1. CLI Prompts
  2. Angular Material and the CDK
  3. Angular Elements
  4. Compiler
  5. Improved Performance and Accessibility
  6. Dependency Updates
  7. Application Performance
  8. Virtual Scrolling
  9. Drag & Drop
  10. Better Accessibility of Selects
  11. Partner Launches

Angular 7 Features explained

The updates to the command line interface (CLI) in the new angular prompts common commands used to help developers. This new CLI also asks if routing is to be added when and where possible. It also allows the use of different style sheets and lets the developer select between CSS, SASS, SCSS. These prompts have been added to Schematics, all package publishing schematics benefit from the prompts. The schematic CLI lets you tell the Angular compiler which prompts should be executed.


The new updates in the Angular Code development kit are very useful for decreasing the load on the server and increases the performance highly. As many mobile applications require dynamic loading of data, Angular has added the new virtual scrolling module. The dynamic loading and unloading of data into parts of the virtual DOM ( document object model) help in improving the performance greatly. The drag and drop feature which was also part of the update is also amazing. It lets the user simply drag and drop items where ever required and this is backed up by sorting between a list. This new CDK includes drag handlers, drop handlers, automatic rendering for the changed items. If the animation for the drag and drop function is not likable, it can be overridden by custom animation.  

The application performance was the target for Google while developing the new Angular, it has successfully been made faster than previous versions. The upgrade time for applications is very less almost 10 minutes lesser. With virtual scrolling and new CDK module, the applications run faster than ever. Not only is the size of the program made smaller, but the size of developed applications is also smaller. This was made sure by removing reflect metadata from the production part as it was required for only the development stage.

The updated dependencies for supporting components has made AngularJS as the best development tool for the current generation. It now supports Typescript 3.1, while Angular usually lags with its support for typescript this time Google has made sure to keep up this time. Angular 7 also supports RxJs 6.3.3 which is the latest version available, making debugging easier for developers while also providing a performance boost. Node 10 is also supported in Angular 7.

New Compiler

The new compiler and the new elements pack make Angular better than ever with all the advantages it already had. These new compilers also provide an amazing 8 phase compilation which helps in reducing app sizes by almost 2 times. The new elements and compiler allow the applications to reduce bundle sizes by almost 90 percent. The ivy release by Angular team is not been spoken about because it is still being in the development stage. But from all the bloggers talking about it, there should be a Beta release when version 7 is existent and a full-fledged model released with the version 8 of Angular.

The updating process to Angular 7 is also not so tough. It is very fast to update and no changes are required to the existing programs before updating. The prerequisites are not so hard to satisfy if you are running apps using Angular 6 then all that is required is to update RxJs to its latest version 6.0 and running a one-line command updates Angular to its latest version Angular 7.

Meanwhile, Angular 7 is the best solution for application and web development available in the market with all its upgraded features and performance improvements.

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