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If you are unfamiliar with JavaScript and its functionality, the first thing that is due to strike your attention is what does Angular actually mean. For this, we are not gonna consult Google or Wikipedia because the only thing that they will do is confuse you. You will be left wondering what you just read. On the other hand, a programmer will read it and say, ‘oh that’s a perfect definition’. But it serves a little propose because definitions should also be meant for people who are unknown to it. A slightly easier definition is:

Android Js Development is a JavaScript MVC framework created by Google to build properly architecture and maintainable web applications.

The Android Js Development JavaScript holds an edge over other frameworks in many ways which will be discussed later on in the article. On the recent times, it has gained a lot of popularity because of its specifications. The closest to it is ReactJS. Alas, it holds an advantage over it also. Earlier, it was known as Angular 2.0. But 2.0 is dropped in the recent times and the name now stands at Angular.

So, here are some reasons why developers and companies choose angular over other frameworks. Or you can call it the benefits of using Angular over other frameworks:

Popular client-side framework:

Just about two-three years ago, ReactJS ruled over the market. There wasn’t even a competitor to it who could even come close. But thanks to the spectacular features of Angular, not only has Angular came close but also surpassed it. Actually, ReactJS is more like a library than a framework. And Angular is the most appropriate one for the job. For any framework to be successful, it should be created keeping in mind the requirements of the user. The end product would be used by the user. Any framework cannot be successful if it is not user-friendly. Android Js Development matches this requirement with ease.

Fewer lines of code:

Everyone wants to have a cut on the no. of lines he/she is writing. A fewer line of code means a decrease in the amount of code to deal with. You as a user would always prefer a code that is short and good rather than a long one. Like the audience of news channel just want a short but crisp show. Same is the case here. The text must be easy to understand and should be of only a few lines.

Easy to understand HTML codes:

The declaration of various functions in the code is very easy in Android Js Development. The codes are written in a language such that their readability becomes fairly easy for even a non-tech guy who doesn’t have any experience in this field. Gone are the days when the codes were written which could only be understood by the experts in the area. The new trend is to design your code in accordance with the beginners in this field who doesn’t have the slightest of ideas about it.

Simple to unit test:

The testing of your code becomes pretty easy in the Android Js Development. This is another advantage which Android Js Development holds over ReactJS. You can test your code on various parameters and present your code in the best way possible towards your employer. An error-free piece of code is liked by everyone. This includes employers as well because their job is split. They no longer need to test the code on their own.

Makes HTML more expressive: Another key factor which is responsible for why developers and companies choose Angular over other forms of frameworks lies in the fact that they make HTML more expressive. This is in the way of if conditions, for loops and data binding. Using the if conditions and for loops in your code will surely help in reducing the size of your codes. A relatively shorter piece of code is more preferred to a long one. It resists writing a single piece of code multiple times. This is possible only because of the if conditions and for loops.

Single page application:

Perhaps the most significant and prominent reason why developers and companies use Android Js Development over other forms of frameworks is that it is a single page application. Unlike the older versions, the new ones are more like a single page application. Earlier, it was the case that you click on an app and wait till the tab opens. This can take a few nanoseconds to a few seconds and in the same way to several minutes. This just exhausts one out. While in this version, it is more like a single page. When you click on a tab, it opens immediately as if it was just in front of our eyes. This is a significant feature that Angular holds over other frameworks.

                                         Android Js Development

Mobile optimization:

The generation of ours would be known as a generation of mobiles in the coming years. Everyone is busy with their mobile phones. You are very lucky to find a single person who is not carrying one. So, to move shoulder to shoulder in this world, the very important thing that is needed in a framework is mobile optimization. And in this regard also, Android Js Development stands a mile apart from other frameworks. It can be used to develop both native and hybrid mobile applications. Both these applications have already been discussed in the previous articles. So, this is how important Angular process to be in the long run and hence is preferred by developers and companies.

Is built with speed in mind:

A significant quality that is expected out of Angular is speed. A framework lacking in the speed department is of little use to the user and he/she will gradually get irritated due to it. Android Js Development is by far the most powerful framework in terms of speed. This is a major reason why developers and companies choose Angular over other forms of frameworks.

In this article, we have listed the various benefits related to Angular and why it should be preferred over other frameworks. Another key advantage that it holds is that it is based on business logic and can prove to be a vital source for you.

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